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by Royce Hargrove,Richard Monnard

Richard Monnard, Royce Hargrove.

Richard Monnard, Royce Hargrove.

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Release Date:January 1987. Publisher:Modern Curriculum Press, Inc. Length:314 Pages.

ISBN13:9780813631295. Release Date:January 1987. This year's top sellers.

Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics. by Richard Monnard and Royce Hargrove. Only thing I would have liked to see is a year end test at the end of the worktext. I plan on using Level C for our third grade curriculum this year. Excellent Mathematics Curriculum for the 2nd Grader. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 19 years ago. Are you a homeschooler? A parent looking to supplement your 2nd grader's mathematics lessons? Then this is the text for you. Wonderfuly laid out, with attractive drawings that keep a child entertained - it also educates them on every single page.

MCP Mathematics promotes mathematical success for all students, especially those who struggle with their core math program.

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by Royce Hargrove (Author), Richard Monnard (Author). Most of the book consists of practice problems for learning addition and subtraction through 18. You will need a ruler and a set of dominoes to go with this text. MCP is graded by alphabet not numbers so this is a very good series if you have delayed academics.

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Find nearly any book by Royce Hargrove. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. by Royce Hargrove, Richard Monnard. ISBN 9780813631769 (978-0-8136-3176-9) Softcover, Modern Curriculum Press, 1989. MCP Mathematics: Level A. by Richard Monnard, Royce Hargrove. ISBN 9780765260567 (978-0-7652-6056-7) Softcover, Modern Curriculum Pr, 2004.

What Is Mathematics? is a maths book written by Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins, published in England by Oxford University Press. It is an introduction to mathematics, intended both for the mathematics student and for the general public. First published in 1941, it discusses number theory, geometry, topology and calculus.

This Math series is an outstanding value for the money. This volume, level D, equates to grade 4 and is a math textbook and workbook inclusive in two-color format ( black type predominantly with red letter emphasis). This manner of design works well for children with sensory or autism spectrum disorders as it provides an uncluttered visual field with few visual distractions. The content is in harmony with national education standards per grade level and is delivered in the following form; each chapter begins with a short lesson on the broader topic followed by exercises, then another lesson on the topic that covers more detail with more exercises, next a review of the chapter concepts with word problems or real life examples of the topic in everyday usuage, then concluding with the chapter test. At the back of the book are alternate chapter tests for students in an integrated classroom.
The topics by chapter for this volume are:
Addition and subtraction
Addition of whole numbers
Multiplication facts
Multiplication of whole numbers
Dividing by a 1-digit number
Multiplying whole numbers
Division of whole numbers
Adding and subtracting fractions
Graphing and probability
This is a very affordable series for parents to purchase for home to use as extra practice to supplement public school work or for their own homeschool curriculum.
This is a fantastic series for elementary school students. Having reviewed the Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics, Level D (Grade 4) (Paperback) the only additions to that review for this one will be the table of contents and an observation that levels D - F have significant overlap so that if your student struggles in other areas such as reading it is possible to use level D to teach some level E concepts ( notably division, decimals, percentages and ratios), likewise portions of E for F. Topics covered in this edition ( Level F) include:
Basic Facts
Addition & Subtraction of Whole Numbers
Multiplication of Whole Numbers
Division of Whole Numbers
Number Theory & Fractions
Addition & Subtraction of Fractions
Multiplication & Division of Fractions
Addition & Subtraction of Decimals
Area & Volume
Ratio & Percent
Graphs & Probability
You will want to purchase the Teacher's Editions as well, they provide teaching suggestions, scope and sequence {for the entire series}, solution guides with answers, as well as daily warm-ups{these are not in the student editions}.
In addition it should be noted that Modern Curriculum Press publishes well respected Phonics workbooks which are sold here on Amazon as well.
So, these have been around a long time. I'm turning 25, and I used the MCP math curriculum from 1st thru 6th grade. A is for first grade, all the way up to F is for 6th grade.
The amazing part of these books is that you become friendly to and begin using Algebra without even knowing it. It'll have questions like 3 x ___ = 27, and you have to figure out the missing number (sound familiar, Algebra wizards?) Later, it begins putting a small italic "n" in there for "number." Each lesson is the front and back of a page. The process is learned step-by-step through a story situation on the front page, then you have a few easy practice questions. On the back of the page, it has more practice questions (getting progressively more complex), and anywhere from 2 to 8 story problems. Since you literally JUST learned the process, you pick up very easily how do solve the story problems.
It also focuses heavily on the patterns in mathematics, so that you learn the *way* to figure out the problems instead of tackling one problem at a time. Each chapter focuses on one topic (pattern: one chapter on adding, then next on subtracting, the next on multiplying, the next on dividing, etc).
At the end of each chapter is a review page, followed by a test (again, just the front and back of a page).
I had 6 months to tutor a boy who was in 5th grade and still couldn't carry when he added or borrow when he subtracted. I got him this book (yes, I knew it was a 6th grade book), and we worked through it. (The first chapter reviews all the previous grades, while preparing you for the next chapters). His mom still raves that I was the one who got him to understand math, and he actually enjoyed it.
My only regret was that the curriculum only went through 6th grade...
If only their spelling books worked as well. I'm still having to use spell-check!!!
Stylish Monkey
i have this book and the singapore math 'essential math' series. both books are geared more towards late 4yo-early 5yo range, however my boys understood the concepts much faster using this book. the lessons begin by teaching kids the ordinal concepts (top/bottom, first/middle/last) and end with pictures of subtraction (5 acorns, cross out 2 acorns and what do you have?). in contrast, the singapore math book starts with a child selecting the different object from a series (e.g., 3 teddy bears, one has a bow-tie - which one is different?) and end with the child drawing a line to match up the same objects in two columns (e.g., 5 stars to 5 stars, 3 circles to 3 circles, etc.)

i thought the price was a bit high given that i have twins, but luckily our printer is also a photocopier so i just copy the sheets for my boys. that way we can revisit worksheets if need be.
Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics: Level E ebook
Royce Hargrove,Richard Monnard
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