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by Cacoy Hernandez

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Balisong: Iron Butterfly.

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Martial Arts & Self-defense.

What ever became of The iron Butterfly that was up for sale a few weeks ago? This was a very interesting knife, maybe we foumites can see some photos. Yes, for me "Iron Butterfly" is the book of Cacoy Hernandez. But it maybe an inscription on a knife blade too. Be more precise please.

Error parents
It wasn't exactly what I was expecting but I loved it. The story of a man traveling around the world and the various incidents where his skill with the balisong serving him well was inspiring to say the least. I've been a martial artist for my entire adult life and as I've gotten older I've come to appreciate the sheer artistry and elegance of this weapon. Practice with it helps focus the mind and keeps the reflexes sharp.

It's funny since the message of the book is about anything BUT the more spiritual side of martial arts but it's there regardless
Very pleased
Basic simple and brutaly honest, a must for eny sealf respecting blade carrier.
Realy hard to find a copy of this book
As another reviewer said, "a gem" I lost my copy in a move years ago and always regret it. A street fighter's memoir, no nonsense (unlike much of the other knife method caca out there, ESPECIALLY the Echanis stuff), the stuff works. I still practice Cacoy's 'Uno through Diez" moves, right and left hand, near every training session.
This was a great book. Basically, it is a memoir of Mister Hernandez's life growing up in some of the toughest waterfront areas in the world. He talks about learning the art of balisong -- old school. You drop yer knife, you get a kick in the chops and 50 pushups! No fancy moves like "rolls" and "ariels" here! No, you just get that puppy open and go to town! He talks about a number of ways to open the balisong in a single fluid movement -- from every possible grip. Then, he discusses angles of attack, as well as a few "dirty tricks" that have worked for himself and others. Loads of memorable anecdotes and numerous pen and ink illustrations. Too bad this great piece of history is currently out of print -- unless you've got money to burn, [this price]is a bit too much to have to spend on a paperback!
Very Old Chap
This book is a gem, that should be reprinted. The philosophy of Cacoy Hernandez, is worth much more than the original price of the book, many times over. Anyone can attack using a blade, but if you train enough you might get lucky to live through a knife fight, if ever you get into that situation. The Karate store nonsense that often instills a false sense of security isn't what this book is about. Good luck on obtaining a copy, and good luck on handling situations in a non hurtful way.
Guro Dennis Servaes
All interested in Balisong knives should at least read this book!
I loved this book ..though I accidentally left it at an airport in one of my bags some years ago bad its out of print (though still available some places).
As mentioned the book is gritty story of survival with the butterfly knife, starting in the 'back in the day' Philippines :) also covers a basic array of balisong manipulation moves with illustrations (is what i first learned from in fact :)
I first got this book as a gift with a cheap Butterfly knife..the combination of Book + Knife made for a very cool gift.
I still love and keep balisong knives in my collection many years later ;)
Herrnandez is someone who knows what he is talking about in this book. This book is not about the balisong knife exactly, but rather about Herrnandez's life and how much the martial art of the balisong and Arnis de Manao are a part of his life. To say he was a brawler would be an insulting understatement. Though written in a way that shows a minimum of education, it is insightful. This is the real thing, gritty and from the heart. Though not intended as an instruction book, it does lay down a few knife basics and provides some helpful street survival tips from Herrnandez's own life of fighting experience. Herrnandez sounds like Bruce Lee at times, in that fixed forms and positions do not a true fighter make and that if one wants to learn, one has to get in the water, so to speak. Practice, pain, dedication, and sense are what you will find about Herrnandez. You may like him, you may not, but this book holds truth.
Balisong: Iron Butterfly ebook
Cacoy Hernandez
Individual Sports
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Dragon Assoc Inc (1986)
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