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by Barbara Bretton

I love Time Travel Romance, so when I found these stories I got all three. Barbara Bretton is a new author for me and one I will be reading more from.

view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. I love Time Travel Romance, so when I found these stories I got all three. if I'm not invested in a story from the first chapter I know I won't finish it. Or it will take me forever to finish it.

Tomorrow & Always book.

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Used availability for Barbara Bretton's Tomorrow and Always. December 2005 : USA Hardback.

Andrew McVie is a man on the run. Running from duty and heartache. running toward freedom and passion. Andrew McVie is a man on the run. Running 200 years in time, right into the life of Shannon Whitney.

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By Netty Simons - Barbara Britton, Lou Gilbert, Ron George & Jean-Charles François. Set of Poems for Children: No. 1, Night Was Creeping. By Netty Simons - Edwin London & Barbara Britton.

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Beautiful, wealthy Shannon Whitney has survived the heartache of a broken marriage. Though she longs for a brave, honorable man, Shannon doubts such a man exists . . . but then she meets Andrew McVie. Tomorrow & Always is a classic romance that proves love transcends time.

I absolutely loved the first book in this series and could not wait to read this book. We met Andrew in the first book, and i knew that he would be the hero in this book. This book is well written and has a great story. my problem was that i had a personality conflict with andrew. the book was good, but i could not like andrew! i didn't like him in the first book. he didn't seem to be hero material to me. i looked forward to seeing him in this book to see what he would do. however SPOILER ALERTS.............. I still could not like him! he seemed like a whiner to me in the first book. he was so excited to see the 21st century and all the wonders. when he makes it the this century though, he doesn't seem to embrace it. he doesn't find wondrous things and pretty much wastes his time here. he didn't step up and become hero material. even when they go back to his century, he doesn't really step up. i was disappointed that we didn't really see how he reacted to all the wondrous things he wanted to see. i felt he does what is expected of him because it's written in the history books. i didn't feel the attraction between him and susannah. i felt like he only was attracted to her because of her skimpy outfit! still, this book is written well and i feel like it's more a personality conflict between the hero and myself! others will probably not feel this aversion for him. it was still a great story!
I love Time Travel Romance, so when I found these stories I got all three. Barbara Bretton is a new author for me and one I will be reading more from. I have this "thing"....if I'm not invested in a story from the first chapter I know I won't finish it. Or it will take me forever to finish it. But not with this book or the other two. Hooked right away. And I attribute that to the author and her great story telling!

I was also surprised to find out that I was interested in that time period. I like American history, add some romance and time travel and it was a great package. It was funny that a few weeks after reading the books I watched a documentary on PBS and it was about Jockey Hallow (in book#3) and the fight that took place there.....even "The Big White House"! Of course these characters were not a part of the actual history (that we know of anyway ;-)) but it was still cool to know that the author held true to actual historical events.

But know it is not a history lesson and you don't have to like history to love these stories. They are truly for the romantic at heart no matter what century you're in. What I think I like best is that the characters from each book are in each book....they inter-mingle and are all in book 3.
2nd book of a series of 3. Loved it. Barbara Bretton does a wonderful job of blending the 18th century with 20th century in dialog, reactions mesh together like a fine woven fabric. Humorous at times, educational and emotional. The reactions of her time traveler to the changes in the centuries past are realistic, funny, easy to believe. Her heroine Shannon is perfect. True love abounds in spite of the centuries that divide them.

I am ready to move on to the third book in the series, Destiny' s Child. Thank you Barbara, really enjoy your books!

Terri Mc.
This is the second book in a trilogy of modern day time travel to the American Revolutionary period. I have always enjoyed time travel books, like Diana Gabaldon's novels. This second book continues the saga with another couple who find romance across time. Shannon is from New Jersey 1993, Andrew is from New Jersey, 1776. It would spoil the plot to explain everything here, but the juxtaposition of the cultures of today and the past are well-defined. There is a great deal of humor, especially relating to the differences in language usage and slang. Andrew, the revolutionary hero wannabe comes to the present, and experiences the modern styles, (i.e. bikinis) cars, planes, and indoor plumbing, to name a few. When they take a trip back to 1776, she has to adjust to not having indoor plumbing, Big Macs, or electric of any kind. But love conquers all obstacles, even difficulties of war. Bretton has a way with words that puts the reader right in the scenes, including the steamy love making. I recommend readers to start with the first book "Somewhere in Time", because the characters from the first and second book become entwined in the third. I think there could be another sequel with the next generation. I hope. Kindle prices are the lowest ever, so don't wait!!!
Book 1 (Somewhere in Time) was very enjoyable and I was eager to continue the adventure. Tomorrow and Always picks up where the previous book stops, but focuses on a new main character coming forward to the present. My main complaint is it is way to short; more novella than a full novel. I was disappointed that the author didn't delve deeper into the reactions and thoughts the character had seeeing 200 years of "progress". In retrospect, the book seemed to be more of a bridge to drag other modern characters back to the past. Disappointing because it had the potential to be so much more.
I started this book knowing it was part of a trilogy (I love the opportunity to carry "friends" over from story to story). It stands alone, as do all the books and I thoroughly enjoyed it. While the characters could possibly have been a bit better developed (as another review suggested), they still drew me in and made me feel part of the story. All characters introduced were lovingly described and I loved the interweaving of modern life and sensibilities with the amazing time in history when this country was struggling to be born.

Each book in this series is one that keeps you up until the wee hours of the morning, loathe to leave your friends and their story. The worst thing about all of these books is knowing the story will end and you have to say good bye.

Keep that balloon going Ms Bretton - PLEASE!!!
interactive man
This story was a nice change. Having Patrick going to the future to see what Emilie and Zane had told him about the future. The nice thing was him meeting Shannon and in a way helping to heal her heart about love. I look forward to reading the conclusion of the trilogy. I'm sure you'll love it to.
Tomorrow  Always ebook
Barbara Bretton
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