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by Robert Goddard

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Robert Goddard (novelist). Hand in Glove (November 1992), ISBN 0-593-02489-3. For the US professor and scientist, see Robert H. Goddard. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Goddard's 1990 book Into the Blue was the inaugural winner of the W H Smith Thumping Good Read Award, presented to the best new fiction author of the year. Goddard's 1997 book Beyond Recall was nominated for the Edgar Award Best Novel prize but lost out to Mr White's Confession by Robert Clark. Take No Farewell (June 1991)

Hand In Glove - Retail, page 1. part of Robert Goddard Series.

Hand In Glove - Retail, page 1. Tristram Abberley was an acclaimed English poet of the 1930s whose legendary reputation was sealed when he died fighting for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. Nearly fifty years later, his sister Beatrix is brutally murdered in her seaside cottage.

As its managing director, Maurice enjoys an income quite adequate to keep Sam and me in the manner to which we’re accustomed. Tristram’s royalties are strictly surplus to his requirements. Her mouth curled in mockery. Or would be. If Sam and I were Maurice’s only dependants. But we aren’t, you se. .I’ve long suspected something of the sort, but only recently have chapter and verse come my way. In an envelope posted in Gloucester on the twenty-third of June, to be precise. The letter from Beatrix?.

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Robert Goddard’s first novel Past Caring was an instant bestseller. Since then his books have captivated readers worldwide with their edge-of-the-seat pace and labyrinthine plots. Библиографические данные. Hand in Glove: A Novel. Random House Publishing Group, 2006.

Moreover, Robert Goddard is also an award winning author, heralded with some of his books such as Into the Blue, published in 1990 and which won the W H smith thumping Good read award and which was then presented to the best author of the year.

Hardcover Paperback Kindle. Moreover, Robert Goddard is also an award winning author, heralded with some of his books such as Into the Blue, published in 1990 and which won the W H smith thumping Good read award and which was then presented to the best author of the year. Secondly, is the Beyond recall of the year 1997 and which was nominated for the Edgar Award best novel prize,eve though it lost to Mr White’s confession, not to mention the Long time coming, that won the 2011 Edgar Award for the best Original paperback and which was also nominated for the 2011 Anthony award actually in the same category.

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We only list books that are in Very Good condition or better. Therefore, signs of minor wear and tear is possible. Read full description. item 6 Hand in Glove by Goddard, Robert, Paperback Used Book, Acceptable, FREE & Fast D -Hand in Glove by Goddard, Robert, Paperback Used Book, Acceptable, FREE & Fast D. £. 9. item 7 Acceptable, Hand in Glove, Goddard, Robert, Book -Acceptable, Hand in Glove, Goddard, Robert, Book.

Mr. Pyke Period, a sweet old bachelor is sharing his home with Mr. Harold Cartell, a disagreeable bachelor with an even more disagreeable dog.

The household is not peaceful, and the connections between various relatives and hangers-on are a bit confusing. In the midst of this chaos, Mr. Period brings in a pretty young typist to help him with the book he’s writing on etiquette. A young man with artistic ambitions is part of the mixed company, and a flirtation ensues. Which I enjoyed.

Contrasting with the well-bred typist and the artistic young gentleman are two young people with atrocious manners and slippery morals. These two are busy trying on various cons, when Harold Cartell is murdered. Chief Inspector Alleyn is quickly on the scene, valiantly attempting to persuade everyone to stop lying. Meanwhile the two dogs in the plot are getting amorous and biting people.

Happily there is a list of characters in the front of the book, but I still found it hard to keep in mind their connections with one another. There are good character sketches and well written passages, but I don’t think this is one of Ngaio Marsh’s best mysteries. 

Still, I’m reading every book in this series so as to keep up with Alleyn’s career.
Nice detection by Alleyn as usual ,but not as nice suspects as other of her books
Hilarious Kangaroo
If you like Agatha Christie’s books you will enjoy the Inspector Allleyn mystery series. They are very well written and have well defined characters. I am looking forward to starting another one.
Recommend, but not her best. Half the fun is discovering what place, time, and characters she's chosen to make into a story! She must've been terrific to know personally!
I first became familar with the author's work after reading a blurb by Steven King on what he was reading. Goddard is not macabre but his characters are sometimes sinister and dark. King also remarked that he devoured the first few and slowed his pace down to enjoy the books. There is one left for me to read and I am saving it for a Holiday gift for myself.
This novel is really mysterious to start, but once the murder is solved , the novel continues, with twist after twist--even a new one as the novel ends. That one is one too many. Goddard is always good, but he sometimes gets carried away.
This is a very thrilling story - kept me in suspense wondering where will it go next.
I love Mr.Goddard's style of writing. Will read more of his stories.
I like Robert Goddard and find his novels whimsical and engaging. So I bought this one with enthusiasm. Plot sounded good and intriging. What a let-down. The main character Charlotte has no back-bone and I really could'nt believe how pliable she was, made inane comments about important events and did not challenge some bizarre behaviour from the main characters. I persevered when I really wnated to give up in the hope the writing and plot would improve. Neither did. Do not waste your time on this book, there are many other Goddard books that are far better - well written with complex plots that keep you guessing to the end. This was dreadful.
Hand In Glove ebook
Robert Goddard
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