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UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities ebook

by John B. Alexander Ph.D.,Burt Rutan,Jacques F. Vallee,Tom Clancy

by John B. Alexander P. Author), Jacques F. Vallee (Foreword), Burt Rutan (Introduction) & 0 more. John Alexander is the real deal.

by John B. ISBN-13: 978-1250002013. He doesn't just talk the talk - he's walked the walk.

this book is mostly about John B. Alexander, P. eulogizing his own military career. Alexander, like Jacques Vallee, who provides a foreword, thinks UFOs have a physical component (micro bursts of energy in a very confined space) which manipulates space and time. So UFOs may represent a control mechanism effecting social change (. fill in the blank.

Introduction by Burt Rutan. In his UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities, Dr. John Alexander, P. skillfully presents the UFO question in a manner that forces one to reexamine their own experiences and beliefs.

Foreword by Jacques F. Vallee. Introduction by Burt Rutan. There are no conspiracy theories here-only hard facts-but they are merely the beginning

Foreword by Jacques F. There are no conspiracy theories here-only hard facts-but they are merely the beginning. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities (2011), Thomas Dunne Books, foreword by Jacques F. Vallée, introduction by Burt Rutan. Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can't Happen - But Did, (2017) Anomalist Books, foreword by Uri Geller. Alexander is interviewed for the documentary featurette "The Science Behind the Fiction" which appears on the DVD for the 2009 film Push.

Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities. While still on active duty in the US Army during the 1980s, Colonel John B Alexander, created an interagency group to explore the controversial topic of UFOs. Price for Eshop: 390 Kč (€ 1. ). This title covers the numerous cases they saw, and answers questions like: What was really in Hanger 18? What is Majestic 12? What does the government know about UFOs? Ask question. You can ask us about this book and we'll send an answer to your e-mail. Finally,a book written looking at facts, not fiction and with no other agenda than to look at the information objectively. The reader can then draw their own conclusions.

Foreword by Jacques F. Vallee

Introduction by Burt Rutan

Commentary by Tom Clancy

A never-before-heard firsthand account of a government insider's experience on the cutting edge of UFO exploration; includes a new afterword

"Forget everything you think you know about UFOs - this insider's account exposes the reality... Packed with top grade information, insightful analysis and fascinating anecdotes, Alexander's interesting and controversial book sets the gold standard for titles on this subject." –Nick Pope, author of Open Skies, Closed Minds

"Changes the playing field for both true believers and skeptics alike. Alexander strongly warns, be careful what you wish for when asking for presidential intervention. Success could set the field of ufology back decades." --George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

While still on active duty in the U.S. Army during the 1980s, Colonel John B. Alexander, Ph.D. created an interagency group to explore the controversial topic of UFOs. All members held Top Secret clearance. What they discovered was not at all what was expected. UFOs covers the numerous cases they saw, and answers questions like:

• What was really in Hanger 18?

• Did a UFO land at Holloman Air Force Base?

• What happened at Roswell?

• What is Majestic 12?

• What is the Aviary?

• What does the government know about UFOs?

• What has happened with disclosure in other countries?

• Has the U.S. reverse engineered a UFO?

• Why don't presidents get access to UFO info?

UFOs is at once a complete account of Alexander's findings, and a call to action. There are no conspiracy theories here―only hard facts―but they are merely the beginning.

This is a book worth reading if you are interested in the subject of UFO's. Alexander was a military insider tasked with finding out if there was something to UFO's and if there was anything the military, government, industry, etc. had that they weren't sharing with everyone else. He says he didn't find anything - except a lot of folks that were equally interested in the topic, but knew no more than he did. Some of them even related their own interesting sightings and accounts to him, but alas they did not have any secrets, nor any answers. His opinion after his search is that there is no concerted cover up, that interest in the topic - if any at all - is pursued ad hoc, and that by the very nature of organizational structure, particularly in America, there is no likelihood of the secrets being kept if there were any to keep. I personally don't buy that, but read the book and make up your own mind. On the whole I think Alexander's book and opinions are balanced and his argument is worth taking into account. A great work - no, but important in the field of UFOlogy - yes.
Good book even highly skeptical

I know all the conspiracy saying the guy is debunker, but I don't think that true, he's just cautious and saying what he believes in. On the other hand I do not believe did the American Army does not to research the phenomena, and do not accept the theory, that there was no crash at Roswell.

