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The legendary Janelle Taylor was born on June 28, 1944 in Athens, GA. In 1965, she married Michael Taylor with whom she had . Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Janelle Taylor's books.

The legendary Janelle Taylor was born on June 28, 1944 in Athens, GA. In 1965, she married Michael Taylor with whom she had two children, Angela Taylor-M. Janelle Taylor’s Followers (162).

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Kiss of the night wind. The novels of Janelle Taylor sparkle with her unique blend of adventure and passion. And her unforgettable tale of the warrior Gray Eagle and his beloved Alisha is perhaps the most special of all. For it begins one of the most romantic and memorable sagas ever written. Savage Ecstasy It was like lightning striking.

The novels of Janelle Taylor sparkle with her unique blend of adventure an. Savage Ecstasy It was like lightning striking, the first time they looked into each other's eyes: Gray Eagle, the captured Indian brave, and Alisha, the beautiful young settler. As the proud Oglala warrior was being tortured by his white captors, only Alisha seemed to notice that he was a human being-handsome and strong, and one who took her breath away.

Kensington Publishing Corp. It was like lightning striking, the first time they looked into each other's eyes: Gray Eagle, the captured Indian brave, and Alisha, the beautiful young settler. Some of Ms. Taylor's most recent books include By Candlelight, Someday Soon, Lakota Dawn, and Lakota Winds (due out in paperback in May 1999).

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Kiss of the night wind. But if Alisha could have read Gray Eagle's thoughts she would have been even more disturbed. Books related to Savage Ecstasy.

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1982) (The first book in the Grey Eagle series) A novel by Janelle Taylor. March 1996 : USA Mass Market Paperback.

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This book completely captivated me! Yes, there is brutality in the book but it never gets too dark or gory. Those were rough times. Alisha is just an innocent woman who captures the attention of Grey Eagle, who is determined to have her and keep her as his slave. Alisha can never understand the hostility between the whites and the Indians. She longs to really love Grey Eagle and he does care for her but he can never show true affection to her and she can never understand why. Despite all she's done for him he still treats her and even punishes her as a slave. Though he does not want to hurt her, she is defiant and ignorant of the Indian customs and ways at times and he has to save his own reputation as a warrior. Though most of the tribe ignores her she makes a trustworthy friend in Grey Eagle's best friend, White Arrow. White Arrow warns Grey Eagle that he must be careful of how harsh he becomes with her- or he will lose her forever.

Yes, this book can be brutal. There is rape, torture, death. Don't let the title of this book deceive you though, this book doesn't contain any kind of BDSM kink of anything like that (and I'm glad because i find that to be a huge turnoff). Everything is very realistic. I also didn't see the heroine as weak and annoying like so many other heroines, nor did I find her to be overly independent (which is just as annoying in my view). She loves him, even though he hurts her and pulls away from her. But there are worse things in this brutal countryside than him...

This was a wonderful book that I just couldn't put down. If you are looking for something politically correct and "fluffy" then this isn't the book for you. If you are looking for intense action, drama and something old fashioned then this is a must read. This book even managed to have a small splash of comedy here and there. Great read.

Now I must read the next book in the series and hope it is just as good!
Set in 1776, in Oglala Sioux territory in the Dakotas, this is the story of Alisha Williams, a sheltered innocent raised in England to be a young lady and brought to the new world by her parents, who are now dead. She is living with her uncle when Gray Eagle, son of the Sioux chief, is taken prisoner and treated badly by some of the white men in Alisha’s settlement.

Appalled by the treatment Gray Eagle receives, Alisha tends to his wounds only to have him reject her care. But he has plans for her. When he escapes, he tells his friend White Arrow that he will take her as his slave. Soon, his tribe returns to attack the settlers’ fortified site and Alisha is taken prisoner.

Taylor brings to life the Plains Indians’ culture of the 18th century, the food, the crafts, even the language (which added much but was sometimes beyond my understanding). It took a bit of getting used to Taylor’s writing style as she frequently hops into different heads and drops in as the narrator to give us some bit of information. But she is a good storyteller and kept me turning pages.

Gray Eagle is a hero with both tender and cruel sides. He comes to love Alisha but he will let no one know of it, else he will be perceived as a weak leader. (“He constantly reminded himself she was only his slave and enemy. He would keep her at arm’s length at all times, except when he made love to her at night.”) Alisha tries her best to appear the obedient slave in order to survive. She is intelligent and quick to learn the Sioux ways and wins the love of the brave White Arrow. But she suffers anytime Gray Eagle loses his temper or she crosses a line. Though he understands English, he never lets her know. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for how she and the other captives were treated. It was not pretty.

This is a compelling story I could not put down, but to get the ending to the romance of Alisha and Gray Eagle, you have to read another book or perhaps three. This is the first in the 9 book the Gray Eagle series, the first four of which comprise the story of Gray Eagle and Alisha:

Savage Ecstasy
Defiant Ecstasy
Forbidden Ecstasy
Brazen Ecstasy
Tender Ecstasy
Stolen Ecstasy
Bittersweet Ecstasy
Forever Ecstasy
Savage Conquest
This book (and series) is one of my favorite. The difficult and sometimes hard to absorb pain for the heroin made the book good for me because the characters were in "character" for the period in which the book was written.

Too many authors want to write a historical book based on todays values and morals. The girl sleeps with the guy first time he looks at her and see nothing wrong with doing so in the 1800's; and then is upset when he doesn't act the way she wants him to by helping with the dishes and letting her have a "meaning job". Of course he sees the error of his ways and adapts to the feminine way of thinking. NOT REALISTIC in the 1800's whether you like or agree with it today or not...

It was a difficult situation for Gray Eagle. How did he deal with his internal feelings while remaining true to the teaching of his tribe/culture and his role as a man and future leader. This was engrained his "world" at this time in history. Elisha didn't turn into a "liberated" 21st century woman but remained in character of the period, as well as her gentle, naïve, kind nature.

You may not like the "way they were", but I applaud Janelle Taylor for not making unreal characters, living in another time. If you want that type of book you need to read time travel books, or just stay with contemporary romance. Those I skip

The need to keep Elisha from knowing his secret about speaking English is carried into the next book and it is also good. That secret could be a matter of life and death during this time in history. Having a "leg up" as it were against your enemy could save lives and he was a leader responsible for lives.

Spoiler alert, I must say that books 1-3 were may favorite, later books I began so see more modernization of the characters, but Grey Eagle does stay true to his role through out.
Janelle Taylor
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