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by Marie Ferrarella

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THREE-FOOT MATCHMAKER Ginny Scarborough has picked out her new mommy - Danni Everett, the local celebrity chef who hired Ginny's widowed father, Stone, to renovate her house. And Danni couldn't deny the immediate zing she felt for the handsome, green-eyed contracto. ven if they were brought together by a precocious four-year-old. When Kasey Stonestreet's husband walked out on her and their newborn son, her best friend, Eli Rodriguez, was her rock. Eli took them in at his Forever, Texas, ranch without hesitation. this month in Silhouette Yours Truly.

by. Ferrarella, Marie. New York : Silhouette Books. America's Romance of Contemporary Romance. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Canon EOS 5D Mark II. City.

Five-Alarm Affair book. A great Harlequin Silhouette book. I enjoyed the characters of Aimee and Wayne

Five-Alarm Affair book. I enjoyed the characters of Aimee and Wayne. They were very believable and reminded me of dear friends. Marie began to write her first romance novel when she was 11 years old, although she claims that, at the time, she didn't even realize it was a romance! She scribbled off and on, while dreaming of a career as an actress. Marie was only 14 when she first laid eyes on the man she would marry, truly her first love, Charles Ferrarella.

Books by Marie Ferrarella. Silhouette Romantic Suspense. Her romances are beloved by fans worldwide. Check out her Web site, ww. arieferrarella. Once those children began coming-five girls in all-the goal of having them all become doctors had somehow materialized. Her father, Josef, and her mother, Magda, worked hard to put their firstborn through medical school. Once Sasha graduated, any money she could spare went toward helping Natalya become a doctor.

Find nearly any book by Ferrarella,Marie (page 9). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Hero in the Nick of Time. ISBN 9780373048168 (978-0-373-04816-8) Hardcover, Harlequin Mills & Boon, 2003.

Becoming a Cavanaugh (Silhouette Romantic Suspense). Download (PDF). Читать.

Wallace, Barbara, Ferrarella, Marie, Her Red-Carpet Romance: Her Red-Carpet Roma.

Very Good)037308613X Five-Alarm Affair (Silhouette Romance),Ferrarella, Marie,M. Wallace, Barbara, Ferrarella, Marie, Her Red-Carpet Romance: Her Red-Carpet Roma. Ferrarella, Marie, Cavanaugh Cold Case (Cavanaugh Justice), Very Good Book.

Marie Ferrarella Marie Nicole Marie Michael Marie Charles. Her first romance was sold in 1982 and she has since written over three hundred other novels. Five-Alarm Affair (1988). Heart To Heart (1989). Mother for Hire (1989). She has won a Romance Writers of America RITA Award for best Traditional Romance, and has been named a Romantic Times Career Achievement Winner. Ferrarella and her husband live in Southern California, with their two children.

