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Spanish With Michel Thomas (Michel Thomas Series) ebook

by Michel Thomas

The classic Michel Thomas Method course, perfected over 25 years.

The classic Michel Thomas Method course, perfected over 25 years. Go from total beginner to speaking confidently in a matter of hours. Become a fluent speaker and understand in any situation with this follow-on course. The nearest thing to painless learning" - The Times.

Our Learners Say. I’ve used Michel Thomas to get off the starting block for French, Italian and Spanish and I’m always surprised by how much I can say after only a few hours of listening. the finger-snapping moment of, Oh My God! I’ve just understood what you’ve said to me in Spanish!! - Peter O’S. Løvstrøm Actor.

During the course, you will join Michel Thomas himself and 2 students in a live lesson. Learning Spanish with Michel was the most extraordinary learning experience of my life – it was unforgettable’.

Michel Thomas (born Moniek Kroskof, February 3, 1914 – January 8, 2005) was a polyglot linguist, and decorated war veteran

Michel Thomas (born Moniek Kroskof, February 3, 1914 – January 8, 2005) was a polyglot linguist, and decorated war veteran. He survived imprisonment in several different Nazi concentration camps after serving in the Maquis of the French Resistance and worked with the .

Michel Thomas’s most popular book is Spanish with Michel Thomas. Total French with the Michel Thomas Method by. Michel Thomas.

Michel Thomas doesn’t go into much depth and any explanations he offers up are just at a surface level. I Don’t Like Michel Thomas never praises the students, often interrupts them and creates a negative learning environment. I wouldn’t use these even if they were free due to Michel Thomas’ teaching style which ruins the material. I Like U. n all honesty I’m not sure if I enjoyed any of it! I Don’t Like Michel Thomas never praises the students, often interrupts them and creates a negative learning environment. The pacing of the lessons often seems off to me and in certain places they feel very hurried. All of the lessons are almost identical and so it does get quite monotonous working through them.

Michel Thomas Method: Spanish Introductory Course. 2. Michel Thomas Speak French for Beginners.

Michel Thomas has taken the language-learning world by storm. With no books, no memorising and no homework, Michel teaches the basic grammar of the language painlessly. Using the method he perfected over 50 years, he now shares his secret with the world - and 'makes it simple' (Sunday Times). In only a matter of hours, he gives you a comprehensive grasp of the structure of the language, enabling you to communicate with confidence. The present, future, conditional and past tenses are covered, and you are taught to think about the ideas that you are trying to communicate, rather than to translate words slavishly. He points out the similarities of the vocabulary in English and Spanish and gives you the tools to guess the words you do not know, or think you do not know. Join two students as they learn in real time. Become the third member of the class and experience the excitement of learning a language as if by magic!
Claiming that the Michel Thomas set of CD's is the best 8 hours of instruction a beginner could receive (short of one-on-one instruction from a comparable teacher) is an ambitious claim, but Michel Thomas stands head and shoulders above all the comparable courses I have tried so far, which include the Instant Immersion (8 hours), and Behind The Wheel Spanish (8 hours) by Language Dynamics (reportedly the same exact course as Conversational Spanish in Nothing Flat by the same publisher). It also surpasses the Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe (5 hours) by The Learning Company, which is worthwhile for other reasons. I also tried the Pimsleur CD's, going through about the first 8 or 9 lessons of Level 1. While Pimsleur is good, it is also far more than 8 hours (and of course, is far more expensive). Hour for hour (and dollar for dollar), Michel Thomas beats Pimsleur hands down.

I have also tried Platiquemos, which is excellent, and highly recommended for continuing beyond the Michel Thomas CD's, but that is like comparing a magazine article to a book. In 8 hours, Michel Thomas gives an excellent overview of Spanish while Platiquemos is just getting started.

The reason that no other course on the market is going to beat what Michel Thomas does on an 8-hour set of CD's is that he takes a different approach. Most of the other courses focus on teaching vocabulary or phrases, which is easy to do, but you don't need someone to teach vocabulary or phrases. That you can teach yourself pretty easily, and in any event, that doesn't teach you to converse in the language.

