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by Sebastian Faulks

Part one. Early 1942.

As the people in the small town of Lavaurette prepare to meet their terrible destiny, the harrowing truth of what took place in ‘the dark years’ is finally revealed. Sebastian Faulks was born and brought up in Newbury, Berkshire. He worked in journalism before starting to write books. Part one.

Customers who bought this item also bought. In blacked-out, wartime London, Charlotte Gray develops a dangerous passion for a battle-weary RAF pilot, and when he fails to return from a daring flight into France she is determined to find him. In the service of the Resistance, she travels to the village of Lavaurette, dyeing her hair and changing her name to conceal her identity.

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Charlotte Gray is the daughter of Captain Gray, Stephen Wraysford’s commanding officer in Birdsong. In her early twenties, she leaves Scotland to come to London, where she wants to help the Allied war effort.

Charlotte Gray is a 1999 novel by Sebastian Faulks. Faulks completes his loose trilogy of books about France with this story of the adventures of a young Scotswoman, Charlotte Gray, who becomes an agent of Britain's Special Operations Executive (SOE) assigned to work with the French Resistance in Vichy France during World War II. Although denied by the author, the story and title character have been compared to the exploits of SOE agents Nancy Wake and Pearl Witherington.

Charlotte Gray Sebastian Faulks read by Samuel West running time 6 hours Random House, £1. 9. In 1942, a young Scot, Charlotte Gray, travels to England to take a job as a medical receptionist. Despite the war, social life in London is in full swing and the attractive, intelligent girl soon meets up with an airman, Peter Gregory. The temporary nature of life at the time is epitomised when she quickly loses her virginity and then her heart to him. The romance is heightened when Gregory is sent on a mission over France and news comes back to Charlotte that he is missing In action.

Charlotte Gray begins in 1942. London is blacked out, while France suffers under a much greater darkness with half the country under Nazi occupation and the other half a "Free" Zone led by a French puppet government.

In his 1996 novel, Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks showed himself to be a superb anatomist of men-and, just as importantly, women-at war.

New York Times bestseller by award-winning author of BirdsongCharlotte Gray tells the remarkable story of a young Scottish woman who becomes caught up in the effort to liberate Occupied France from the Nazis while pursuing a perilous mission of her ow. n blacked-out, wartime London, Charlotte Gray develops a dangerous passion for a battle-weary RAF pilot, and when he fails.

Sebastian Faulks, "Charlotte Gray" That line near the end o. .Before becoming a full-time writer in 1991, he worked as a journalist

Sebastian Faulks, "Charlotte Gray" That line near the end o.Before becoming a full-time writer in 1991, he worked as a journalist. Sebastian Faulks’s books include A Possible Life, Human Traces, On Green Dolphin Street, Engleby, Birdsong, A Week in December and Where My Heart Used to Beat.

If you are a fan of the time period within which this story takes place, or enjoy things French, English, and Scottish, this book will please you. Aviation buffs and romantics will find a good read too. It is written with insight into human strengths and weaknesses and is done with an eloquent use of language. My only difficulty with the writing was indeed the eloquent use of words and phrases with which I am unfamiliar, but this is a plus actually as it taught me new things about writing a novel and being intelligent while doing it.
I had high expectations for this novel and unfortunately they were not met. While the characters are interesting and the plot is interesting the storyline was not plausible in my view. Is Charlotte really part of the war effort and the resistance or is she interested in hanging out in France to reconnect with a country she loved in earlier days and to (somehow) seek out her lover who is missing in France (sorry for the spoilers) and rescue him. Further the book's depiction of the plight of Jewish characters is likely accurate and definitely sad but to what end? Charlotte seems saddened by the devastation of Jews, particularly those she came to know in France, but is clearly not outraged by it. When she is debriefed in London, she does not mention the plight of European Jews to her intelligence handlers. In addition Charlotte's emotional issues with her father, while seemingly important, are too veiled throughout the book until they are thrown in at the end. Overall a decent read but disappointing
I couldn't resist picking up this novel after reading the back cover. A young Scottish woman (Charlotte) follows her downed pilot lover (Peter Gregory) to France as a Secrete SOE-type agent to help the French Resistance, and perhaps even rescue Peter. The plot sounds very intruiging...unfortunately, the author didn't pull it off nearly as well as he could have. Peter Gregory dissapears somewhere over France at the very beginning, and has very little to do with the remainder of the book. He's just sort of gone. Charlotte, in France all because of Peter, doesn't seem to have the passionated motivation to find him that I would have expected. Instead, she finds Julian, a member of the Resistance who develops an attraction to her. And yet she keeps herself unattatched (for the most part). Meanwhile a subplot about two young Jewish boys in hiding develops, abut the main characters have relatively little to do with them...and a depressing subplot it is. Faulks knows how to develop drama in a sweeping-type story, but the story itself felt fragmented, like a bunch of different pieces that didn't completely come together. On the other hand, the material was well-researched (through interviews of real people) and though fictional it was historically accurate. kudos
Not one of his best. Starts off as a story about 2 people- Charlotte and Peter - and then just Charlotte. Big holes in the plot - Peter crashes and next we know is in Marseille then UK. How did Charlotte get out - the unremarked exit by Lysander
Dancing Lion
very professional
Just in the first pages of this great novel, Faulks' descriptive language is amazing in it's use of unusual adjectives. Then you realize you are already hooked by the 'juddering' of a bicycle and that 'baggy grey horizon'. And the love story...Well, you'll just have to read it...
I have heard a lot about this book and it is a good book with an interesting enough insight into a period of History I am interested in but it wasn't as good as the hype had led me to expect.
I liked it because it's based on a real person. It also goes into really great detail about life in France during the German occupation.The characters are developed well and in depth.The real Charlotte died recently and her ashes were scattered in the area were she operated during WW11.
Charlotte Gray ebook
Sebastian Faulks
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