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To Kingdom Come: A Novel has been added to your Cart. Mystery lovers should grab the book and, before opening it, know that the author, Will Thomas, delivers another slam-dunk story about this inquiry agent and his apprentice, Thomas Llewelyn, who unravel intricate mysteries in Victorian England.

All changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born. sp; After the pie, I promised myself, I would sit down with a book in the library. Barker was an inveterate book collector, and being a Scot, he had a complete set of the Waverly novels. I had been working my way through them and was now up to The Heart of Midlothian. One more time, lad, and we’re through for the night, Barker said.

Will Thomas To Kingdom Come All changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born

Will Thomas To Kingdom Come All changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born. William Butler Yeats, Easter, 1916 Prologue I was falling through an indigo sky. I remember the wind whistling in my ears and my coat flapping about my knees as I plummeted. If this was an attempt, I could congratulate myself that it was successful, which was a novelty, since I’d rarely been successful at anything in my twenty-two years. If that actually was a bridge above me, then presumably I would strike water shortly, which was far preferable to pavement, being less messy. I had another thought, or the beginning of one, but then I struck the water, and it was gone forever.

To Kingdom Come book. TO KINGDOM COME (Private -1884) – VG Thomas, Will – 2nd in series A Touchstone Book, 2005- Hardcover The Irish Republican Brotherhood has blown up part of Scotland Yard and the blast does damage to the offices of Investigator Cyrus Barker and his young Welsh assistant, Thomas Llewelyn.

A cab drew up to the curb, and we clambered aboard. Claridge’s, Barker called over my head, and we bowled off. Why Claridge’s?. hotels? It is the hotel of kings, and Parnell is the uncrowned king of Ireland. I must speak to him. Perhaps there was some savage living in the Sudan who had never heard of Charles Parnell, but the rest of the world most certainly had. He was the closest the Irish had to a real leader since St. Patrick. A Protestant, he had courted the Vatican in the hope of gaining support for.

After the pie, I promised myself, I would sit down with a book in the library.

Victorian enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his young assistant Thomas Llewelyn, first introduced in Will Thomas's critically acclaimed debut novel Some Danger Involved, are back with a new mission in To Kingdom Come. When a bomb destroys the Special Irish Branch of Scotland Yard, all fingers point to the increasingly brazen factions of Irish dissidents seeking liberation from English rule.

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Barker is not a detective; he is an inquiry agent. Thomas, his recently hired young assistant, is a failed Oxford man with some prison time in his history. Barker is a man of many sides: martial arts expert, student of many cultures and languages, and a heavy thinker. Thomas is curious, trying to escape the misery of losing his first wife, and hoping to find a path to respect and usefulness.
This novel opens with a flashback, as an unnamed narrator watches himself fall from a bridge into the Thames, trying to figure out who has murdered him before he hits the water. The book’s actual start is an explosion, one that damages both Scotland Yard and Barker’s offices. And the explosion is an act of terrorism by an Irish group seeking a free Ireland. Eventually Barker and Thomas are engaged by the British government to infiltrate the Irish faction responsible for the destruction.
I enjoyed this novel on many levels. First of all, Thomas’ description of 18th century London and Liverpool is rich with details. More importantly, both his characterization and plotting is densed and complex. As a descendant of Irish people who fled Ireland about the time of this book, some of the generalizations about the Irish seem a bit harsh, but intercultural wars are known for neutral perceptions. Nevertheless, this is a fine book, well worth reading and enjoying.
I'm a huge fan of Victorian / Edwardian detective fiction (Frank Tallis' Max Liebermann, Vienna Blood: A Max Liebermann Mystery, Jonathan Barnes' The Somnambulist: A Novel, Shirley Tallman's Murder on Nob Hill, Micahel Pearce's The Mamur Zapt & the Return of the Carpet: A Mamur Zapt Mystery (Mamur Zapt Mysteries) and A Dead Man in Trieste, David Dickenson's Goodnight Sweet Prince, Boris Akunin's masterful The Winter Queen: A Novel (An Erast Fandorin Mystery), and of course Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Complete Sherlock Holmes (The Heirloom Collection)). On the recommendation of Amazon, I was introduced to Will Thomas' Thomas Llewellyn, a chip off the block of these other brilliant sleuths.

_To Kingdom Come_ is the second book featuring Thomas Llewellyn, taking place just after Some Danger Involved: A Novel. Here, Llewellyn and Barker are hired to infiltrate a faction of the IRA (its anteceedent, to be accurate) who have detonated a bomb at Scotland Yard and are planning on making more mayhem. As with the previous novel, Thomas cleverly has his characters cross paths with notables of the time (in this instance, a young and love-lorn W.B. Yeats and Pierre Vigny) as he ties together a riveting and historically flavored mystery.

The story opens dramatically, pulls readers in and scarcely lets you go until the tragic end ... precisely the sort of distraction that draws me to this genre. For fans of period pieces, Will Thomas is a sure hit. A recommended read.
Barker is an enquiry agent, and Llewellyn is his young assistant in 1890s London. In this second case together, they go undercover to infiltrate an Irish extremist group. Can they stop the group from blowing up the Royal family and government buildings? And who is actually the leader of this small, but deadly group? Written in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this mystery brings alive the world of late Victorian England and takes the reader to parts of England off the beaten path. The first book, which introduced the narrator, Llewellyn, and his employer, Barker, began the story of their collaboration, while solving the crucifixion of a young Jewish man in London. I can hardly wait to read the next book in this series!
Raising the stakes is very important in reading and writing fiction...This second in the Barker & Llewelyn series was just terrific and much better than the first (and I really like the first) on that account...indeed, my only (gentle) complaint about the first was the lack of "urgency" or tension, but there is urgency and tension galore in this installment. The book should serve as a great primer for aspiring writers in this genre. I appreciated the connections to the American Civil War and as a chemist myself especially enjoyed the descriptions of nitroglyecrin, dynamite, laboratories, etc. The emphasis on terrorism - though set in the 1880s - is eerily familiar to our modern age, with descriptions of competing factions and "sleeper cells." The romantic feelings and despair expressed through Lleweyln for the Irish lass Maire were tender and tragic. I especially appreciated that Llewelyn is found in a circle of friends and it's a nice reward to the reader for having met them in "Some Danger Involved." The remaing books will quickly make it to the top of my to read pile. Well done, Will Thomas!
Swift Summer
This is a good mystery with an excellent plot and a surprise ending that might actually surprise even sophisticated readers. So often it's easy to figure out "who done it" before the ending, but in this novel author Will Thomas actually manages to build his story to a realistic d'enouement where the villain turns out to be both unanticipated and also plausible.

I especially enjoyed the setting of the novel in Victorian England, as well as reading about terrorism during that period. Sadly, the topic is especially resonant today, given the recent attempted bombings in London and Glasgow.

To Kingdom Come is an easy read that entertains and also offers a temporary escape from the current cares of the world. It's OK to escape from time to time, and perhaps even necessary.
I loved the book. The reader for this audible version is fantastic.
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Will Thomas
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