Instead Michel Thomas sets out to teach the verb structure, which is, as he puts it, the skeleton of the language, the thing that everything else rests on. A verb in Spanish can take far more forms than in English. For example, in English, a regular verb ("to talk") will have five forms (inflections) (to talk, talk, talks, talked, and talking). In Spanish, the same verb, "hablar," has 47 forms (a handful fewer if you don't use the vosotros form, which, thankfully, Mr. Thomas does not cover). And what makes it even more difficult for an English speaker, Spanish often omits the subject pronouns (I, you, he, etc.) because the verb endings and context make it clear who the subject is. Getting a handle on the verbs is essential to conversing in Spanish, and while the course does not treat the entire verb structure of Spanish, it attacks the problem like no other short course.

Most of the audio courses (and books too) start out teaching the conjugation of the present tense of verbs by setting forth a table of verb endings and telling the student, O.K. here are the verb endings, now memorize them. Not so with Michel Thomas. He starts out with the "I" and "you" verb forms and builds from there. If I recall correctly, he doesn't even introduce the "we" verb form until the fourth hour. Before you know it, though, you are learning the verb endings, but you learn them through practice, not through rote memorization.

There is, of course, more than verbs. The course uses a building block approach, and right away, the student is learning phrases that are useful and that build up to substantial sentences. And the sentences are useful, though you will certainly have to supplement this set of CD's with additional study. There is only so much that can be done in 8 hours.

Now as to some of the complaints:

No native spanish speakers? So what! You're not going to learn to speak with a native accent from an 8-hour CD course whether or not the instructor is a native Spanish speaker.

Too much English spoken? Well, how else are you going to teach the concepts to a beginner?

Don't like the two-student approach, one adept and the other less so? Maybe Michel Thomas knows more than the complainers about how to teach. Because it is a CD course, the instructor can't be there to correct your mistakes. Hearing the students make their mistakes and be corrected is valuable.

My comments, by the way are directed to the true beginner. For those who are not beginners, this course may not be as valuable, though I think it would probably be more useful than other 8-hour courses.

This course offers a great overview of the language and a great jumping-off point for learning it. (Sorry, but you're not really going to become conversant in a foreign language in 8 hours. I recommend Platiquemos for continuing your self-instruction in Spanish.) When I finished this set of CD's, I was excited, and I felt that my goal of learning Spanish was attainable.
Several years ago I started a new job and found that many of my clients spoke only Spanish. In reponse to the need to communicate more effectively at work, I began to learn Spanish. I took a couple evening classes in conversational Spanish at a local community college. I also went through several CD progams, including Berlitz, Pimsleur, and a few others. While I got decent at reading and writing Spanish, listening and speaking always seemed more difficult. This probably has to do with my not wanting to make a fool of myself in conversation by saying something stupid to one of my clients. Recently I purchased this set of CDs by Michel Thomas and finally I have found a teacher who knows how to teach conversational Spanish. His method is excellent and fairly painless. Although I already knew the vocabulary and grammar on these CDs, they gave me confidence and helped me understand the nitty gritty nuts and bolts of the spoken language in a way that no other teacher or course had done. I would highly recommended these CDs as a place to start if your goal is to speak and be understood. The 4 stars reflect the poor packaging. The individual CDs are wedged into a plastic case and are not in their own sleeves. My set became dislodged in shipping and I received a set of scratched CDs because they were loose in the box and rubbed against each other in transit. You might want to buy them at a local store so that you can immediately return them if they are damaged. Otherwise, you need to ship them back and hope that the new set is not similarly damaged in shipping.
At 52 I started from scratch to learn Spanish. I listened to this course 30 minutes twice a day from March to October. I found learning difficult because it was so new to me so I went thru it a second time. I probably spent 180 hours on it. I do not believe that I can speak Spanish yet, but I know I got more than my money's worth. Even a simple Spanish course would cost 3 times what I paid and I would not have gotten the repetition I got at my own pace.
Two points made by others I would like to address. 1) While the male certainly could be "slow" I noticed that the first time through for me this guy was asking the questions that I would have and making the same mistakes. Also, I think he is a good example of the problems more "British" speaking people have translating their "A" sounds. These sounds are very important in Spanish.
2) I also have purchased a course described in other reviews here as being better (not available on AMAZON). However, without the hand holding of the THOMAS course I would be lost in the new course. My new course is an excellant vocabulary builder, but without the THOMAS course I could not understand what the performers are saying, and more importantly, why they say it. Maybe the suggesters had had some Spanish prior to that course - I had not.
The THOMAS course is perfect for commuting as I do. The only negative I could even think of is its packaging. The box does not allow for convenient storage in my opinion. I will buy a CD storage packet for it.
Spanish With Michel Thomas (Michel Thomas Series) ebook
Michel Thomas
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