Anyhow he gives another perspective on the phenomena, and they you do recommend to read it.
For most UFO buffs, this book has very little to offer. With the exception of one or two UFO accounts, many of the stories covered in this book have been covered to death in many other books on the subject, as well as varies UFO documentaries. I found the vast majority of this book to be excruciatingly boring, as John Alexander recounts meetings with top government and military officials in regards to the UFO phenomenon. John Alexander's stance is that the government doesn't investigate UFOs and contrary to popular belief, the government hasn't been withholding information on the subject. Alexander's believes that most of the government's data on UFOs has already been made available to the public sector, and he goes out of his way to explain this in countless chapters.

Also of annoyance is Alexander's writing style, which comes off as pompous and arrogant. Alexander wants you to believe that because of his superior intellect and vast military experience, it is nearly impossible for him to be duped and to be lied to, therefore, what he states should be taken as absolute truth. Another bit of annoyance is how Alexander likes to go out of his way to slam others that have written books on the subject, mainly Philip Corso. Alexander spends a considerable amount of time debunking Corso's claims.

The one minor bright side of this book is Alexander's theory of what he refers to as PSP (precognitive sentient phenomenon). This is a interesting theory in what the UFO phenomenon might actually be. Alexander goes on to recount a couple of fascinating stories that allegedly occurred at the infamous Skinwalker Ranch.

I cannot recommend this book on one or two chapters alone. I don't mind Alexander's attacks on the conspiracy theorists, and their endless references to the "they," but when you also downgrade information provided by highly respected officials like Edgar Mitchell and Paul Hillier, you lose me.
This book is informative and it is a keeper. If I do not like a book it does not claim a spot in my library. This book has earned a spot on my shelf. I enjoy the author's easy going writing.
Colonel John Alexander has written, what is in my opinion, the best damn book on the subject of the UFO phenomenon I have read. -Rob
Very good book. I like the fact that this book examines fact and dispels fiction.
This book is not worth the read in my opinion as I believe it is extremely misleading. It looks to me as though some extremely important issues have been purposely avoided. For example, a thinking person can not dismiss Bob Lazar without also attempting to trash the reputation of John Lear (former CIA test pilot) who has been a witness to Bob Lazar's revelations and UFO testing in the Nevada desert (S4). John Lear has a fantastic reputation and any genuine researcher knows this. In addition, how can any "serious study" of UFOs entirely ignore the fact that Bob Lazar told the world about Element 115 approx. 25 years before its "discovery"?! Alexander ignores this and many other facts that are too numerous to list in this review. In addition, Alexander gives the very misleading impression to the public that he would know about these UFO issues because he had Top Secret & advanced clearances. But as anyone in the industry knows, all US gov. top secret (& above) projects are "stove piped" which means if one does not have "Special Access" for that particular program, then one has zero access to ANY information about that project. And NOBODY, especially Edward Teller, is going to tell Alexander or anyone else anything about such a secret project under penalty of law. On another topic, I am hoping John will write a book soon about the use of RF weapons against innocent civilians (aka Targeted Individuals) in America and what we can do to change the laws to keep up with the technology so that criminal abuses have legal recourse!
I was engrossed from beginning to end. I'm a skeptical viewer of anything unexplained, and yet I remain vastly interested in everything unexplained.
This book doesn't explain, it only gives you facts - and that's exactly want I wanted.
UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities ebook
John B. Alexander Ph.D.,Burt Rutan,Jacques F. Vallee,Tom Clancy
Occult & Paranormal
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