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A Biography of Jane Rule. 1. CONVENTIONS, LIKE CLICHÉS, HAVE a way of surviving their own usefulness. They are then excused or defended as the idioms of living. For everyone, foreign by birth or by nature, convention is a mark of fluency

A Biography of Jane Rule. For everyone, foreign by birth or by nature, convention is a mark of fluency. That is why, for any woman, marriage is the idiom of life. And she does not give it up out of scorn or indifference but only when she is forced to admit that she has never been able to pronounce it properly and has committed continually its grossest grammatical errors.

Jane Rule Jane Rule was born in New Jersey in 1931 and came to Canada in 1956, where she later taught at the University of . Her first novel, "Desert of the Heart" (1991), was made into a movie in the 1980s. Rule emerged as one of the most respected writers in Canada with her many novels, essays and collections of short stories including "Theme for Diverse Instruments" (1975). Rule passed away in 2007.

Jane Rule (1931–2007) was the author of several novels and essay collections, including the groundbreaking lesbian love story Desert of the Heart (1964),which was made into the feature film Desert Hearts. Born in New Jersey, Rule moved to Canada in 1956, and lived on Galiano Island, British Columbia, until her death at the age of seventy-six.

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Claim the "Desert of the Heart: A Novel.

Desert of the Heart is a 1964 novel written by Jane Rule. The story was adapted into the 1985 film Desert Hearts, directed by Donna Deitch. The book was originally published in hardback by Macmillan Canada. It was one of the very few novels addressing lesbianism that was published in hardback form; most books during this period with female homosexuality as a topic were considered lesbian pulp fiction until 1969.

The New York Times Jane Rule’s first novel-now a classic of gay and lesbian ed her .

The New York Times Jane Rule’s first novel-now a classic of gay and lesbian ed her as a foremost writer of the vagaries and yearnings of the female heart Against the backdrop of Reno, Nevada, in the late 1950s, award-winning author Jane Rule chronicles a love affair between two women. When Desert of the Heart opens, Evelyn Hall is on a plane that will take her from her old life in Oakland, California, to Reno, where she plans to divorce her husband of sixteen years. A voluntary exile in a brave new world, she meets a woman who will change her life

Jane Rule's novel about lesbian love was first published in the US in 1964 and received, as Jackie Kay describes in her new introduction .

Jane Rule's novel about lesbian love was first published in the US in 1964 and received, as Jackie Kay describes in her new introduction, "with wariness and fear". Rule explores aspects of the love that develops between the two women, and questions the "conventions" that make women settle for unsatisfactory relationships with men. Rule's style is in the realist vein, and she eschews poetic flights of fancy, even though one or two such flights might have lifted her narrative from its occasional flatness. She has a point to make, but while her characters are never simply ciphers or political chess pieces, her agenda does sometimes limit their development.

Desert of the Heart examines the conflict between convention and freedom and the ways in which the characters try to resolve the conflict show more. Format Paperback 256 pages. Dimensions 130 x 200 x 17mm 179g. Publication date 07 Oct 2010. Publisher Little, Brown Book Group. Imprint Virago Press Ltd. Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom.

Evelyn Hall arrives in Reno wanting only to be left alone while she waits six weeks for a painful divorce from her husband. Once there she meets Ann Child - 15 years her junior, who is both a free spirit and a lesbian.Soon Ann refuses to let the controlled but vulnerable Evelyn ignore the powerful emotions that begin to unleash inside her...Immortalized for a whole new generation by the film Desert Hearts, Jane Rule's classic DESERT OF THE HEART is arguably her finest novel. Joyce Carol Oates called it an intelligent and utterly believable novel. Told with all the wit and skill of this fine novelist, the book stands as a classic of lesbian literature.
Jane Rule is a pioneer lesbian fiction author. She wrote some of the earliest works of this kind and helped lead the way to acceptable books about lesbians. Her books were there when almost nothing else was. Love this story of a woman who goes to Reno for a divorce in the 50's and falls in love with another younger women unexpectedly. Sweet but detailed story. It is dated now but still works and has some fascinating info about casino work and casino dealers. If you like this you'd probably like Curious Wine by Katherine Forrest too.
In today's society, Jane Rule's "Desert of the Heart" may not seem as intriguing or groundbreaking as it did when it was published in 1964. The love story between two women, one seeking a divorce from her husband and both seeking to find who they truly are, is examined along with questions of morality and identity. Published at a time when the psychological association still identified homosexuality as a mental illness, Rule's depiction of two women unwilling to disguise who they are is amazing for its time and still resonant in today's world.

Evelyn Hall travels to Reno for a divorce from her husband. When questioned by her lawyer for a reason, she is at a loss, knowing only that they have never truly been husband and wife because she could never be who she was expected to be. Evelyn stays at a boarding house where she meets Ann Childs, a young woman who looks remarkably like herself and who works in the local casino even though she is smarter and more talented than her work. The two have an immediate smoldering attraction and interest in each other. Ann, much more outspoken, attempts to court Evelyn who is unsure of what accepting these advances will make her confess about herself. Together they embark on a relationship that is filled with learning and pitfalls, trying to decide if there is a place in the world where they could ever be together.

Rule's novel is unsentimental and compassionate at the same time. She does not shy away from sensitive issues and offers some extremely heartfelt observations about life, love, sin, and morality. The desert world of Reno, Nevada serves as a microcosm for the world and its precepts as Rule examines how conventions are not one size fits all. "Desert of the Heart" is an insightful journey through the minds of two very different women as they search for their true identities. It is a story that asks questions that are still in need of asking today.
I especially like her style, and her command of the language - very refreshing to encounter her, though these years after her death. I haven't read any of her other work, but this has to be her crown jewel. Look past the subject (lesbian coming out/love) and enjoy her writing.
In order to get a "quick" divorce, English professor, Evelyn Hall moves to Reno, Nevada for 6 weeks. There, between the gamblers, whores and drunks, she is introduced to a diverse cast of characters that form a tight niche community that is both endearing and delightful. As Evelyn is immersed in this culture, she is engrossed by the day-to-day hum of life in the dessert and the possibility of falling in love with Ann, the casino change purse who lives in the house in which she is boarding. But her world comes to a startling halt when she realizes how harmful this love affair can prove to be to her life and career back home in San Francisco if the truth were to somehow reach her soon-to-be ex-husband. This story is poignant and touching as you ride through the dusty montage of life in the desert of the heart.
Risky Strong Dromedary
I was pleasantly surprised by the depth Jane Rule gave her characters. Reading the book in 2013 was historical given the laps of time. Having said that, the dilemmas are some of the same Lesbians have today.
This is an extremely well written book, but if you're looking for it after seeing the movie, you might find it a bit different and unpalatable. The book has a cold and desolate feel which is apropriate for the way Rule goes with the story, and the writing is amazing, but it is not such a sweet love story as the movie, and Freud would have a ball with these two! There is much talk of the two women and a mother/daughter relationship which may offended some readers. Incidentally, the movie is actually "Desert Hearts" not "Desert of the heart" as the other reviewer mentioned, and they are both very different.
Jane Rule writes beautifully. This is an excellent novel presented in the 1960s or so in the Nevada desert.
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