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by Robin Smith

Charla's Shadow book. Telling a new crush that you like a little spanking in your romance. Start by marking Charla's Shadow as Want to Read

Charla's Shadow book. Start by marking Charla's Shadow as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

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Robin Smith is a British artist best known for his work on Judge Dredd, the Bad City Blue mini-series for 2000AD and The Bogie Man for Fat Man Press

Robin Smith is a British artist best known for his work on Judge Dredd, the Bad City Blue mini-series for 2000AD and The Bogie Man for Fat Man Press. A 2-part interview with Smith appears in the Judge Dredd Megazine, issues 225-226, alongside a new Bogie Man adventure. Comics work includes: Tharg the Mighty - The Final Secret (2000 AD Sci-Fi Special, 1980).

Telling a new crush that you like a little spanking in your romance is always going out on a limb, but in a town as small as Poho, that was just one limb Charla Savelle couldn't feel comfortable about climbing out on. So she built herself a life without love, turning away from airy dreams and surrounding herself with her work in stone. But then the dog walked in through the front door and Charla's life changed forever... Dr. Milo Bickleman had been burnt by love before. There was nothing quite like having an ex-girlfriend tell everyone she knew that you were a deviant to make a man swear off relationships forever. And since his fresh start in tiny Poho could be seriously compromised should history repeat itself, that was one vow he'd never had trouble keeping... until he stumbled over Charla... and the dog... and the diamonds... and the three sinister men who seemed to be following her. No one ever said new relationships were easy.

Mature subject matter for adults only. 5.5 x 8.5 perfect paperback, 236 pages, 73,811 words

This is a nice story about a man, a woman and an extremely (sometimes unbelievably) smart dog. Both Milo and Charla enjoy erotic spankings but have been burned in the past by partners making their tastes publicly known. A stray dog shows up on Charla's doorstep. She takes him to the vet who must remove a diamond necklace from his stomach. The story continues with the hoods trying to retrieve the dog or diamond necklace.

This was a sweet story with some erotic spankings, some discipline spankings (though not undeserved). Milo is not an overbearing disciplinarian as in so many of these types of stories.

The author could have delved further into the the backgrounds of the hero and heroine and what happened when their partners made the predliction for spankings known. The sex scenes are mild and the spanking hot.
This is one of the best romance novels I've read in a long time. There's plenty of humor, witty conversation, chemistry, spanking and a wonderful, lovable dog! Who could ask for more? Did I mention suspence and action?? Just a completely satisfying read. One you can even recommend to your vanilla friends!!
A well written story with some not over the top spankings and a wonderful plot to keep you interested. I really enjoyed it and I loved the dog who was so smart and loyal. The hero was a good man doing his best given the situation.
A well written book that didn't rely on drawn out, unrealistic sex scenes to play up the excitement. I found it a very real, heart warming story of two spanking enthusiasts who finally found someone to share with. Loved it!!!
This book is about a jeweller and a Veternarian but really it's about finding love in the midst of life just not going the way it is planned; not for anyone. Not for Charla, not for Milo, Dog aka shadow, Cruella and aka jewel crazies, crook side kick, animal shelters, police, and so on.

Bottom line, pun intended, is that the spanking was a means to get somewhere or something. There was no spanking for stupid.

Lots of character build up, some funny bits, family interference,and real life for real people who happen to go for spanking for all the reasons we go for it.

You will want to become friends with Charles and Milo - Ben too and Mamsan and take Dog home. What I loved most about Charla is she wasn't needy just in need of the right man. And Milo wasn't needy, just in need of the right woman.

Read,laugh,tighten your own butt muscles in sympathy but read the book, you won't be sorry.
I loved X on the Beach so when I heard this author's name mentioned I had to come read her again. I was so NOT dissapointed. I'm a dog lover anyway and Dog made this book, that and the rocks. How fasinating. I love having a wonderful plot along with spanking and not just a lot of spanking with a little story. This book has mystery and humor and sexy spankings at every turn, so I couldn't put it down. I definitely won't wait so long to read another book by Robin Smith.
Let's see this story has a strong and feisty woman, a big, gentle but no nonsense guy, the world's smartest and bravest dog, and some slimy jewel thieves. How can this not turn out to be a great story. It kept me on the edge of my seat.
i didn't ever not finish a book but this one didn't work and i have read the author before and not had a problem they dog was weird and i just could get into the story, if you like this author try a didn't book
Charla's Shadow ebook
Robin Smith
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