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by Day Leclaire

Utilizing every ounce of control she possessed, she held out a hand. I’m Grace Barnes, she repeated in a cool, strong voice.

Utilizing every ounce of control she possessed, she held out a hand.

Day Leclaire started writing when she was just a child. Who's Holding the Baby? (1994). Bridegroom on Approval (1999). The Brides Proposition (2000). The Baby Gift (2000). After a long day of trying to keep occupied in the midst of a snowstorm, Leclaire and her three siblings ran out of things to do. In an effort to keep her own patience, Leclaire's mother challenged her to write her own story Leclaire attended the University of California, Berkeley with the intent to major in anthropology. Shortly thereafter, Leclaire met her husband, Frank, and the two married.

Who’s Holding the Baby? book. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Get out your scorecards boys and girls, and try and follow. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Who’s Holding the Baby? (Salvatore Brothers by. Day Leclaire (Goodreads Author).

He held it up, his eyes cool and watchful. What’s this, Grace? CHAPTER FIVE. She looked about, desperate for a safe place to deposit the baby so she could stop him - physically, if necessary. The Great Lie. Day 338 and Grace’s disguise is slippin. rossing to Luc’s side, Grace took the award from him and placed it on her bureau. What are you doing now? Get out of there! Hello. What’s this? He yanked free a mint green dress.

Day Leclaire is a popular romance writer who lives on Hatteras Island in North Carolina's Outer Banks. She began writing as a child and has since penned over forty novels, many of which are Silhouette Desire or Harlequin Romance titles. Leclaire is known for combining strong characters, passion, and humor in her books

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July 1995 : UK Hardback.

Who's holding the baby? by. Leclaire, Day. Publication date. Toronto ; New York : Harlequin. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by LineK on July 23, 2010.

Who's Holding The Baby? Published by Thriftbooks. You can just picture it on TV. What with a baby niece being left with Luc by his brother who is chasing after the baby's mother

Who's Holding The Baby? Published by Thriftbooks. What with a baby niece being left with Luc by his brother who is chasing after the baby's mother. The police & social services workers who are trying to take the Toni away from him. Trying to keep his dad from finding out Grace, his PA who is helping him, is staying in his appartment.

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Romance Novels
Luc could lie like a carpet, but he had a problem, his secretary was plain, and made herself look plainer still with her lack of dress sense, her dark too large glasses, and her mud colored hair.
Grace has only to work for Luc for a year and she will get a business of her own, a toy shop. She and her mother had planed long before her mother's death.
Now Luc and another problem, his brother Pietro has a baby girl Toni, and he didn't know until her mother Carina showed up at the office with the baby Toni. Carina's mother is on her death bed, and she needs to go to Italy to see her mother, but Carina can't take Toni.
Pietro wants both Carina and Toni, but the only way he can get them is to follow Carina to Italy.
Toni is left with Luc and the trouble begins. The police, child welfare and a nosy neighbor, throw in four other brothers a very critical father, as well as a minister and the mixture is hilarious!
From the back of the book: '"Toni isn't your nephew-she's your niece!"
"You're kidding!" Luc grinned in amazement. "That's wonderful!"
Grace struggled to control her temper. "Your're missing the point. If the police had discovered we'd lied, they'd have thrown us both into jail. Darn it, Luc, how dare you involve me in your family problems!"
"Our problems," he reminded her in soft, deliberate voice. "We're engaged. You told the police that, remember?"
"But it's a lie," she protested, "every bit of it. I'm not engaged to you...and the baby isn't even a boy!"
"You have a choice. You can stay with me-posing as my fiancee-until my brother returns. Or you can turn your back on a helpless baby."
"You don't play fair!" she complained.
"No," he agreed. Then he smiled, a charming, dangerous smile. "I play to win."
If you've already read the original Who's Holding the Baby then there's really no need to buy the ebook version. Other than changing the brothers' name from the original series the only difference from the original release is a few pages about their wedding night.

I really enjoyed this book the first and second time reading it. It was a hilarious story of white lies and tall tales that had me laughing and smiling through most of it. The Salvatore antics are still there and it's worth the 4 dollars if it's your first time reading it but not so much if you've read it already.

For anyone who is confused about the brothers' name change: Day LeClaire has said on her website that she wanted to make all the Salvatore brothers books available digitally but she does not own the rights to the originals other than Luc's story so she writing new stories for the brothers and that's why she has changed their names. It makes me a little sad because I'm a big fan of Stefano and Nellie in The Bride's Proposition but I'm sure that Ms. LeClaire can deliver.

One thing that I am confused about is Brando, or Brand (originally Pietro from the original series) is getting a story of his own but just like in the original, he married Carina. I'm not sure if his story will be one of them trying to fall in love again or if things don't work out/Carina dies and he falls in love with someone new. His story is the last one that's not going to be out until 2015 so only time will tell.
First time reading this author an woow cant wait for the next book in the series. The struggles with the couple and trying to keep the family together are what pull you in read in one sitting.
Everything was great!
This was a good story but it lacked something. I guess I am so used to erotic romance this was very mild and tame but still the story was a good one.
I fell in love with book. it made me laugh so hard i cried. i recommand this book to anyone. you wont be disappointed.
I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next one. I have several of her books and they are all great
This is a feel-good book with a happy ending. The baby took center most babies do. It read like a Doris Day caper(which I like) so I knew no real harm could happen to the characters. Love the cover, it rocks!
Who'S Holding The Baby? ebook
Day Leclaire
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Harlequin (October 1, 1994)
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