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by Shirl Henke

A bold and brash self-made millionaire, who was raised in a Texas bordello, steals the heart of a prim and proper English schoolteacher when he makes her dreams of opening up a school come true in exchange for tutoring his unruly heir.

Series: Leisure historical romance. Paperback: 448 pages. Publisher: Leisure Books (April 1, 1999). Let me just say at the outset that I am a HUGE fan of Shirl Henke. This is no exception. It's the first in her Santa Fe Trilogy (NIGHT WIND'S WOMAN, WHITE APACHE'S WOMAN and DEEP AS THE RIVERS).

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Previously published by Leisure Books. No part of this ebook may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic means without the written permission of the publisher. Other electronic works by Shirl Henke: a fire in the blood. Billie Jo and the Valentine Crow.

Shirl Henke is an American best-selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels. She has eclectic tastes and has written historical, contemporary, western, and regency-themed books. She also writes mystery novels using the pen name Alexa Hunt. She was born Shirl Nehrt, fifteen years after her next oldest sibling. Her father died while she was in her teens, leaving Henke alone with her mother

Texas Viscount (Leisure Historical Romance). Find romance books by your favourite content tropes and topics: historical + humor.

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Sabrina had been expecting it. Her first impulse had been to tear it to shreds and return the bits to the earl, but innate practicality overcame her temper. Her first impulse had been to tear it to shreds and return the bits to the earl, but innate practicality overcame her temper ptions, which were grim indeed. Paying the past week's lodgings had taken the last of her savings. She had enough food in the pantry to last her through the weekend. And not one single paying client. That was thanks to the wily Hambleton and his infuriating nephew

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A bold and brash self-made millionaire, who was raised in a Texas bordello, steals the heart of a prim and proper English schoolteacher when he makes her dreams of opening up a school come true in exchange for tutoring his unruly heir. Original.
Joshua Cantrell, self made millionaire, rancher and all around rough Texan, travels to England to meet his only known surviving relative, assume a title of Viscount Wesley and assist in exposing Russian agents who are intent on assassinating the Japanese minister. He has reluctantly agreed to do the favor for Teddy Roosevelt but doesn't intend to stay after his work is finished. While in England his uncle hires a teacher to help "smooth out" Josh's rough edges; Josh is an intelligent man, he was raised by a madam in a bordello after his mother's death but he has plenty of savvy. His teacher, Sabrina Edgewater, meets Josh at the docks where she has gone to pick him up but everything starts to go downhill with her getting involved in Josh's fight with ruffians to winding up at jail. She holds out to the very end before she gives in and says that she will try to refine Josh. She finds him to be attractive but repels his flirtations and advances. Josh is smitten with Sabrina and in order to keep her around he tries to cooperate with her lessons, all the while planning his seduction.
Loved this story. It was so funny to watch Josh and the earl learn about each others countries and traditions, and the whole thing with the car, it was hilarious. Besides that, the romance and passion was so beautifully written, you could feel the passion dripping off the pages.
This is the third book in a series called 'AMERICAN LORD.' The action is plentiful and often amusing; the characters are engaging. However, Joshua Cantrell's 'down home Texas' dialogue got in the way after a while (His speech was too much of a cliche).

The Earl of Whatever has been searching for his last relative and he turns out to be a self-made man named Joshua Cantrell. Josh is a millionaire with a lot of rough edges. In that day and time, Americans were often known as barbarians (because their lack of genteel manners and subtlety).

While going to England to assume the title of viscount Wesley in England, President Teddy Roosevelt asks Josh to help with a little matter of a potential problem between the English and Japanese governments. The Russians are trying to interrupt negotiations and are willing to stoop to assassination.

Hiring a deportment teacher to instruct Josh in the finer things in English society, the earl steps back and watches the fun begin. Sabrina Edgewater is a perfect lady to Josh's country bumpkin persona. Josh is honest about his early life (he was raised in a bordello after his mother's death) but he's deeper (and more educated) than he appears.

The plot seemed a bit complicated however as soon as the characters got started, as the reader, I thought, 'Who cares?' There were lots of twists, lively secondary characters and a mystery or two. This is a fun, lighthearted tale.

1. Yankee Earl (2003)
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Setting - Edwardian England, 1901 --- When the very proper teacher of deportment, Sabrina Edgewater, was talked into doing her cousin a favor by meeting the ship of the newly arrived American heir to an Earldom, the soon to be Viscount Wesley, Mr. Joshua Cantrell she didn't know that her life as she knew it was about to change. Approaching the docks, she couldn't help but be appalled as she witnessed a very tall, disreputable and oddly dressed man having an altercation with a sizeable crowd gathered near the end of the wharf - no, please, surely not him! Joshua Cantrell, would need some polishing according to British standards, but coming to the aid of a lady, even a street doxy, was something this brash and bold Texan would do. As the fight spread her way, and noticing Sabrina who was directly in the path, Joshua then came to her rescue and grabbed a hero's kiss. Unfortunately, before he could discover her name he was hauled off by the local police officers.

Raised in a Texas bordello, Joshua Cantrell was a self-made millionaire who initially turned down the offer of a title, until his old commanding officer TR, newly made President of the US, asked him to travel to London to help avert an international assassination plot. He was pleasantly surprised to discover he really liked his great-uncle, the Earl, but when the uncle suggested that a tutor be employed to refining him into becoming a proper English gentleman, he thought `not'! Well, that is until he discovered that his tutor was going to be none other than the very cute and uptight little bundle of indignation, he'd met at the docks!

When I had initially read the reviews and the excerpts available I looked forward to reading this book thinking it would be good - well, it was NOT good - it was FABULOUS! This book comprised all of the elements I look for - a well-researched plot for the historical era, titillating dialogs, humorous scenes and wonderfully matched protagonists! Joshua's down home folksy analogies were absolutely hilarious, as he and Sabrina fenced words in a bit of foreplay for the sizzling attraction that set off sparks whenever they got together. The whole intrigue plot was marvelous and full of action as well. This was an exceptionally quick read only because I found it so hard to put down! The author filled this with a superb cast of secondary characters, adding great depth to the story. I truly enjoyed Joshua's wily great uncle the Earl of Hambleton, playing cupid who was truly a darling adding even more zest to an already totally entertaining read! BOTTOM LINE --- The lively dialogs and repartee's filled with a Texan's down home analogies along with an exciting plot made this one of Henke's best in her American Lord series - simply outstanding! --- Marilyn Rondeau, for [...] ---
Texas Viscount (Leisure Historical Romance) ebook
Shirl Henke
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Leisure Books (September 1, 2004)
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