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Civilization One: The World Is Not as You Thought It Was ebook

by Christopher Knight

There must have been a Civilization One: a highly advanced precursor to the earliest recognized civilization. That's the conclusion reached in this fascinating book

There must have been a Civilization One: a highly advanced precursor to the earliest recognized civilization. That's the conclusion reached in this fascinating book. Christopher Knight and Alan Butler began with a quest to crack the mystery of the ancient megalithic yard -a precise unit of measurement based on the motions of the Earth.

Civilization One book.

Christopher Knight, Alan Butler. This hypothetical system uses a common-sense approach and very simple technology. ago. Of course, we can never know for certain whether these units existed because the Megalithic people had no writing. However, it would have been very strange for a group of people to have used very accurate units of length for over 1,000 years and never to have adapted such units to establish weight and volume.

There must have been a Civilization One. Knight and Butler reveal the secrets of an extraordinary integrated measuring system which might have been lost to the world for ever. Their conclusions fly in the face of everything that we thought we knew about the origins of the modern world – but the evidence is incontrovertible. And the implications of these revelations go far beyond the fascination of the discovery of a 'super-science' of prehistory; they indicate a grand plan which will have far reaching theological ramifications! To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Civilization One. Previous books by Christopher Knight. co–authored with Robert Lomas). His first book, The Hiram Key was published in 1996 and it immediately went into the UK top ten, best-seller list and remained in the chart for eight consecutive weeks.

There must have been a Civilization One: a highly advanced precursor to what is currently the earliest recognized civilization.

Civilization One: The World is Not as You Thought It Was" is a book of popular pseudoarchaeology written by Christopher Knight (co-author of "The Hiram Key") and Alan Butler and was first published in the UK in 2004. It describes a theory concerning the neolithic period before approximately 3200 BC), in which an intellectual elite in the British Isles used astronomical, mathematical, and technical knowledge more advanced than generally believed to have existed at that time. It was published by Watkins Publishing and the cover was illustrated by Kevin Jones Associates.

Civilisation One by Christopher Knight 9781907486098 Brand Ne. Knight, tion One (UK IMPORT) BOOK NEW.

Civilization One: The World is Not as You Thought it Was by Christopher Knight.

Civilization One Previous books by Christopher Knight (co–authored with Robert Lomas) The Hiram .

Civilization One Previous books by Christopher Knight (co–authored with Robert Lomas) The Hiram Key The Second Messiah Uriel's machine The Book of Hiram Previous books b.

I had a hard time giving this book an average rating like this, because I think the research that the writers did was outstanding and amazing. I totally agree with them that there probably was a common link between many of the standards of measure that they talked about in the book, and was amazed at the methods that they used to come up with the standard of the Megalithic Yard and its associated measures.

The problem for me was that I think it was an awfully big jump to try to ascribe this to a previous civilization. I have read a lot of books and research that show just how mentally competent our ancestors were at the discoveries and achievements they made. I get very incensed at the people who insist that "aliens" or whatever MUST have been involved in the creation of things like Stonehenge or the Pyramids or whatever because "there's no way that a bunch of savages could have done it." This book was doing really well until it started to assume a previous civilization HAD to be involved in the proliferation of the MY - I really don't see how this is any different a standpoint than the aliens supposition.
A fascinating read that points towards our mysterious origins...someone or something, in deep antiquity, engineered things from the single source of the "Megalithic Yard" which strangely underlies all of the constructions of our ancient megalithic structures and conforms incredibly with the metric system as well as English pounds and incredible coincidence that cannot be a coincidence, as it is beyond probability that is was by chance. What's really mind blowing is the ancients were able to devise the polar circumference from the megalithic math! If you really want to have your paradigm shifted, read about the math of the moon, sun and the earth and how all 3 are mathematically aligned in so many ways. The authors book "Who built the Moon" goes in to great detail on this and I highly recommend that book as well. The measurement systems also were used by the ancient Sumerians...the first known true and "sudden" Civilization with no real known predessors...and if you know of Zacariah Sitchens works, the cuneiform tablets of the Sumerians speak of the ET race the Anunnaki , as teaching them all science and civilization...perhaps the authors should look at the Anunnaki as a possible source of their "Civilization One".
Meaningful and admirable for all the research, this book is all about numbers and measurements that inter-relate making perfect sense to me as it it reaches the, for some, inconceivable conclusion. The title is misleading. That is the reason for four stars. I do agree wth the argument that all disciplines can and should be part of open minded archeological research and discussion.
An interesting exploration of what seems to be a simple daily concept - measurements. Why do our metric and Imperial measurements seem to date back to before written history? How did our “stone age” ancestors have access to even the concepts of the weight and dimensions of our planet? A thought provoking journey for sure!
What an amazing book! I was enthralled!! Great read for anyone who has ever pondered who taught the architects and engineers that built the monolithic structures dating back to Neolithic man. But not only who taught them, but who taught those before them? How did we figure out how to measure length, volume, and time?
Civilization One is not what you expect. It presents a scientific and well-reasoned argument that our weights and measures are not arbitrary, historical artifacts but are based on a little known, underground current of knowledge which perhaps had its root in pre-history.

For those who are esoterically minded, this will give considerable food for thought.
The whole crux of the book is that ancient and disparate peoples developed eerily similar forms of measurement each based on astral observations. One feels as if there is some imagination stretching involved in tying them all together and relaying the various lengths and weights from the pre-historic to the historic eras. Overall an interesting book.
I like this book Some of it is a little hard to understand as it gets a little scientific. But, they keep the real mathematics in a separate section so someone like myself can keep following the book. I really believe they are right about a previous advanced culture that is now gone.
Civilization One: The World Is Not as You Thought It Was ebook
Christopher Knight
Occult & Paranormal
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Watkins Publishing (2005)
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