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by Joe Henderson

The Long Run Solution book.

The Long Run Solution book. Much of what I’ve written since is touched on here, and most of these feelings have changed little in the meantime.

The long run solution. by. Henderson, Joe, 1943-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

He has authored and coauthored more than two dozen books about the sport of running and fitness, including the best-selling Marathon Training.

Much of what I've written since its original publication in 1976 is touched on here, and most of these feelings have changed little in the meantime.

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He's a veteran of more than 700 races, from sprints to ultras

He's a veteran of more than 700 races, from sprints to ultras. He teaches running classes at the University of Oregon in Eugene and coaches a local marathon team.

LONG SLOW DISTANCE: The humane way to train.

JOE'S TEAM: How marathon training plans work when the writer becomes the coach. LEARNING TO WALK: How walk breaks added miles to my runs and years to my running. LONG SLOW DISTANCE: The humane way to train. LONG RUN SOLUTION: What I like best about running and do most as a runner. MARATHON TRAINING: A 100-day program to your best race. RUN RIGHT NOW: What a half-century of running has taught.

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Book by Henderson, Joe
"Long Run Solution" is a short book filled with stories of the author experience as a runner, when running wasn't entirely popular. Some of his best anecdotes are when he talks about being one of the few runners in a small town and everyone knew who you were, unlike today where runners are a common sight. And he also talks about the "runner's addiction", which I developed once my runs started to go over the one hour mark. The book though doesn't necessarily discuss techniques to make you faster -- it was published in 1976 -- but what it did do was help remind me why I continue to run to this day: for pure enjoyment. Definitely worth a read if you're one who's questioning why you run and why you continue to run.
This is a great book about how and why to run, not about which techniques to follow to get this or that result from your next run or race. It's about what running can do for you if you blend it into your life, as opposed to struggling with it like a battle. Henderson's book, even though it's old, should be required reading for anyone who wants to run, and keep running over the long haul. Unfortunately, is was overshadowed by other trends, and books like Jim Fixx's (which I have read and am not criticizing), and hasn't been as widely appreciated. It should have been. For $2.99 on Kindle this is one of the best bargains on a book. Ever. This one is staying on my Kindle Fire.
Liked reading this from the 70s/80s and seeing what still rings true. It reaffirms my slow plodding along and has put a small pep in my step. :)
Changed my look not only on running but on life to. I realized I will go further in life if I enjoy a ride, maybe will be little slower but I will be still running years and years latter when everybody ended their carier.
It must have been '77 when I first read this as a high school sophomore. I believe it was my track/cross-country coach that lent me his copy. The cover of the book was much cooler then...I seem to remember it being black with a small photo in the middle showing a guy running in an evening twilight. Anyway, it was great re-reading it, both because 1) many of the things Joe says still have the same relevance today (although one stark exception is his fretting and fussing in chapter 19), and 2) at 35+ years old, it is also a fascinating piece of history for runners. This book definitely deserves to stay in print...but they should try to bring back the old cover - it captured the mood of the book and Joe's whole LSD theme perfectly!
This was the very first running book that I bought as a new runner way back in 1976! (what is amazing is that I bought the digital version for $2.99, $1.00 less than I paid for the original version 37 years ago!). I agree with Rich Benyo, who writes in his introduction that the Long Run Solution was "overshadowed, overwhelmed and overlooked" by several of the running best sellers of the period (most notably Jim Fixx's "Complete Book of Running"

This book remains my favorite running book of all time, partly because it was the first that gave us permission to celebrate our running for all of the mental and physical benefits that it gave us. Thanks, Joe!
This book may be old but it still has the simple, common sense advice that can keep you running happily for the rest of your life.
I, too, bought Joe Henderson's The Long Run Solution in 1976. I followed his simple program to ramp up from walking to half-hour runs, and have never stopped. The advice in this book can turn a guy who runs but doesn't like to run (which is what I was) into someone who looks forward to his run every day.
The long run solution ebook
Joe Henderson
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