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by Georges Simenon

Georges Simenon (1903-1989) was born in Lie& Belgium. It is larger than a standard paperback, about 8 inches by 5 inches.

Georges Simenon (1903-1989) was born in Lie& Belgium. As a young man he worked as a baker, journalist, and bookseller and published his first novel at seventeen. He went on to write more than two hundred novels, becoming one of the world's most prolific and bestselling authors.

Georges Joseph Christian Simenon (French: ; 13 February 1903 – 4 September 1989) was a Belgian writer. A prolific author who published nearly 500 novels and numerous short works, Simenon is best known as the creator of the fictional detective Jules Maigret. Simenon was born at 26 rue Léopold (now number 24) in Liège to Désiré Simenon and his wife Henriette.

Inspector Maigret Books. Maigret in Holland (Maigret Mystery Series)Mariner Books (2003). Maigret Meets a Milord Penguin (NonClassics(1963). maigret, books, simenon. Maigret on the Riviera Mariner Books (1989).

Maigret, Jules (Fictitious character) - Fiction. Police - Netherlands - Fiction.

Maigret in Holland book. Not a book to make your acquaintance with the writing of Georges Simenon and his wonderful creation - Chief Inspector Maigret. This is the 8th in the series and perhaps the weakest to date. It is a confusing plot set in Holland; the French police are requested to go to support a French national who is being asked to remain in the locality following an unresolved murder, Maigret is sent and soon carrying out his own investigation.

The father of contemporary European detective fiction' Ann Cleeves. What else did they have to do with their days?

For the first time in his career Inspector Maigret receives written summons to the Chief Commissioner's office where he learns that he has been accused of assaulting a young woman. With his career and reputation on the line, Maigret must fight to prove his innocence. enguin is publishing the entire series of Maigret novels in new translations. This novel has been published in a previous translation as Maigret on the Defensive. His artistry is supreme' John Banville'One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. The father of contemporary European detective fiction' Ann Cleeves. What else did they have to do with their days?

Georges Simenon (1903-1989), one of Belgium’s most famous writers, published hundreds of novels and short stories and wrote 60 to 80 pages a day. What made Simenon stand out, however, was his ‘Maigret’ collection.

Georges Simenon (1903-1989), one of Belgium’s most famous writers, published hundreds of novels and short stories and wrote 60 to 80 pages a day. The character of Inspector Jules Maigret, a French detective, appears in 75 full length novels and 28 short stories, and is one of Belgium’s most successful exports. We explore 10 must-reads from the ‘Maigret’ collection. Maigret et le Corps sans Tête’ (Maigret and the Headless Corpse) – 1955

MAIGRET ® Georges Simenon Limited. Maigret at the coroner’s. I love reading Simenon. He makes me think of Chekhov’.

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Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Maigret und das Verbrechen in Holland.

A teacher is found murdered, and Maigret is presented with two clues and a gaggle of suspects. The Inspector, however, is preoccupied with a suspicious pathway nearby. An absorbing study of human appetites suppressed to the bursting point by small-town respectability. Translated by Geoffrey Sainsbury. A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book
The book opens in a tidy little Dutch town full of serene people. Conrad Popinga, an instructor of cadets, has been unaccountably murdered. Because a Frenchman is being detained as a witness, or perhaps a suspect, Maigret is dispatched to the scene.

Maigret slowly but surely sniffs out the passions that have been smoldering beneath the unbelievable calm of this picture-perfect community.

Almost everyone has a motive - and there are too many clues!

"You don't think...?" someone says to Maigret.

"I don't think anything," Maigret replies. It's always reassuring when we encounter this signature phrase, because we know the Chief Superintendent is absorbing impressions, pondering personalities - anything but being rational!

No one will thank Maigret for solving the case, but the reader has plenty to be thankful for - full-bodied characters, wry exchanges and amusing descriptions of the locale.
"Maigret in Holland" is a spare, neat and small package of naturalist writing that plunks the archtypical Parisian Inspector Maigret down in the heart of northern Holland, where everything is orderly, quiet and well-mannered. Except that a violent murder has been committed in the midst of this ordered tranquility, and a French citizen visiting the locale has been implicated.

