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by Jane Roberts

Having read ALL Jane Roberts/Seth books, I can clearly state that there are no other books in publication today, that are remotely equal to Jane Roberts/Seth's contribution's. Many will be surprised how much 'common sense is woven into many of the ideas and exercises.

Having read ALL Jane Roberts/Seth books, I can clearly state that there are no other books in publication today, that are remotely equal to Jane Roberts/Seth's contribution's. Yet, there is a lot of information that will challenge you in ways you have not yet imagined. I met Robert Butts, a painter and Jane Roberts husband. Rob was the most complete person I had ever met. He passed away in 2008, Jane passed in 1984. Their contribution's to humankind is beyond measure.

The Seth Material is a collection of writing dictated by Jane Roberts to her husband from late 1963 until her death in 1984. Roberts claimed the words were spoken by a discarnate entity named Seth. The material is regarded as one of the cornerstones. The material is regarded as one of the cornerstones of New Age philosophy, and the most influential channelled text of the post-World War II "New Age" movement, other than the Edgar Cayce books and A Course in Miracles

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The Seth Material, and the many books that followed this one, reveal ideas about how the universe works. Jane Robert's Seth material originally came out in 1970. It was the first modern book presenting channelled information. It has been called the starting point of the new age movement. Some thoughts popularized from the book have become common utterances in everyday talk.

New Awareness Network In. a publisher of the Seth books by Jane Roberts, in association with The Seth Educational Institute, offers Online Seth Courses, Seth Conferences and a live Seth class in New York City. Our Conferences include outstanding presenters and our courses are taught by Rick Stack, a friend and student of Seth & Jane Roberts who personally attended over 100 Seth sessions in Jane Roberts' class in the 1970's. Online Interactive Course Instructor Rick Stack. The Online Seth Intensive Course.

The Seth Material book. This book chronicles Seth's first contact with author and medium Jane Roberts. It is a mixture of great Seth excerpts, selected by topic, and further explained by Jane. Seth is the acclaimed non-physical teacher whose collected works. Topics covered include: afterdeath & between lives, how to get rid of llness, reincarnation, why people are born into different circumstances, God, All That Is, Dreams, exercises to develop the inner senses, and much more.

I couldn't be more pleased. Making the Imponderable Practical; Beyond the Winning Streak: Using Conscious Creation to Consistently Win At Life; and The Book of Fallacies. Also found here are my very good friend Norman Friedman's two trailblazing books, which I publish: Bridging Science and Spirit, and The Hidden Domain.

Поиск книг BookFi BookFi - BookFinder. Download books for free. Dreams, ''Evolution'' and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 2: A Seth Book. Jane Roberts, Seth, Robert F. Butts. Скачать (PDF) . Читать. The ''Unknown'' Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book.

ISBN: ASIN: B00C8UIRJ6. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Members of One Another: How to Build a Biblical Ethos Into Your Church. File: EPUB, 543 KB. 2. The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material. File: MOBI, 954 KB. Распространяем знания с 2009.

Recounts the author's experiences as the medium for psychic messages on death, health, dreams, reincarnation, clairvoyance, and the life beyond a personality occupying another dimension of reality.
If this channeled info is made up, then she gets an award for the best imagination in earth!!. I have read 100's of books on topics
presented in this book. Very few of them cover the material as well as this book does. The info presented is far and away better
than any other books that I have read on the subjects covered.
If you are a person who has an open mind, then you will enjoy the thought-provoking ideas presented. If you already know all the
answers to life, then you will be very irritated with this book. There is belief in a God concept, but not what most people think of as
God. This book can help you gain control of your life if you will but give it a try.
The Seth Material, and the many books that followed this one, reveal ideas about how the universe works. For the beginner, this might take awhile to make sense, but I recommend you continue to search until you find your answers, whatever they may be. This material is not for everyone. If you are interested in Law of Attraction principles, they are here embedded in this material, but it will take time for you to figure out how to put them into practice.

I first purchased many of Jane Roberts' Seth books in the early 80s, and was not able to fully understand the teachings until now, 30 years later. Having studied the Esther and Jerry Hicks Law of Attraction material from Abraham's teaching, I can finally put it all together, and have completely changed the trajectory of my life in the past 7 years.

If I could give any advice, I would say keep searching for meaning in your life. Both Seth and Abraham, and many other wise teachers along the way have done that for me. For me, the Seth books by Jane Roberts, and the material by Esther Hicks and Abraham are the most valuable teachings on the planet at this time.

If you do not respond to them, then just keep looking to other teachers until you find your calling. Very best of everything to you.
We need to go back to basics; we need to make use of our God given psychic abilities. Humankind needs every source of revelation available to us if we are to survive and fulfil our mission on this beautiful planet, namely, carry out God's will. This book is a good primer for those of us psychically gifted. This book is a good source of information. I invite the newest generations to read it and build on it.
I am a millennial, and I recommend this book to ANYONE who is interested in understanding what this experience is, and especially those in my generation. It has helped me so much to realize that everything originates with our own thoughts - our consciousness. This is the key to changing and shaping reality. Seth, Jane, and Robert all feel like friends at this point. I can feel the sincerity and warmth through the words. The Seth Material is a must read.
As someone who has had an interest in all things "spiritual" since an early age, and that included reading Lobsang Rampa as a teenager way back in the 1960s, I can say that the Jane Roberts works are a definite must for the spiritual seeker.

Sadly, we live in times when although it is easy to get any obscure book (thanks to Amazon!!! and Kindle!!!) all the energy and publicity tends to go to the "manifest you lifestyle" market, coupled with seemingly thousands of books on the "Afterlife" which is always painted as a perfect Utopia peopled with deceased Granny and loving angels. There is so much more to it than that, and if you are serious about exploring truth, rather than popular spiritual opinion, you can't go wrong with Jane Roberts.

If you really want to know the unknown recognise that this needs to be a journey of exploration. The ancient texts, coupled with modern insights will help you find your particular path. Explore and enjoy!
A very dense book about a subject I want to study more. There is much pertinent material here and amazing that this happened to the author. I read a few pages at a time. If you are at all interested in spiritual matters this book should be read too, with the other books you might be reading. Sometimes I read and feel like I am very far "out there" but the material somehow makes sense after awhile. After I get through this one the other Seth books I plan to get through too. I feel that my perspective and the way I connect to my Spirit has changed. I think that this book is important to read.
I first read several of the Seth books a very long time ago. Recent reminders in my life have sent me back to these classic works. They remain unparalleled in depth, scope, and breadth of information on such subjects as the fabric of reality, the nature of the soul, and our relationship to both self and every thing else. That's a tall order and a bold claim, but read with an open mind and see what happens.
One of the most interesting things reading them now is how well they begin to tie into what we have discovered about quantum reality hypotheses since their publication so long ago.
If you are interested in what may be found behind the curtain, dive in. It is not a small man playing wizard. It's your Self.
So many Seth books-- I must recommend this one and "Seth Speaks" be undertaken first.
It is also important to remember that the work of the Roberts couple preceded the "New Age" hey-day that would follow some years later. Don't class these books with the plethora of squishy goo written by others that followed. They are deeper and simply better on every level.
The Seth material (A Bantam book) ebook
Jane Roberts
New Age & Spirituality
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