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by ,Darcy Kuntz,Tony DeLuce,Pat Zalewski

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The charisma imparted by these intellectual currents, dating from antiquity to the Enlightenment, has powered Tarot’s popularity within both esoteric and secular circles.

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This is not another beginner book on Magick that so many large publishing companies tend to print. This book was designed for the intermediate and advanced practitioner of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Pat Zalewski was fortunate enough to work with original members of the Stella Matutina and was taught the inner secrets of the Adepts. Now for the first time, these secrets are being published so that those who could benefit from this knowledge will learn as Zalewski had done with his mentor, Jack Taylor. Also being released for the first time is the connection between the Admission Badges and the Temple floor diagrams. Zalewski also discusses in-depth the God-form assumption technique he learned. Many significant lessons are contained in this book that you will not get from any other source.
The short review for Pat Zalewski's Golden Dawn Rituals & Commentaries is that it's the most important Golden Dawn book since Regardie's Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic. As a self initiate I tend to judge the material I use on the depth of content. What I mean by this is if you're working the system you can read a book and get a lot out of it, but then a few years down the line after you've done more work, a really good piece of occult writing will read like you've never read it before. This is the kind of depth Zalewski brings to the Golden Dawn rituals, there are layers and layers and layers to the system that come to light if you're working hard. Practiced occultists know these books, for instance Dion Fortune's The Mystical Qabalah or Regardie's The Middle Pillar, I feel I need to reread these every time I make a significant advancement.

The history of the Whare Ra temple and the Golden Dawn tradition are in this book, and the various lineages are made crystal clear. It's of my (hopefully humble and earnest) opinion that this lineage was probably the most well realized of all the Golden Dawn organizations and it's the stories and anecdotes provided throughout the ritual commentaries that really make this book shine. There is far more explanatory text about the rituals in this book than in the Regardie books, breaking down just about everything you could imagine, from the symbols to ritual tools. There are lots of explanatory pictures as well and the tarot cards are straight out of Richard Dudschus' incredible deck. It makes randomly flipping through the book difficult as you want to stop and read everywhere.

Zalewski's language always seems designed to get you to look under the hood a bit more on your own. I've always felt the rituals were works of genius, but it's an opinion that feels fairly small when someone who has been working them for decades starts to expound on the mysteries. As I read this, more and more did I have those "aha!" moments as a turn of phrase or connection made something previously fuzzy clearer. And I can imagine a decade or two down the line the full wealth that has been revealed here will be even more obvious.

In the end one wonders what a Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic would look like if all the material came out of Whare Ra. I hope I live to see that day!
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Ok you've bought " The Golden Dawn" by Isreal Regardie and your trying to work through the lessions, your reading the small commentaries on the rituals but it's just not clicking for you. There seems to be a lot of missing puzzle pieces and your ready to throw the book into the fire place and just walk away..
Well don't.
What you need to help you understand the rituals of The Golden Dawn Magick System is this book right here!
I have been struggling for what seems forever with the understanding of the teachings of The Golden Dawn as a solitary practitioner, Found myself amassing a huge library just trying to understand it, trying to wrap my head all around it and with this book I have found the key to it all!
You learn to empower and balance your higher spiritual self with the teachings of Regardies golden dawn through the LBRP, the Middle Piller Exercise The Greater Pentagram Rituals, hexagram rituals knowledge lectures ect.. but when it comes to the actual study of the Grade Rituals and their actual working in extream detail that is needed to perform them correctly, im sorry fans, but its just lacking.
But not here with Pat Zalewskies version of the rituals. Its all here. Theres no knowledge lectures for the grades just pure indepth explanations of the rituals, every inch of every detail and esoteric theory behind them. It has everything you'll ever need to understand how they work and what you need to know and have to make them work, the right way. maybe even better.
At least it has for me. I bought this book on a whim not knowing what to expect. I guess MAAT was leading me the way to the tool I needed to balance it all out. So don't get frustrated yet keep The Golden Dawn but buy this book to and maybe for you like it did for me, will help you put it all together.
And please people dont pay attechion to the jeloues nay sayers this man has laid out the true workings of the Greatest Occult System of Magick ever assembled. Yeah its a hell of a lot of work to be Golden Dawn, but magick isn't given, it's earned.
I would consider this a go to book for Golden Dawn ritual. It goes in to practical theory in depth, really opening up the why's of the rituals. beginners will want this book, but will need to grow in to it as their general knowledge and experience grows. "Why do we move the way we do, and how exactly is that affecting the energy?" "How do you assume that godform?" These are the sort of questions that you get very satisfying answers to.
Pat Zalewski has produced an awesome piece of work here. Clearly delineating the original oral and written teachings of the New Zealand based Whare Ra tradition. However, Pat also describes his own innovations, which are nearly always very practical and pertinent. He clearly distinguishes between them. This is quite apparent upon actually reading the material.

Not to mention that Pat is very open and available, more so than any other Chief in any Golden Dawn Order. He willingly answers questions (just not on the LBRP, I think he's already answered those questions a few thousand times, LOL!). Most others will rarely offer 'any' practical advice. While Pat understands nuances in Ritual, logistics, timing, delivery, proper handling of weaponry, as well as advanced techniques taught by living Adepts of the longest standing Golden Dawn Temple. Not to mention his helpful nature towards isolated individuals and small groups that are trying to continue this most beautiful and Illuminating tradition; and to do so in due form.

This is quite simply the most profound work on the Golden Dawn System in our Era.
This was the completed work by Mr. Zalweski. after a few other attempts to publish smaller books as his attempts to produce legitimate set of Golden Dawn Rituals and his commentaries and Interpretations. Barring being a member of the Golden Dawn at the turn of the last century, this will be the best you will ever get.
Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentaries ebook
,Darcy Kuntz,Tony DeLuce,Pat Zalewski
Occult & Paranormal
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Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn; 2nd Edition edition (June 21, 2010)
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