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by Dr. Meyer Friedman M.D.,Gerald W. Friedland M.D.

The authors have chosen to document what they consider to be the ten medical discoveries that have most . Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read.

The authors have chosen to document what they consider to be the ten medical discoveries that have most affected humanity's welfare. This text aims to interest the general reader and contains entertaining stories of ambition, jealously, lies and fraud in the name of science. Издательство: Yale University Press. ISBN 13: 9780300082784. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Imaginal Worlds: Ibn Al-Arabi and the Problem of Religious Diversity.

Medicine's 10 greatest discoveries. Maurice Wilkins and DNA - Concluding thoughts. This absorbing book by two distinguished physicians is the first to describe the most significant medical discoveries throughout history, bringing to life the scientific pioneers responsible for them and the excitement and frustrations that surrounded the final achievements. What have been the most important medical breakthroughs of our time? This book is the first to tell the inside story behind humankind's ten most monumental discoveries in the healing arts.

Medicine's 10 Greatest Discoveries book.

In Medicine?s 10 Greatest Discoveries, doctors Meyer Friedman and Gerald W. Friedland have transformed what could have been a deadly dull topic into a highly readable and occasionally collection of medical biographies. a book rich with human elements. Ed Shanahan, Brills Content.

Items related to Medicine's 10 Greatest Discoveries (Yale Nota Bene). Meyer Friedman, . Dr. Meyer Friedman . Gerald W. Friedland . Published by Yale University Press (2000). Friedman, Meyer; Friedland . Medicine's 10 Greatest Discoveries (Yale Nota Bene). the discoverer of Type A behavior and its relation to heart disease, is director of the Meyer Friedman Institute, University of California San Francisco-Mount Zion Medical Center. In addition to his voluminous medical publications, he has written the bestsellers Type A Behavior and Your Heart and Treating Type A Behavior and Your Heart.

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Meyer Friedman, Gerald W. Friedland

Meyer Friedman, Gerald W. This absorbing book is the first to describe monumental medical discoveries throughout history, bringing to life the scientific pioneers responsible for them and the excitement, frustrations, and jealousies that surrounded the final achievements

Friedman and colleague Dr. Ray Rosenman began to write about the .

Friedman and colleague Dr. Ray Rosenman began to write about the association between behavior and heart disease in scientific papers during the 1950s. They used their observations for a popular 1974 book, "Type A Behavior and Your Heart. Type A personality" soon became a popular term, used for people who are chronically impatient and exacting. In March, their cholesterol shot up," said Dr. Friedland, a Stanford University professor emeritus of radiology who collaborated with Friedman on "Medicine's 10 Greatest Discoveries," a 1998 book. Other doctors reacted skeptically to the Type A theory.

Medicine's 10 Greatest Discoveries (Yale Nota Bene).

An informative, illustrated survey of the ten most significant discoveries in the history of medicine brings to life the scientific pioneers responsible for them and the emotions and rivalries that surrounded them, from bacteriology to the X-ray. UP.
The first chapter, or discovery is not all that interesting. But the rest of the book chapters are very interesting.
These doctors are very focused in what they are doing, also cranky, fussy and short tempered for one or two doctors.
One doctor is lucky at discovering cures by serendipity. There are a few words most people will not know, but it is
an easy read and enlightening. I enjoyed the book and highly recommend it.
The authors really tell the whole story of these great men/women that made such valuable discoveries in medicine. Their family history, school experiences and all that lead up to the discovery. I loved the history and explanation. A great read!
The book is entertaining and informative about medical discoveries that effect all of us. I loved it and so did many people I know.
very good book, informative, interesting, well written
Bought it for my husband who said it was a disappointing read and poorly written. I'm only reporting what he told me.
In the interest of full disclosure:
I am an undergrad at Stanford enrolled in a seminar co-taught by Dr. Friedland.
The text offers a glimpse of the personalities, missed opportunities, and scientific mistakes that normally go unmentioned in classes or textbooks. It is written in an easy, galloping style that draws on the staggering historical insight Dr. Friedman had as a collector of rare medical texts. Chapter I contains several amazing plates taken from Vesalius's Fabrica (Dr. Friedman apparently owned a copy). It also does a good job of getting rid of any naive conceptions of Science as a constant, selfless, and deliberate stampede of progress. And you can read four centuries of edifying gossip without feeling guilty like you're turning your brain to mush.
Some of the chapters suffer from minor organizational problems. They aren't serious enough to obscure the major points, but may force you to re-read some meandering passages. Better editing by the Yale University Press would have avoided this problem. Absent of organizational issues, this book would deserve 5 stars (whatever that means).
I would recommend the book to anyone interested in the history of science/medicine.
Drs' Friedland and Friedmans' "Medicine's 10 Greatest Discoveries" is an incomparable book that belongs on the bookshelf of every public library, High School and University, as well as every family with children. This is an amazing book, in its easy readability and uncanny insights of its authors into the minds of Medicine's greatest discovers stretching back 400 years. Who knew that DNA was actually described in the 1700's? Or how slowly the knowledge of the human Anatomy was unearthed? This book will make a wonderful gift for any enquiring young mind and act as an inspiration to budding scientists and researchers. The authors have done the world a great service with their meticulous anecdotes. My ONLY criticism of the book is the inclusion and acceptance of Cholesterol as one of the ten greatest discoveries. The subject of Cholesterol and its importance in our nutrition remains very contentious and debatable - as evidenced by the increase in diabetes, obesity and hypertension sinc we embarked oa a fat-free eating frenzy over the past fifteen years.
Henry Novis M.D.
Medicine's 10 Greatest Discoveries ebook
Dr. Meyer Friedman M.D.,Gerald W. Friedland M.D.
Medicine & Health Sciences
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Yale University Press (November 10, 1998)
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