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by Agatha Christie

Other Books by Agatha Christie. The library in question must be a highly orthodox and conventional library. The body, on the other hand, must be a wildly improbable and highly sensational body.

Other Books by Agatha Christie. There are certain clichés belonging to certain types of fiction. The bold bad baronet for melodrama, the body in the library for the detective story. For several years I treasured up the possibility of a suitable Variation on a well-known Theme. I laid down for myself certain conditions. Such were the terms of the problem, but for some years they remained.

The Body in the Library is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and first published in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company in February 1942 and in UK by the Collins Crime Club in May of the same year

The Body in the Library is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and first published in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company in February 1942 and in UK by the Collins Crime Club in May of the same year. The novel features her fictional amateur detective, Miss Marple.

The Murder at the Vicarage. The Body in the Library.

The hercule poirot mysteries. Match your wits with the famous Belgian detective. The Murder at the Vicarage. A Murder Is Announced. She is the author of eighty crime novels and short-story collections, nineteen plays, two memoirs, and six novels written under the name Mary Westmacott.

Читать онлайн - Christie Agatha. The Body in the Library Электронная библиотека e-libra. ru Читать онлайн The Body in the Library. Agatha Christie The Body in the Library Cast of Characters Dolly Bantry - Mistress of Gossington Hall, and wife of Colonel Arthur Bantry who was caught in a chain of circumstances that nearly proved too much for him. Jane Marple - Her uncanny predilection for village parallels enabled her to solve mysterious crimes. Colonel Melchett - Chief Constable of the County.

The Body in the Library is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and first published in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company in February 1942 and in UK by the Collins Crime Club in May of the same year.

Hardcover, Agatha Christie Collection, 191 pages. There's a small note to the reader at the very beginning of this novel in which Agatha Christie basically writes, "the trope of the body in the library is very common throughout detective fiction so I wrote this novel to fuck shit up". Published September 1st 2006 by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers (first published February 1942). 157912626X (ISBN13: 9781579126261). Good old Agatha.

Another day was beginning. In the meantime she must extract as much pleasure as possible from the flower show, for already its dreamlike quality was becoming apparent. Bodies are always being found in libraries in books. I've never known a case in real life

Another day was beginning. I've never known a case in real life. Perhaps you will now," said Mrs Bantry, "Anyway Arthur, you've got to get up and se.

The Secret Adversary: Agatha Christie's First Tommy and Tuppence Mystery. The Hollow: A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Agatha Christie Collection). Agatha Christie - Body In The Library. 255 Kb, en.

The body of a mysterious young blonde woman is found in the library of a country house (well, it would hardly be the local lending library, would it?).

Agatha Christie - The Best. a list of 40 titles created 08 Sep 2016. A young woman's corpse is dumped in the library of Gossington Hall, home of Jane Marple's friend Dolly Bantry and her husband Arthur. Pompous Chief Constable Melchett suspects a connection with Basil Blake, an arty young man who lives locally but Blake is dismissive when Melchett visits him. Then Superintendent Harper rings from the coastal town of Danemouth. Ruby Keane, a young girl employed as a dancer at the Majestic Hotel there, has gone missing, and her cousin Josie Turner identifies the corpse as Ruby's.

Agatha Christie's "The Body in the Library" is the second book in her Miss Marple Mysteries. The mystery and writing are interesting and the book fixes many of the issues I had with the first book. Specifically, there's more Miss Marple here and the book actually reads like a mystery. In the first book, she was almost non-existent and the text read like a description of life in a small town. In this book, she's moved up to the ranks of the main characters (though she's still overshadowed by the other characters and the police) and the small town life has moved to the back burner. The biggest issue I have with the book is, unfortunately, with Miss Marple: she just pulls the answers out of her... bonnet and claims she can do so because she's seen the same human behavior patterns in the people of her village. Maybe that's true. But, it's a bit of a letdown for us in that we can't follow along with her processes until she just makes an announcement of guilt. If Amazon allowed fractional ratings, I'd go for 3-3/4. But, for integers, I'm rating the book at a Very Good 4 stars out of 5.

The novels featuring Miss Marple are:

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2. The Body in the Library (Miss Marple Mysteries)
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During Agatha Christie's Edwardian childhood, there were no "play schools" and play dates." Poor children played in the streets with other kids and some wealthier ones had a large family of siblings. But Christie's brother and sister were much older and she spent most of her childhood with her nanny or with her grandmothers. She was fascinated by the conversations between her grandmothers and their elderly friends - women who had never had jobs, never voted, and whose opinions had never been vlaued on any issue. And yet, they were shrewd observers of human nature and frequently better judges of people than their male contemporaries.

Miss Jane Marple is just such a fluttery old lady and she is often over-looked or dismissed. But not by retired Commissioner of Scotland Yard Henry Clithering, who admires her powers of deduction and her ability to see through subterfuge. And not by her female friends who know that NOTHING gets past Jane Marple!

This is a fine mystery. There are two murders (both of young women) and a good variety of suspects. One of the victims is a dance hostess - pretty and possibly conniving. The other is a teen-aged Girl Guide (Girl Scout, we would say) who has nothing particularly out-standing about her. Since the dance hostess has attracted the attention of a wealthy older man, several people have a motive for getting rid of her. Was the younger girl's death simply a coincidence or is there a deranged killer loose in the English countryside?

One interesting thing is that this book was published in 1942, when England had been involved in WWII for several years. Christie's husband was away at war and she was working in a London hospital. But WWII is completely ignored in this story. When there is mention of "the war" (and the effects it had on one suspect) they are talking about WWI. So was this book written in the 1930's and not published until later? Or did Christie think that her readers would like to escape from the horrors of war and remember a happier time?

I like all of the Miss Marple books, but this is one of my favorites. Some of the characters are stereotypes - the bluff manor-house owner, his gardening-mad wife, the eager-beaver police inspector - but there's always some truth in all stereotypes or they wouldn't exist. The examination of the Jefferson family and the tragedy of trying to live in the past is touching and thought-provoking. Old Dame Agatha may not have been a great writer, but she was as shrewd as Miss Marple herself and her depth of knowledge about human nature makes all of her books worth reading.
This was one that I remembered almost all of the details of from the last time I got on a Christie kick. And it was still fun to read. Managed to feel surprising even though I remembered so many details, including the murderer, the motive, how it was proved, etc. Could watch how she built it up, knowing what throwaway lines early in the book were actually significant, and really enjoy the whole thing. Great little Marple. Not the best whodunit, as the answer ends up being more obvious than some other of Christie's greatest, and some of the clues that are necessary to figure it out aren't given until the reveal, but all around enjoyable.
I have read lots of mystery novels, but Agatha Christie always takes top prize. This is as delightful as so many others. The characters are enjoyable and solving the mystery is quite clever. I read through the book a second time, partially just to see if the clues were well planted and they are.
I will also say that her prose is always clean and perfectly chosen. Obviously many writers are masters/mistresses of the metaphor and delightful turn of phrase, something which Agatha Christie does not do. But that in no way takes away from how delightfully she lays out the story, characters, clues and solutions. I never feel that dialogue sounds forced or artificial and I never wince at any phrase or sentence.
And, I have no problem with a 10 year old reading her books, because they are clean and (excepting the fact of murder) wholesome.
As far as this book goes, it is as good as any other mystery I have read by Agatha Christie. You will enjoy every page, I am sure.
The Body in the Library (Agatha Christie Collection) ebook
Agatha Christie
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