Aimee Greer is a widowed mother, working as a real estate agent in a small town, Greenfield California. Her daughter, Heather, age 10, decides to surprise her mother by cooking dinner for her. She starts a fire in the kitchen. A neighbor, Emmet, calls the fire department. This emergency brings fireman Wayne Montgomery into Aimee's home and into her life.
The plot moves along at a nice pace. Each chapter has an event that offers a moment of tension or emotional conflict. The writing style is easy to read with a nice balance of conversation, description and story line.
Aimee is reluctant to fall in love because of her husband's death. She never wants to be hurt that much again. The ending, her change in attitude, is plausible and well motivated. The author does a good job of choosing an event that is serious enough to warrant her change in attitude. It is more than just an "oops, my bad" ending.
Points were subtracted from the star rating for three reasons.
A common standard for writing fiction is that the point of view, which character is thinking, should remain constant throughout the chapter. It should be her chapter, his chapter, if the author wants dual perspective.
In this book, the point of view bounces back and forth like a ping pong ball. This subtracts from the element of suspense the author wants to create. A good romance is plotted like picking petals off of a daisy--he loves me, he loves me not. Because the reader knows what both characters think of the current scene, there isn't any element of wondering, guessing, and looking for clues about how he feels. This makes the plot a little too easy, more tepid, less suspenseful, than it could be.
Points were also subtracted for a lack of research and inaccurate details. Three of the situations in the plot are not believable because the author didn't check her facts or do any research on the subject.
The first instance is when the couple is driving on a city street. She hears a pop, the car careens out of control, comes to rest against a curb, and she changes a flat tire.
When a tire explodes, it makes more noise than a pop. This is called a blowout, not a flat. A blowout usually sends rubber flying all over the place, ripping up the wheel well and making the car undriveable. To be careening, he would have had to been driving at least 60 miles an hour. Most city streets I know of have a speed limit of 35. If the car had careened out of control, she would have experienced an increase in her pulse rate and adrenalin level that would take more than a minute to calm down.
I enjoy books more when they have social redeeming value; that is, when I walk away from it knowing more than I did before I began reading. The author has several chances to do this, but doesn't. I didn't learn any history of the area. I didn't learn anything about being a real estate agent. Her instructions for changing a tire were inaccurate. A wheel has five or six lug nuts, not four. There are several types of jacks, used in different ways, but all of them have to be placed under the frame or else it will break through the floor boards. If Aimee knows enough about cars that she could rebuild an engine if she had to, then she should have proven her claim by explaining more about jacks and tires. The author could have used this scene to teach the reader a useful skill. At least, she should have had a man read the manuscript to make sure she had her facts straight.
Fiction should also avoid mention of anything that can change from year to year or location to location. If the reader picks up a book five years later, the facts should still apply. Details matter.
For example, Wayne buys a three bedroom, handy man's delight in a rural, non-prime location. He pays 400K for it. Are you out of your mind? Maybe a house like that would cost that much in San Francisco, but here in Pensacola, 400K would buy a fully furnished, brand new condo on the beach. I wouldn't pay more than 40K for what he bought. Mentioning the price was a bad move. It makes the characters look stupid.
The author also used the YMCA for a location without researching the organization. As a former employee of the Y, I was offended by what the author said. I don't want to spoil the ending, but I do want to assure the reader that the Y is a quality organization that would never do anything so lame, irresponsible or foolish. That event was against corporate policy and would never have happened. Family Services would shut them down and take away their license for doing that.
All in all, it was a pleasant read with just enough physical contact, no swearing, no nudity, and a well-paced plot. If you are willing to take the author with a grain of salt, then it's a nice book to read.
I recommend Stars Shine After Dark, now available as a Kindle.
Wayne Montgomery came from LA to work for the fire department in the small town of Greenfield, CA. He has been the target for Phyllis the wife of his chief Matt Baron, she has been inviting him to numerous dinners with eligible women for him to meet.
Then he meets Aimee Greer and her adorable 10 yr-old daughter Heather, when Heather decides to make dinner for her mom as a surprise, and the skillet catches on fire. Aimee puts out the fire without help from anyone, but the smoke alerts their vigilant neighbor Mr Peabody, he calls the fire department.
Once they get there, Matt finds the fire is already out, even though he checks to be sure all is well. As Matt is checking the kitchen, his new fireman Wayne, takes one look at Aimee and he falls in love. Now he gets Phyllis to have him and Aimee over to dinner to break the ice, but Aimee is on to his plan.
But she can't disappoint Phyllis so she goes to the dinner, as she too has been the target of Phyllis' attempts to get her interested in the eligible men in town. The plan Wayne plots falls into place just fine.
But taking Aimee home the sports car has a flat, and Wayne has never changed a flat tire. This works out better than the dinner party and Wayne gets to know the feisty Aimee up close and personal.
Aimee also gets to know more about Wayne and she starts to see maybe he could have a point about her being in his life, it helps that he is crazy about Heather(in a good way)too.
But things really fall into place when Wayne buys a old house that Aimee has admired since she was a child.
From the back of the book; 'Too hot to handle...With his blond hair and wall-to-wall shoulders, Wayne Montgomery looked every inch the knight in shining armor. And when the heroic firemen attacked the inferno in Aimee Greer's kitchen, he found his damsel in distress.
Thirty-year-old widowed mothers who doubled as real-estate dynamos simply could not afford to fall in love. Not when losing hurt so much. But armed with red roses, souffles, and tenderness Wayne stormed the fortress around Aimee's heart. His goal was to fight fire with fire-and to set passion ablaze in the blood of a beautiful woman...'
you secret
When my book showed up it was exactly what I ordered. The book was in very good condition. Since I really love to read books, I was able to share it with others who also love books.
Five-Alarm Affair (Silhouette Romance) ebook
Marie Ferrarella
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Silhouette (October 1, 1988)
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