The strengths of this small novel are the author's unrivaled talent for presenting a credible physical backdrop (the reader can literally see the environment), and for the interactions and conversations between the story's characters, which always dive well beyond the surface.

This is a fine crime story by one of the great masters of the genre. It is quite leisurely in its pace compared to contemporary crime/action novels, but ultimately it's an excellent read.
I have never been disappointed by a Maigret story until this one. It was hard to keep up with the characters who had unpronounceable Dutch names, and there were tons of them.
This book was in great condition and I enjoyed it very much. I heartily recommend reading this author, he takes you right into the world of Maigret.
Today, in the small port of Delfzijl in north Holland stands a bronze statute of Inspector Maigret, commemorating this location as the literary birthplace of Georges Simenon's remarkable detective. According to local legend (which some question), Simenon wrote his first story involving Maigret, titled The Case of Peter the Lett, in 1929 while residing at Delfzijl aboard the Ostrogoth, a small barge.

Regardless, this particular story, Maigret in Holland (published 1931, first published in English in 1940), does indeed take place in Delfzijl. A visiting, pedantic French sociology professor, Jean Duclos, finds himself accused of murder. Inspector Maigret is posted from Paris to oversee the situation.

Maigret is in unfamiliar territory, one with sabots - wooden shoes, bargees - barge men, colliers - ships for transporting coal, and bollards - posts around which are fastened moorings. The community is small, close knit, and not especially welcoming to strangers, certainly not French inspectors. Unexpectedly, he almost immediately is commandeered to help with the birth of a purebred Frisian calf. Worse yet, many of the key individuals that Maigret wishes to question do not speak French!

But this is classic Maigret; he bides his time, not jumping to conclusions. He builds a case through routine police methods and astute psychological observations. As with most Maigret mysteries, the story is more about characters and psychology than the puzzle itself.

My copy of Maigret in Holland is a 1994 Harvest Book edition, translated by Geoffrey Sainsbury. It is larger than a standard paperback, about 8 inches by 5 inches.
I have always loved Georges Simenon's Inspector Maigret novels and stories. And as I was going to visit Holland, I decided to read MAIGRET IN HOLLAND for "atmosphere."
Simenon doesn't disappoint. A murder takes place in a small Dutch seaport. Maigret is called in, and instantly everyone's hackles are aroused by this outsider Frenchman asking questions about why a popular resident was found dead. As usual, the more Maigret casts his eyes around, the more suspects and suspicious characters come to light. The darker side of human nature emerges from the outwardly benign residents, who are embroiled in a whole complex of deadly sins involving the victim.
Was it the luscious and lubricious milkmaid? The shady character hanging around the docks? The victim's sister? widow? And what part did that hat play?
Well, so sorry, I'm not going to spoil this one for you. You'll have to read it yourself, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
A prominent French criminologist lecturing in Holland is accussed of murder. As a courtesy, the French Police send Jules Maigret in an unofficial capacity to assist in the investigation. With his usual brilliance, Maigret begins to unravel the mystery.
Simenon's Inspector Maigret is a deeply Parisian character. He is at his best, exploring the nooks and crannies of Paris. In this novel, Simenon plucks Maigret out of Paris and places him in rural Holland. Whereas, Paris is rich in seedy atmosphere, tidy Holland is its exact opposite. Maigret fans will enjoy seeng him operate in a foreign context. I would not recommend this book as the first book for Maigret novice. It is better to be first exposed to him in his element.
Bottom line is that there's just not much to this story. Weak characters, an uninteresting plot, and a lame mystery just left me flat. This is the first Maigret mystery that I have read, and to be fair maybe I just don't care for his character and that bled into my opinion of everything else. I don't know. Whatever the reason, I just didn't care for this book at all and found it to be quite dull.
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Georges Simenon
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