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Native New Yorker Deirdre Savoy spent her summers on the shores of Martha's Vineyard, soaking up the sun . Deirdre's second and third books, ALWAYS (2000) and it's sequel ONCE AND AGAIN (2001), were chosen as selections for the Black Expressions Book Club.

Native New Yorker Deirdre Savoy spent her summers on the shores of Martha's Vineyard, soaking up the sun and scribbling in one of her many notebooks. It was there that she first started writing romance as a teenager. The island proved to be the perfect setting for her first novel, SPELLBOUND, published by BET/Arabesque books in 1999. MIDNIGHT MAGIC, the third book in the Thorne family saga was a 2001 Holiday release.

Like a vintage wine, Ms. Savoy's books chronologically get better and better. Knowing she had a major crush on him, Michael always viewed the much younger Jenny as a kid sister and was determined to keep it that way - even if she did grow up and fill out. Jenny has loved Michael since forever.

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Like a vintage wine, Ms. Savoy's books chronologically get better and better. "Always" is the first installment of the Thorne/Ward family, which music producer Michael Thorne and dancer Jenny Scanlon.

Knowing she had a major crush on him, Michael always viewed the much younger Jenny as a kid sister and was determined to keep it that way - even if she did grow up and fill out. Jenny has loved Michael since forever. Although they lost contact with each other for 10 years, her love remained intact.

When an accident suddenly brings the two face to face, not only do the memories come in to view, but present lovers and issues, past mistakes and misplaced bouts of guilts surface as well.

The chemistry and interaction between Michael and Jenny made me want to weep. It was so touching and passionate. The love scenes, which are very important to me, keep me gasping. I reread them 2 and 3 times. Using Jenny's line all I can say is, "Good gravy." Excellent book...thank you Ms. Savoy!
To Dee Savoy, you have done it again, by giving us another beautiful love story with Jenny Scanlon and Michael Thorne.
I often times hear that these so-called romance novels are not realistic, they don't write about people who can be like us. Well, I beg to differ, because somewhere out there they do exist. Of course, our belief system is entirely developed from what one experiences in life.
Well, Ms Savoy seems to have found a great story to tell us here with, "Always". Fellow romance readers and those closet ones also, let me first recommend this book to you. WHY? Well, do you want to curl up with a easy-to-read book that purely illustrates how love has a way with you that brings you in a total circle? Well this has a hero and heroine who have know each other since teenager days, both their fathers are best friends. Jenny has always had a crush on Michael. We've been there sometime in our life, where we had the crush on the older guy we knew we could not have because of our age. Well, this book has all that but no good love story would not be exciting without a few twists of deception...RIGHT? Well the author has managed to give us the sparks of love, intimacy, test of friendship, lies and deceit, and interesting secondary characters like Nathan.
I strongly recommend my fellow romance readers and yes, you closet ones too, to read, "Always". Another reason I truly enjoyed this, is how the author let's us know how she got the basis for this story. That brought back memories to how our elders would tell us things about our future and we would laugh at them like they were crazy. But then when it happens, all we can do is smile and say WOW! how does she do that....
Thanks Dee for another fantastic story....Looking forward to your next book...
Jenny Scanlon has loved Michael Thorne for as long as she can remember. As a matter of fact, it is an 'always' love. From the moment she laid eyes on Michael, he became dear to Jenny. Even after years of separation and upon reuniting while Jenny's father was hospitalized, Jenny still knows her love for Michael has not changed.
Jenny is not the only one with unexpressed feelings. Michael, several years older than Jenny, has always been protective towards Jenny. However, his feelings are not only protective, but something much more.
When the two of their lives and paths are again crossed, the feelings become alive. Jenny does not hesitate to show her love, but Michael is a little leery. But that soon changes, especially when Michael feels his relationship with Jenny is threatened by someone he trusts.
"Always" is a story of love that's been buried for years, but soon becomes uncovered and blossoms into a forever relationship. Great story!
Jenny and Michael have known each other for years. Jenny had a crush on Michael when she was a teenager. Michael was interested in Jenny too, but knew she was too young. Fate would have it that Michael would see Jenny again after an accident her father has. Jenny's father Rusty and Michael's father Jasper have been friends since they were young men. Jenny could only love one man Michael which she nicknames Mickey.
Always is a story about a love that was inevitable. Jenny always love Michael and ironically Michael figures out why he hadn't really been happy since he had to leave Jenny all those years ago. This story has family secrets and deception. A secondary story in which the author has decided to pursue is definitely present. I don't really want to say more, it might spoil the story. This is Ms. Savoy's second novel. Her first Spellbound is one of my favorites.
This was a very interesting book. The relationship between Jenny and Michael was realistic. Many young girls fall in love with older boys. Jenny has held on to her love for Michael for ten years after he leaves from her family home.
Michael has also kept his love for Jenny and always compared other woman to her. After her father has an accident they are reunited.
Many secrets are revealed and Jenny leaves with Michael to get away and think. Michael and Jenny's love is tested and they must work together in order keep the relationship going.
Deidre has done an excellant job in this novel and I am looking forward to Nathan's story "Unforgettable."
I really did enjoy this book. The characters are real to life and so are the situations between the two parties involved, Micheal & Jenny. Jenny held a torch for Micheal for a very long time and in the end she got her man. Now Micheal, being the typical man, enjoyed life & women but, evidently, he liked Jenny also but Jenny was not aware of his feelings. In the ends everyone is happy which makes this book a good read. "It's all good".
Once again Savoy showcases a great talent for writing in her latest release, "Always." This novel was a very enjoyable read. I loved this story because I too had a huge crush on the Love of My Life about six years ago! Some cruches can turn into love, mine did! And the characters in this book were something else! I can not wait to read about Nathan and Daphane's story, oh how the sparks will fly! Much love and success to you, Savoy!
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