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by Phyllis Chessler

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Woman's Inhumanity to Woman book.

Woman's inhumanity to woman. Second Wave feminists have for 30-plus years operated under the assumption that sisterhood is powerful. Indeed, women acting in concert have forced society to redefine gender, domestic relations, and. She is the cofounder of the Association for Women in Psychology and the National Women's Health Network. Her archives reside at Duke University.

She is the cofounder of the Association for Women in Psychology and the National Women's Health Network. She has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, the O'Reilly Factor, Nightline, Washington Journal, the Today Show, the Judith Regan Show, Good Morning America, and NPR.

is a provocative take on the nature and behavior of women. Like her groundbreaking work, Women and Madness, this book will strengthen feminism and help to end the sad bitterness Chesler so ably describes. Phyllis Chesler has one of the most original and provocative minds in modern American feminism. Susan Griffin, author of The Book of the Courtesans: A Catalogue of Their Virtues. 575 Pages · 2008 · 2. 4 MB · 147 Downloads ·English. The surprise is the only way to new discoveries.

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250 women scholars, artists and activists gather to discuss maternal feminism at the ARM/Mamapalooza Conference .

250 women scholars, artists and activists gather to discuss maternal feminism at the ARM/Mamapalooza Conference in NYC. Dr. Phyllis Chesler, keynote speaker and author of 'Women's Inhumanity To Women' and 12 other books speaks out on subjects that affect us all. Категория. 310 Pages · 2015 · . 3 MB · 55 Downloads ·English. Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

Detailing how women's aggression may not take the same form as men's, this investigation reveals-through myths, plays, memoir, theories of revolutionary liberation movements, evolution, psychoanalysis, and childhood development-that girls and women are indeed aggressive, often indirectly and mainly toward one another.

Why do contemporary women often have such a hard time getting along with each other, at work, and within the family? Why is female friendship so important to women, despite the prevalence of female betrayals? How does the mother-daughter relationship impede women’s growth? This book—destined to be a controversial classic—draws on recent biological, psychological, and anthropological research, as well as hundreds of original interviews, to redress the complicated silence that has prevailed about woman’s inhumanity to woman. While women may not be aggressive in the same way that men are, cross-cultural studies confirm that girls and women are equally aggressive in “indirect” ways, and mainly toward each other. Women envy and compete against other women, not against men—and tend to deny this, even to themselves. Like men, many women also hold sexist beliefs; often, they are unaware of it. Women depend upon each other for emotional intimacy and bonding, but their power to form cliques, gossip about, and shun one another enforces conformity and discourages self-confidence and psychological clarity from girlhood on. Are women oppressed? Yes. Do oppressed people internalize the oppressor’s attitudes? Without a doubt. Women, therefore, must acknowledge their own sexism and gender double-standards before they can practice sisterhood, resist sexism, treat other women ethically, and forge realistic and compassionate personal and political coalitions. “Chesler’s work is our public conscience.”—Letty Cottoin Pogrebin
I have always respected Phyllis and her writing on women. I thought she was far beyond her time with her book: MOTHERS ON TRIAL......and her book on MEN.....As a women, and a traditionally raised female with Mothers as homemakers raising children in an era of NO FAULT DIVORCE......and the Feminist Movement, many mothers were seriously abandon and harmed, this system was created within the Leninist-Marxist time, and put in place by the Bolsehvik revolution to dismantle families by 1914 then being in full family court swing in the US BY 1970 ..Marxist-communism created this same back up propaganda to assure no one was home,children became latch key kids, out of control by the 90's and women were to be WONDER WOMEN, work home, school, children which has proven a health risk and overload for all females ..interestingly enough as well as provable you find more women insulting and putting down other women then men. Especially women who actually enjoyed the step into the work force with positions of power like female lawyers, judges, administrators,even in churches,and social service agencies, etc. Phyllis shows this silenced abuse of women to women, even in other countries. I suggest any of her books on men and women to read. However, I do not agree with her newest political and religious focus which has disappointed me as to such a smart women being so spiritually blind.
I've just purchased this book after it was recommended to me on a Linked in group that I belong to. I wrote to Phyllis Chessler via her website and she responded within the hour, I think she is my new heroine. She probably is anyway just based on the fact that she wrote the book. The title alone is one that I can sit with for hours in despair thinking of so many stories of what I have endured in my 47 years.

With work, while at university, in relationships to women I have experienced horrible atrocities in my life that would never have happened with men. Men, you can talk to and they cut it out. With women, it is on-going gossip, frustration, jealousy, and back-stabbing. I look forward to reading this book though the title is such a comfort to me. The fact that I am not crazy and that women really do look at me differently - in my case because I am single and attractive, the title alone is enough to calm my spirit until I finish reading the entire study. Once I finish reading I will come back and edit this. For now, she is my new heroine!
Finally, someone admits it. It is a truth seldom acknowledged . Feminists in power also tend to be hard on feminists who are not in power. Academia , for example. Women in an established group, such as a church, or social group, even political group, can also be hard on other women newcomers. Women establish cliques more than men. Have not finished, but she s an. excellent writer.
In this seminal exegesis and meticulously researched analysis of the behavior of women towards one another, Dr. Phyllis Chesler hits the nail on the proverbial head when she says that the internal "hard wiring" of women is predicated on the behavior of both the angels and the apes.

In nuanced detail, she explores the cruelty perpetrated amongst women because of patriarchal inspired internalized sexism, the pursuit of men and jealousy on all fronts including careers, families, social circles, financial successes, etc. If women are ever to understand each other and recognize what we're doing to one another, then this book will be an invaluable guide.

What makes this book especially relevant at this juncture in history is the fact that Islamic gender apartheid has taken hold of the entire Muslim world and is, in some cases, fostered by the very women who are being effected by it. Let's take the subject of honor killings of Muslim women. Again, in some cases, but certainly not in all, the instigators and actual murderers of young Muslim women are their own mother-in-laws. Sometimes, most tragically, their own mothers, sisters, aunts, etc.

Kudos to Dr. Chesler for writing and re-releasing this book with an updated intro and new information.
Woman's Inhumanity to Woman (Nation Books) ebook
Phyllis Chessler
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