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Velvet Song - Jude Deveraux. PART I. The South of England.

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Jude Deveraux (born September 20, 1947 in Fairdale, Kentucky, née Jude Gilliam) is an American author of historical romances. Deveraux has written over 40 novels, many of which have been on The New York Times Best Seller list, including such titles as A Knight in Shining Armor and Remembrance; she has sold over 50 million copies as of 2016. Deveraux appeared as herself in the 1987 romance novelist documentary Where the Heart Roams.

Jude Deveraux is known for her capable heroines and historical romance that is comes with storylines on a strong center. She has written several series like: The James River series, Forever Trilogy, The Peregrine Family, Nantucket Brides Trilogy and The Montgomery. The other series that have greatly inspired her readers are: Stand Alones, The Moonlight Trilogy, The Legend series, The Endenton Series, The Edilean series and The Peregrine family among others.

They were both outcasts by a harsh decree -- and on the brink of a shared destiny of passion! With her father murdered, her home burned, lovely Alyx Blackelt fled to the woods -- and sanctuary in the camp of Raine Montgomery, a nobleman outlawed by the king's edict. There she hid her beauty in the guise of a boy, and her sorrow in her work as Montgomery's squire. But how long could such loveliness as hers be hidden? How long could such a gallant man's desires be blind? And how soon -- even as a blood feud raged between the Montgomerys and the Chatworths, as angry swords clattered in the name of family honor -- one woman's love would make all the woman's love would inflame a hero's passion, touch a king's pity, and raise a song of praise in every English heart.
I enjoyed the other books in this series, however, the heroine's character was not filled out very well in the beginning. About half way through the book, the author tells us that she is selfish and puts herself and her music before everything and everyone else. Nothing before this showed that she was a jerk, however, the last part of the book was entirely about her redemption. ?!

Also, the hero drones on and on about Honor and I just did not understand his point. Especially, because he felt justified in sulking instead of helping his wife during the birth if their first child and did not bother to visit their daughter after her birth! How honorable is this?

Jude deveraux is a hit or miss author, when she is good, I love her books, but this one is not a keeper.
I have loved this story since the first time I read it about 2 years ago. Of course I am normally a person that reads stories or watches movies in order but somehow I managed to miss the first 2 in this series. I have them all now and I reread them every few months, Jude Deveraux just has a way with words that pulls you into the story and makes you actually see what is happening. Like when she wrote about how Raine's horse going wild due to the smell of blood. As someone who has been trained in the medical field I could smell the tang of the iron from the blood it was so in-depth, I will always love Jude's books and I plan on getting more.
Try as I might I couldn't get past the 9th chapter. The book is so bad it's like a first time romance novelist wrote it. There is no redeeming value so far that could make me waste my time to finish it.

The cheese factor is just sickening. How many times does Alyx need to sing to the horse in the first few chapters and that magically she can sing notes to piss the horse off and make it calm. Uh-huh... Then the Alyx and Joss duet when she's supposed to be a boy...face smack. Ack! Really?! I mean she's so afraid to be found out about being a girl and lectured to keep her femininity a secret but her first encounter with a guy she not only breaks into song with him, but they clasp each others hands?! ICK!

Raine is not even remotely the type of guy I'd want anyone to hitch their star too. He's brutish and not in the charming way, self-centered, and such a jerk I can't find how it's even possible you'd ever want him to be in love with any woman. This book was just bad on so many levels.

I really couldn't even try to pick up another one of Jude Deveraux's books despite the insistence of her fans that this book was just exceptionally bad for her. Avoid this book and read something by Margaret Mallory Julie Garwood or Johanna Lindsey. Even at their worst any three of those authors blow Deveraux out of the water.
As with all of Jude's books this one is a good read. It is a series of 4 books each could be a stand alone but it is best to read them as a set because each book tells a little about the others. This one, one of the brothers is considered an outlaw for what he had done and now much live in the woods until the king decides otherwise. A young girl in the middle of the war without anything left flees to the safety of his camp dressed as a boy and must act as a boy to keep from being discovered. She doesn't know what she is about to be in until she can't hide her true self any longer and then she dreads what could happen to her if discovered. A story of war, violence, love and overcoming all to learn to trust.
The other reviews give very good synopsis' of the love story between Alyx and Raine. I was very excited to read this installment after having just finished Gavin and Judith's story, The Velvet Promise. The transformation of Alyx was interesting to follow and the author did a good job of turning her around in a timely, consistent manner. However, it was very disappointing to see how Raine's temperament and personality had changed, and apparently permanently from the last book to this one. He was very bitter, spiteful, hateful, and unforgiving for the bulk of the book. Brief moments of forgiveness and playfulness were seen in his interactions with Alyx, but those were quickly gone by some look she gave or desire she expressed. He was so cavalier and fun in the earlier installments it was hard to believe this was the same character. I understand that he had undergone significant tragedy with his family, people, and king but who in that time period didn't. It was very unsettling to know that not only did he leave his wife twice for many months at a time but also to not have seen his daughter the first year of her life. He was so disappointing. Only in the last 5 pages did the author resolve their differences with deep love and promises of continued understanding. After reading The Velvet Promise-even though Gavin was also incredibly headstrong, I couldn't wait to get Velvet Song. The author continued with the same unbelievable smart, strong, handsome, unforgiving, and stubborn hero. I guess it runs in their family.

I had previously read Stephen and Bronwyn's story and enjoyed it. I think, however, it will be awhile before I pick this story line back up. I need a break from the overpowering-always right-males in this family.
Velvet Song ebook
Jude Deveraux
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