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by Melanie Jackson

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A wild and passionate love affair brings our hero and heroine together. Neither can resist the attraction they feel for one another and everything else takes second place.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. All Scots know of the brave piper who gave his life so long ago. Malcolm the piper calls to Tafaline so insistently. She lives with her writer husband, her bossy cat and spoiled dog in the Sierra foothills where it is almost impossible to grow pumpkins (or anything else the deer like). Besides gardening, she is involved with animal charities.

The sound of her voice was a violent concussion in the confined space of the tunnel into which they’d escaped, and it seemed to shake the walls around her, and loose a smell that was half earth and half living trees which had been sundered. The stink of bleeding sap prevailed

Love spell new york city. As to the still-folk in Night Visitor, there were probably faeries hanging about the castle, but sadly I have found no documentary evidence to support this supposition

Love spell new york city. Her True Love’s Call. As to the still-folk in Night Visitor, there were probably faeries hanging about the castle, but sadly I have found no documentary evidence to support this supposition. All references to things magical are created out of my imagination, though every good Celt knows that faeries are as real as brownies or kelpies and must be treated with the same respect-which I made every effort to do. Happy Reading, Melanie Jackson.

Paperback, Love Spell: Timeswept 368 pages.

Details (if other): Cancel. Paperback, Love Spell: Timeswept 368 pages. Published March 1st 2001 by Love Spell (first published February 2001). 0505524236 (ISBN13: 9780505524232).

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When the ghost of a brave piper visits Tafaline in her dreams, calling her to her from across time, she knows she must transcend time to find him and save his life, as well as his heart. Original.
I read these types of books so rarely now, I forgot how much I enjoy them. For me, this book was not an easy read. The story wasn't hugely complicated, but the language was way up there in the sense that I really had to pay attention while I was reading. Not only was the vocabulary pretty high, there was also a bunch of older Scottish spellings when people were speaking that you have to decipher too.

The book assumes a decent amount of Scottish history knowledge. I wouldn't say I felt lost, but there were times I was probably missing out on some of the motivations of the characters. There was a bunch of pixie-dust magic in the story. It wasn't quite a different world from ours, but the magic was so seamlessly woven into the story that it was, in the best way, hard to pick up what was myth versus true history.

Taffy and Malcolm both have slightly pointy ears, which ends up being a sign of fae descendance. They have certain powers that were somehow able to connect them over the span of hundreds of years separation. But both have to hide their powers to some extent in order to avoid persecution. They were both interesting and compelling. They kept certain parts of themselves locked away even from their own conscious mind and part of this story involves them having to face what they are and what powers they have.

I liked how strong and resilient Taffy was. She was in an uncomfortable spot at home but she still managed to find her passion and pursue it. She takes control of her destiny and doesn't break down when things are rough. She's so confident, she marches off into the darkness to rescue Malcolm. But she's really smart about it and takes her rifle. You can picture her being a early female Rambo with ammo belts criss-crossing her chest and camo paint on her face. She gets things done but does stay true to her time period, wondering what kind of outcast she might become if people find out about her adventure. She also has a few attacks of conscience, especially in regards to her sexuality, but I felt she dealt with them in an authentic way for the story and time period they were living in.

Malcolm is a fine, ancient Scottish hero. He says words like “ken” and “ha” (which I believe roughly translated to “if”). He's strong and brawny, just fine playing the pipes until his fingers are about to fall off, not really in touch with his emotions, but totally comfortable with the idea of fae magic. He was sort-of tough on Taffy, but it never felt overbearing. Maybe because the fae were always invisibly helping them along. He might have felt a bit boarish, marching Taffy all through the night and stuff, if it weren't for finding protected fae groves, cleaned clothes and glamourized meals whenever they needed them.

This book is a good adventure, but not that much of an emotional romance. Possibly because I was busy deciphering the language. I enjoyed the story but I didn't feel like I connected with the characters emotionally. They seemed to be together mostly to drive the story forward (connections forged through sex and babies must be made) and they didn't think or feel too deeply. For how complicated the journey was for these two, I felt their reasons for being together weren't very well explained. Possibly it's just an additional assumption of magic in the story – things that just are, don't need a huge explanation.

I enjoyed the book for the story and even for the fae magic, but I didn't feel the romance was very gripping or well justified. I guess maybe I'd compare it to a forging of alliances with a bit of attraction thrown in, instead of swooping emotions and deep feelings. I will have to remember, next time I need a engrossing adventure with some rich language, Melanie Jackson is a good go-to author.
This is my third book by Jackson and she is a delight to those who love classic folklore. Expect the magical world and underworld of faery described by George MacDonald with a modern romance treatment. Expect to be caught up and carried along with well developed characters and traditional story. I rarely give five stars, but these books have the familiarity of legends with the heat turned up. Very enjoyable experiences.
This book, though not "great literature", is a fun read, with plenty of romance and suspense. But you have to be willing to temporarily (for the duration of reading the book) believe in magic, including magical time travel, to let yourself get into the story. This book does have an engrossing, suspenseful story line in addition to the romance, so it is much better than those romance books that are simply an evolving romance held together by boring daily life events. I recommend it as good entertainment reading.
I gave it 4 stars because even though I did enjoy it I only give 5 stars to books I either can't put down or can't wait to get back to.
It is a good read, I do like time travel and Celtic themes with fairies this book had those. It had a good story line also, time crossed lovers and took their story to a very satisfying end. I hate giving away story lines but if you like fairies meddling in to the lives of humans you'll love this book, there was plenty of fairy magic.
I really liked this story. This is just brain candy, and as such it was great.
This book at times could have been brilliant, but it dragged so much. I'm not going to write a long review, I'm just saying it was " just ok". It cost 99 cents and I will look for other books by her, but not at higher prices. After all, I can still go to the library and get books for free. Wish she would have spent more time in the present. Like I said, it dragggggged! Ms. Jackson, you have a way of writing now yo just need a good editor! Good luck with future books.
I give five stars to this story because the romance between a couple, who has fairy blood. They fought for their future together. They never lost faith. That they. Can happiness in taffy world. Really is a great story, romance and fantasy. I love the story and the character. I recommend this book to readers who who likes romance and fantasy.
I was amazed that I could be so totally enthralled with a fairy tale of romance. Even now it makes me smile and I suspect it will continue to do so for a very long time.
Night Visitor (Timeswept) ebook
Melanie Jackson
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Love Spell (February 1, 2001)
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