by John M. Murrin

Liberty, Equaility, Power, Vol 2 book.

Liberty, Equaility, Power, Vol 2 book.

John M. Murrin studies American colonial and revolutionary history and the early republic. Hoping for a Joe Friday style reference book filled with ALL the facts and without bias I was sorely disappointed. Events are discussed with obvious bias and serve only to distort historical events by omitting any facts that might oppose the view the authors wish to present.

LIBERTY, EQUALITY, POWER continues to offer strong political, social . And power in a democracy (2005)

LIBERTY, EQUALITY, POWER continues to offer strong political, social, and cultural coverage and valuable pedagogical tools including History Through Film (now one in every chapter) to help draw students into the material and show the relevance of history to their own lives. John M. And power in a democracy (2005). A new book on the principles underlying the use of public power in America from the Revolution to the present will soon be published by Princeton University Press. Murrin studies American colonial and revolutionary history and the early republic

John M.

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Liberty, Equality, Power Vol. 2 : A History of the American. History isn't about memorizing names and dates.

Liberty, Equality, Power: v. 2 : A History of the American People. By (author) John M. Murrin, By (author) James M. McPherson, By (author) Paul E. Johnson, By (author) Gary Gerstle, By (author) Emily S. Rosenberg, By (author) Norman L. Rosenberg. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Liberty Equality Power American History Instructors Manual Text Book. Liberty Equality Power Volume 2 by John M Murrin.

Liberty, Equality, Power, vol. 2. Almost 500 pages survey a variety of reflections and discussions of different aspects of the political and social history of the United States from the period of Reconstruction up to the present. The American history is the main field of authors of Liberty, Equality, Power, vol.

This work aims to show how power is gained, lost and used in both public and private life. This edition has been updated to include recent US history, including the balanced budget, the crisis in Iraq, and the Lewinksy-Clinton affair. This volume looks at the history since 1863.
Needed this textbook for my history class, and it's good. Superb that it was in an ebook, so I wouldn't have to carry the physical book around.
I'm so glad my college used this as our textbook. Great content!
This was the exact book that my son needed for his class. It arrived in a timely manner and was in fine condition. The price was excellent.
This book is written in conversational style - a fabulous asset, except that the book is also quite biased. This textbook does not simply present facts and historical situations, but projects interpretations of history onto the reader. Unfortunately, the readers of this book are 1st and 2nd year college students and tend to take their textbooks literally and in entirety. I'm an older college student, so I feel that my life experience has allowed me to see through the author's opinions. Some opinions seem viable, while others seem extreme, or just, well, an opinion.
For the price of the book, it was good enough condition.Saved me a lot of money buying it used from Amazon rather than both used and new somewhere else. It wasn't extremely perfect since it was used but it got the job done!
Great read
The book looks brand new! Heck if I didn't purchased it myself, I would've think it was brand new.
Good textbook
John M. Murrin
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