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by Yuval Ne'eman,Yoram Kirsh

Exploring in detail the full history of particle physics, Yuval Ne'eman and Yoram Kirsh explain in an engaging .

Exploring in detail the full history of particle physics, Yuval Ne'eman and Yoram Kirsh explain in an engaging, nonmathematical style the principles of modern theories such as quantum mechanics and Einstein's relativity, and they brilliantly succeed in conveying to the reader the excitement that accompanied the original discoveries. The book is spiced with amusing stories on how great discoveries were made, and Ne'eman, who took an active role in some of the historical advances in particle physics, gives his personal point of view.

by Yuval Ne'eman (Author), Yoram Kirsh (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0521476867.

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The Particle Hunters. The book is the result of a collaboration between a world-famous elementary particle physicist and a physicist specialising in popular science writing

The Particle Hunters. The book is the result of a collaboration between a world-famous elementary particle physicist and a physicist specialising in popular science writing.

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There’s a book called The Particle Hunters (Kirsh and Neeman) which is at a fairly popular level and could be a good introduction. 2. 'The Particle Hunters' by Yuval Ne'eman and Yoram Kirsh which is quite non-technical. Another popular book, is The Tenth Dimension by Jeremy Bernstein; I found that hard to get through, but tastes differ and you might like it. At the other end of the spectrum there’s a pretty thorough textbook by Halzen and Martin ( Quarks and Leptons ) which I found very clear and helpful. k views · View 11 Upvoters. XoboLxAdyy EeWNFBNrOp.

Yuval Ne'eman; Ne'eman Yuval; Kirsh Yoram. The Particle Hunters. Cambridge University Press. New. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. Tell us if something is incorrect. Yuval Ne'eman; Ne'eman Yuval; Kirsh Yoram.

Author: Yuval Ne'eman,Yoram Kirsh ISBN 10: 0521476860. Will be clean, not soiled or stained. Books will be free of page markings. Ne�eman�s story is there, and an interesting one it is. And in general the coverage of material is complete and accurate.

In The Particle Hunters, the authors give a non-technical account of the fascinating story of the search for the fundamental building blocks of matter. Beginning with the experiments of Thompson and Rutherford at the turn of the century, the book chronicles how physicists revealed layer upon layer of structure within the atom, and concludes with an up-to-date description of recent discoveries, including the 'charmed', 'beauty' and 'truth' quarks, the psi and upsilon particles, the tau lepton and the W and Z intermediate vector bosons, the carriers of the weak force. All that is required of the reader is a knowledge of a few basic concepts, such as energy, mass and electric charge. This lucid and entertaining exposition of the search for the ultimate 'elementary' particles, co-authored by a scientist who himself was responsible for many of the major steps forward in the field, will interest anyone wishing to keep pace with the progress of human knowledge, from the scientifically educated general reader, through to the professional physicist.
Great book with good detail; written by one of the founders, and it shows.
I've owned this book for many years now and revisit it often. It goes into excellent detail about the history of particle physics and the cast of characters but it also gives great explanations that make the complexity of the field quite clear.
From the discovery of the electron to the current understandings of the Standard Model (current as of the date of publication), the mysteries of the hidden world of particles is brought to life in lucid detail.
It is not oversimplified yet it is not overly complex. The examples clarify things in layman's terms yet there is enough to keep the person interested in the more technical and mathematical also occupied. While I am no scientist nor am I mathematically inclined, I did not feel left out reading this book. In fact, if one is feeling compelled to dive in a bit more deeply, this book has the information.
The graphs and the photos enhance the text. Of all the books I've dabbled in pertaining to the field of particle physics, this is the one that has perhaps grounded me the most. I never feel too 'esoteric' in my understanding nor did I become bogged down by technical language.
On top of that, there is a bit of a sense of humor on the part of the authors that is quite refreshing. A good book if you are interested in diving in a bit deeper than many of the more general books in the field.
This book gives an overview of the developement of particle physics. It did a great job of explaining the motivations of developing those theories. Also it did a great job to explain abstract phenomona in simple ways. If you are really interest in particle physics but don't have the mathematics techniques to deal with a regular particle physics book, this book is a great step stone for you!
Not only is this book quite accessible for anyone interested in understanding atomic particles on a completely new level. The book basically progresses through the last 5 decades remarking on all the discoverers and discoveries. This book bridges the all too common gap between theoretics and engineering principles which most physics books fail to provide. Not only did this book spark my interest in quantum field theory, but I also find myself intrigued by the engineering aspect of particle hunting.
With someone with only a passive knowledge of quantum mechanics and such, I would recommend this book for anyone with an interest.
This is definitely one of the best books I read in particle physics. It is written for non-experts by a well-known authority in the field. The book has sufficient details, along with historical perspectives and anecdotes, to satisfy the curiosity of a non-expert in the field. Contrary to most other popular science books, one can actually learn something from reading this book. I am a computer engineer by profession and I understood the material well. Reading this book is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
I wish more books were written for non-experts in a similar style with as much details.
Particle Hunters goes into enough detail for me, a mechanical engineer, to understand appropriately. It has just about the right amount of history to support the details of the particle's development. I found the book at the library and checked it out and read it. Now I am going to be buying it soon for a reference.
Particle Hunters ebook
Yuval Ne'eman,Yoram Kirsh
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Cambridge University Press (June 27, 1986)
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