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Oxford Take Off in Russian: 4 CDs (Take Off In Series) ebook

by Nick Ukiah

Take Off In Russian makes learning or brushing up on your Russian quick, easy, and fu. 8 people found this helpful.

Take Off In Russian makes learning or brushing up on your Russian quick, easy, and fun. Follow an integrated course including activities and dialogues with native speakers so you can feel confident in day-to-day conversation. The course offers expert help when you are travelling with mp3 audio download for practice while on the move.

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Oxford Take Off in RussianPaperback – 31 May 2001.

Take Off in Russian" makes learning or brushing up on your Russian quick, easy, and fun. Follow an integrated course including activities and dialogues with native speakers so you can feel confident in day-to-day conversation

Take Off in Russian" makes learning or brushing up on your Russian quick, easy, and fun.

by Oxford Dictionaries. Published April 4, 2008 by Oxford University Press, USA. Internet Archive Wishlist.

For anyone who has ever wanted to learn a language but has been intimidated by the process, Oxford presents this new enjoyable and efficient language learning series. Based on the idea that the easiest and most effective way to learn a foreign language is by developing the key skills of listening and comprehension, each volume in Oxford's new Take off... series features 5 hours of audio content, fully reinforced by a clearly laid-out, grammatically structured course book, giving learners a unique and innovative approach to language learning. Each Take off... unit is designed specifically to meet the needs of anyone learning a language on their own. The series gives learners the confidence to communicate from the very first lesson by offering more practice in listening to and speaking the language than any comparable course. Here are some of the outstanding features of this series: * Listening and speaking skills, the building blocks of language learning, are emphasized in 5 hours of audio content * No prior knowledge of the language is required--this course is designed to be used by an absolute beginner or by anyone who needs to brush up on lost language skills * The course is made up of carefully structured learning blocks within each unit to break the learning process up into manageable sections * A continuous story runs throughout the course, showcasing everyday life in the culture, and making language learning more fun * Cultural information is included in every lesson * Regular self-assessment sections show learners instantly how far they've progressed * The course is backed up by a solid grammatical toolkit, which builds step-by-step on the knowledge learners gain as they move through the course * Business vocabulary and customs are covered as well as general and social vocabulary and situations
i'm enjoying this! i love the narrator's heavy accent as he speaks to his audience in English. makes me smile. i ordered this book and CD from my local library so that i could sample it. i do this with most if not all reading material as not to make purchases based solely on consumer reviews. anyway, it's hard to rate language material because it's not a device or a piece of clothing that a consumer knows right away whether or not it works. learning takes time. therefore, in comparison to other Russian language materials i've sampled i would recommend this product. other material has only transliterations and no Russian characters. other material is only audio. i wish to read, write and understand Russian and this product serves that purpose. i hope this review is helpful.
Lots of language practice with the audio cds. Doesn't have much repetition so you have to replay sections of needed. I would like more practice on the section about money and numbers. It's a little outdated so the exchange rates aren't correct but it's one of the best programs I've purchased for learning Russian.
The good things about this course are its systematic approach to learning the language, and its combination of written and audio material. The one shortcoming is that the course covers quite a bit of ground, and there is not enough reinforcement of previously learned concepts.
Also, be aware that this is mostly a written course, and the material on the CDs is an adjunct. This is _not_ a course you can do in your car.
This is a good introduction to conversational Russian, it does not bog you down with all the details and intricacies of grammar. It is almost like being taught by a native speaker (most Russians don't know why things are the way they are, but they just are). The book gives you the stepping stones you need to make the jump from learning the language to speaking the language.

Caveat: Get the audio CDs. Some vendors offer the book, but not the CDs. You will need the CDs.
Very good for helping me learn Russian. It was efficient and I learned a whole lot of vocabulary as well!
my order was delivered promtly, and condirion of book and cd were in excellant has been very reliable
The book and audio course is one the best places that a would-be learner of Russian could choose to start. The lessons build quickly from everyday greetings and polite phrases to simple everyday conversations and nothing is introduced in the spoken dialogues that isn't explained right there in the lesson, so there won't be any unpleasant surprises or mysteries of grammar that the student will have to slog onto future lessons to have come clear. By the time that a learner finishes the course they will actually, in addition to having rapidly improving skills in speaking, a pretty good feel for how Russian grammar works- they will of course have much more of the language still to learn, but there won't be anything particularly daunting in the structure of the language that they will meet up with. The courses in this series offer a generous amount of audio- an essential for learning any language and particularly one with unfamiliar combinations of sounds. It must be said that there are other courses that offer much more extensive explanations of pronunciation (check out 'Colloquial Russian') The dialogues themselves are enjoyable and the presenter has a very clear and friendly delivery (and a fun Russian accent). At the end of all of the units except the review units, there is an ongoing story about a Russian family as they make their way around. The review units and self-tests are a particularly valuable feature of the book- students will know exactly where they are and what they have to do next.
This is an excellent way to get started in Russian. The blend of exercises in audio and written gives the student a lot of exposure to spoken and written Russian in very short order. One thing I really like about this is the mixing of functional and literary Russian in both the book and the tapes or CD. This will prepare the student for a variety of experiences in the language, both from a cultural and business perspective.
I will not say you get a lot of cultural exposure from the tapes, but rather, you will be prepared to access cultural material such as Russian magazines, newspapers, television, and the like. It isnt the fish, but rather the teaching how to fish.
The functional aspect of the course avoids stock phrasing, per se, but teaches you how to put things together in order to achieve the goal, such as buyin Pravda, or ice cream, or navigating the Metro. So you can get some work done, and have a good time while you are at it.
I would not say that one becomes an expert after finishing this course (I will let you know when I finish it.) But I am already beginning to enough in Pravda to figure out what the article is about. It is a great start on learning Russian as far as I am concerned.
Oxford Take Off in Russian: 4 CDs (Take Off In Series) ebook
Nick Ukiah
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