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Undercover Princess, by Suzanne Brockmann, is apparently part of a series? Whatever, I picked it up because Suzanne . 2nd book in the series called Royally Wed. I wish whole series was written by Brockmann -loved her characters and easy believable dialogue.

Undercover Princess, by Suzanne Brockmann, is apparently part of a series? Whatever, I picked it up because Suzanne Brockmann is the author of a romantic thriller starring a gay couple and so I now automatically grab whatever she's writing lately because there might be queer people in it. This is my life. Sadly, there are no queer people in Undercover Princess. I'm curious about the other sister princesses and their brother now so might give the rest of series a tr. .

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Princess Katherine Wyndham went from sensible sister to secret agent. Her mission: to locate her brother-the long-lost crown prince. Her cover: nanny for handsome tycoon Trey Sutherland. Caring for Trey's kids came more naturally than any royal duty. And falling for the brooding widower was effortless.

Suzanne Brockmann (born 1960) is an award winning American romantic . Royally Wed Series Multi-Author. Undercover Princess", Royally Wed December 19998.

Suzanne Brockmann (born 1960) is an award winning American romantic fiction writer. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband, author Ed Gaffney, and their two children, Melanie and Jason. The books following in the series, and that of the Troubleshooters, Inc. series are all classified in a sub genre known as 'military/romantic suspense'.

Princess Katherine Wyndham went from sensible sister to secret agent. But Katherine had always been the plain-Jane princess.

Harlequin, 1 июн. 2017 г. 1 Отзыв. Princess Katherine Wyndham is desperate to locate her brother, the long-lost crown prince, so she takes the risk of a lifetime: going undercover as a nanny for the handsome tycoon Trey Sutherland. Caring for Trey’s kids comes more naturally than Katherine expects-and falling for the brooding widower proves even more effortless.

With those words, Princess Katherine Wyndham went from sensible sister to secret agent. Her mission: to locate her brother–the long-lost crown prince. Was it too much to hope that he could want a happily-ever-after with he. specially once he discovered who she really was? Impression.

Undercover Princess Текст. Автор:Suzanne Brockmann. Of all the things Princess Katherine of Wynborough had been called in her relatively uneventful life, cute had not been one of them. Until now. She followed Trey Sutherland down the stairs, down another endless hallway.

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Suzanne Brockmann; Erin Yuen.

Royally Wed. Publisher. Suzanne Brockmann; Erin Yuen. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H). 4 x . 3 x . 4 Inches.

The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Wynborough was kidnapped as an infant and has long been presumed dead. Years later, Princess Katherine Wyndham believes that she has located her long-lost brother: he's living in Albuquerque...
I must say, that I was disappointed in this book. The author rushed through the plot to end the story quickly. The main character, the Princess, takes a nanny job, in order to find her missing brother. Though she falls in love with her employer, the reader is left hanging in regards to the missing sibling. He is practically forgotten, though he was the reason she was there to begin with. It would have been far better if Ms. Brockmann had taken the time to introduce the princess to the absentee business partner of her employer, and taken that necessary step to either end the suspicion, or verify it. If she had chosen to end the suspicion, with DNA testing, to the outcome of no relation, then she could have written a following book with a different sister and the adventure her search takes them. However, we are left hanging in the air wondering whether the brother was found or not. That does not sit well with me. The struggle and romance of the employee and her widowed employer are a dreamers delight, while the struggle with kids is completely realistic, though rushed. Yes, I did enjoy the story, but feel as though the story hasn't officially ended.
Plot: Princess Katherine is looking for her brother who was kidnapped as a child and presumed dead. She and her sisters don't think that he is, and Katherine has what she thinks is a lead. When she shows up looking for him, she is mistaken for an applicant for the nanny position that is available. Thinking quickly, she becomes the nanny and takes the family from dysfunctional to loving in a few months, while coming no closer to finding her brother.
This was not the most well written book for me. I know that it is a Silhouette book, but I have read well written Silhouette books in the past, so that is no excuse. The main characters didn't feel fleshed out; the children were, but not the main characters. As well, a lot of the actual interactions between the two main characters seemed to take place off page. Otherwise, from what little interactions there actually were between them, it felt like there was no reason for them to be in love. Attracted and in lust, absolutely; but not in love.
The interactions of both main characters between the children was sweet. The tentative approach of the father, and the straightforward one on the part of Katherine were enjoyable. Her matter of fact way of dealing with the children was very refreshing. All in all, enjoyable, but not memorable.
Hilarious Kangaroo
The Undercover Princess is a really nice, entertaining, twist on America's Cinderella type theme. I found the story line and the characters to be believable, very eccentric, and more than a little charming.

The arrangement that landed Princess Katherine as Trey's live in Nanny seemed a little contrived. I also thought the children of this troubled household were very real if a little off the wall, especially Doggie Dougie. I was also a little disappointed that we never really find out if Trey's partner is the long ago kidnapped Prince Apparent.

However, Kathy Winds performance in helping this very troubled family was heartwarming and the romance between the two was to die for if a little frustrating in nature.

I loved it and would highly recommend it.
Good Book! I still reread it!
I read everything Suzanne Brockmann writes. Love her books. This is a very simple, entertaining romance worth the read if that's what you are looking for. Definitely not the action and suspense of her "Troubleshooters" novels but sometimes mindless entertainment is what I need and I reach for a book like this.

I did wish to know what happened to the missing Prince, but sometime its the publisher, not the writer who cuts what they think isn't necessary. Leaving the back story open is so NOT Suzanne. Her back stories are the reasons I love her books.
Princess Kathherine is looking for her brother who she and her family thought was dead. She along with her sisters (who each have a romance story) have some leads, but do not know much. That is why she is going to the house of Trey Suderland. Katherine and her sisters think that his partner Bill Lewis is their brother. Katherine gets a job as a nanny to his two children and before they know it they are falling in love. Then however at a party at his mothers house she tells him that Katherine is a Princess. What will happen? will they get together? Read Undercover Princess
I've been on a mission for awhile now to read all of Suzanne Brockmann's books, this one is a sweet story of a princess searching for her missing brother who goes undercover as a nanny. The whole missing brother plot is disregarded in its entirety by the end but I still enjoyed it. The unassuming nanny and the rich businessman fall in love and live happily ever after; it is your standard romance novel story line and a very easy fast read. I purchased it on Kindle, and for the price (it is many years old) you should pick it up and have a lovely afternoon reading a lovely story.
It was a fun, delightful summer "beach read." I could predict the ending, yet it was well written and held my interest to the end!
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