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by Mary Anne Thomas

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I loved this book and I loved the Dictionary Game. I did a lot of thinking after reading The Power of Creative Prayer. I also loved to read a book that had refreshing new insights on prayer and approaches to prayer. It seems most of the books I have read keep recycling the same old approaches but Mary Anne broadened my perspective by giving me new ideas and excercises for manifesting. Thank You Mary Anne! The Power of Creative Prayer. Mary Anne Thomas taught me a lot more than I had realized at first. I did work on her exercises.

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Another awesome book to help those with their prayer life. Deepen your intimacy with our Holy Father and Creator, Lover of our very souls. Many of us don't take the time to pray the way God intended, therefore our prayers are amiss. God is not someone we just go to with our list of wants ans then when we don't get what we ask for we say God isn't real, or blame Him for our misfortunes or whatever.

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Are you praying, or are you merely crying out in pain? For a prayer to actually be a prayer, we have to turn our emotions away from what is hurting us to what will help us. The new prayer technique in The Power of Creative Prayer, with the help of a simple dictionary, does just that -- and in less than 2 minutes. Just think! In 2 minutes, you could be praying for what you need and want from God, hastening its arrival and developing a better relationship with God in the process.
If you are serious about connecting with the Creator of the Universe (which is what prayer should be about), this is not the book for you.
Try Peter Kreeft, or John MacArthur, or even Dutch Sheets. Or, look for the fathers of the church, Catholic or Protestant. Again, not for serious students of prayer.
This author writes from a unique level of spirit that few others can match.I have been on a path to manifesting my dreams for 10 years, but, have not been able to get to the issues that have kept me from real abundance.I immediately had real results upon discovering this book while looking for the blocks to my abundance & manifesting power. I was stuck while following many steps in the "laws of attraction, etc" that did not fully work & were producing the opposite results for me. Upon reading a few passages from this book, I began connecting dots to my failures in a way I could deeply understand. Mary Anne is a rare teacher that truly knows & shares the secret to many of our deepest blocks & dissapointents. I know the "Secret" is getting more publicity, but, they leave out all the "secrets" that Mary Anne teaches & shares to manifesting & living our greater possibilities & dreams! I highly recommend this book & tool. There is no other who offers these solutions & phenomenol guidance. I am still utilizing & benefiting by her method & wisdom!
A fascinating new approach to understanding many Q's and A's surrounding prayer. The author takes you through a breif history of how prayer has been an important factor in our lives. All of which brought back memories that i'm sure any reader can relate to. I am one who could not understand why many of my prayers were not answered. And one who does not like getting into heated religious discussions. But half way through the beginning you find your mind now opening to and for _New_ ideas. It's a learning process, so let your mind be free. To my surprise we did not get too deep or over religious. Many of your religions can relate. The author is incredibly honest. A great big plus, for one that's set on tackleing such a touchy subject. The book deliveres exactly what the title implies and more. Because after all the praise and reviews, the book is about you ~ the reader. And where or how far you would like to go with your prayers. The techniques introduced here will leave you amazed at your new found abilities. Not once are you left without interesting thought or fact. And what is brought to your attention, will leave you asking "Why didn't i think of that". This is a book worth reading from start to finish. You will be glad you did, i know i am.
I did a lot of thinking after reading The Power of Creative Prayer. Mary Anne Thomas taught me a lot more than I had realized at first. I did work on her exercises. I still do. Her new way of praying was interesting and exciting. I learned how to write down what I was praying for by either making a list of what I was asking for or by writing what I didn't want then finding the opposite. Those lists that she helped me write did mean something to me because she showed me how to find what I was really praying for. Her book, and her previous book, Ask and You Shall Receive, are a great inspiration. Her use of finding the right words and expanding on those words with her Dictionary Game was refreshing. I have been praying more, and looking for all the good around me thanks to Mary Anne Thomas
The book identifies a concern that is shared by many of my friends and aquaintances. They often feel their prayers are not being answered and may doubt the approprietness of their prayer. Mrs. Thomas tells us how social and religious training can convince us that certain subjects for prayer are not OK (for example: it may not be alright to pray for financial success), that we can't expect answers quickly, that we may not deserve answers, or that we can't expect answers to all of our prayers.
Mrs. Thomas points out practical reasons why prayers may not be answered. She illuminates errors we may make in our prayer method and then provides a practical plan for structuring our praying. This structure helps us clarify what it is we are praying for and gives us a method for praying that gets results (answers).
This book is an insightful, uplifting confidence builder that I recomend for anyone wanting to make prayer more effective.
This is a fabulous read! Wow! It's simple. It's easy! It is right to the point! I Loved it! Mary Anne Thomas brings home the simplicity of prayer and manifesting. She helps, even the beginning "manifester" understand the process of co-creation and our responsibility in all that happens in our world! What a wonderful presentation of what we can achieve once we believe in the process! It is a book that I can read over and over and over and refer to as often as I need to in solving every day problems. It has changed the way I think about prayer, and my part in "it", forever. Hats off to Mary Anne for a truly great, little book!
The Power of Creative Prayer has helped me in a number of different facets of my life. This book has aided me personally and professionally, and many dreams that I never deemed possible became reality.
The Power of Creative Prayer is way past due in its' ideology,
and is a relevant and fun way to seek answers through prayer.
From a writer's perspective, it has given me a newfound freedom in the creative process, and there are very few days that go by that I don't implement much of the author's exercises into my daily life.
WOW! That is the best word for this book. It is hard to find a book to relate to in this day and time. I immediately knew after doing the first excerise that I was on to something. It has helped me find a way to stay positive in the toughest moments. I carry the book around to fall back on. I never felt more confident in who I am and what I want in life. This book takes you to a place of inner peace. I was told that "Life gives you 2 things space & time But its up to us to fill it". With this book I now have a set path to do just that. Thanks MA for your insight and hard work. Sylvia Thompson
The Power of Creative Prayer ebook
Mary Anne Thomas
Worship & Devotion
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Changing Lives Press (May 31, 2005)
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