New York Dead ebook

by Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods is the author the New York Times-bestselling Stone Barrington series and Holly Barker series. Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Stuart Woods's books.

Stuart Woods is the author the New York Times-bestselling Stone Barrington series and Holly Barker series  .

Orchid Beach (Holly Barker, by. Stuart Woods. Blood Orchid (Holly Barker by.

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Stuart Woods New York Dead (Woods Stuart). Synopsis: On disability leave from the New York City Police Department, Detective Sergeant Stone Barrington witnesses the murder of network news star Sasha Nijinsky, who is pushed from her penthouse terrace. The first book in the Stone Barrington series. This book is for. Nick Taylor and Barbara Nevins, who are New York Alive.

Stuart Woods (born January 9, 1938) is an American novelist. Stuart Woods was born in Manchester, Georgia and graduated in 1959 from the University of Georgia, with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology

Stuart Woods (born January 9, 1938) is an American novelist. Stuart Woods was born in Manchester, Georgia and graduated in 1959 from the University of Georgia, with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology. After graduation he enrolled in the Air National Guard, spending two months in basic training before moving to New York, where he began a career in the advertising industry.

The first book in the Stone Barrington series. Chapter 1. Elaine’s, late. The place had exhausted its second wind, and half the customers had gone; otherwise she would not have given Stone Barrington quite so good a table – number 4, along the wall to your right as you enter. Stone knew Elaine, had known her for years, but he was not what you would call a regular – not what Elaine would call a regular, anyway. He rested his left leg on a chair and unconsciously massaged the knee

Books by stuart woods. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission

Books by stuart woods. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.

A lot of fun! Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 13 years ago. In this Stuart Woods' book, we find Stone Barrington in his first outing.

Author: Stuart Woods. From Publishers Weekly. Woods’s latest (after Palindrome) is a slick thriller set in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the stomping ground of Stone Barrington, a well-bred but unpretentious detective who, in a city of several million people, always ends up in the right place at the right time.

Everyone is always telling Stone Barrington that he's too smart to be a cop, but it's pure luck that places him on the streets in the dead of night, just in time to witness the horrifying incident that turns his life inside out.

Suddenly he is on the front page of every New York newspaper, and his life is hopelessly entwined in the increasingly shocking life (and perhaps death) of Sasha Nijinsky, the country's hottest and most beautiful television anchorwoman.

No matter where he turns, the case is waiting for him, haunting his nights and turning his days into a living hell. Stone finds himself caught in a perilous web of unspeakable crimes, dangerous friends, and sexual depravity that has throughout it one common thread: Sasha.

Stone Barrington has a life crisis. He's a policeman who does not agree on the way a case is being handled. He's just returned from being injured and it turns out he is being given early retirement instead of being reinstated considering his position on the current case. He ends up taking the test to become a lawyer which is what he'd gone to school for in the first place and passes the Bar. He's hired as an investigator with the possibility of working as an attorney also for a legal firm. As this is happening he meets a lady and falls in love and lust. She pops in and out of his life over the next few months. He comes across new information regarding the case he was given retirement over and talks his old partner to do some checking for him. As a result the case is solved but things don't work out as Stone expected - the 'bad guy' was not who he thought. His life is also endangered by one of the suspects. Good story, likeable main character who has his flaws and moves quickly.
Had not experienced the novels of Stuart Woods but are excited to do so now. I'm beginning with the Stone Barrington Series of which there about 40 novels! Have purchased over twenty in this detective series and have relished each one I've read so far. Not needed to read in order as written. Just an enjoyable series! One of those "read all night" and "can't put down" series. The books are so varied reader never tires of the series. Always an impatient wait for the next one to be published! These books are not the usual of the genre. More varies. More exciting. More societal backgrounds of the characters! More twists and turns in the various plots! Just a delight. Don't miss them!
I'm so glad I read this with my Kindle. I had to do some searches of characters. This story is wonderfully complex with MANY interesting characters. I usually hate "sex and/or love" thrown into my legal and/or detective stories, but this served a point and it was QUITE STEAMY. Holy cow, I almost had to go take a cold shower???? I don't want to give anything away, but I will say, the book didn't go the direction I thought it was going, which made it surprising and suspenseful.
Harry Bosch and Lucas Davenport fan. Was waiting for the next Sandford or Connelly novel, and I came across this on Amazon as a book series I might like. Ordered the first Stone book and couldn't put it down. Woohoo, have 45 more to go to keep me busy. Stuart Woods weaves a great story with characters you like.
I have been trying to get these Barrington stories in order. This starts out with Barrington on the NYPD force, working with his buddy, Dino. He has mostly recovered from his serious knee injury, having been shot accidentally by Dine while they were making an arrest. In this story, Stone is walking home from Elaine's restaurant when a beautiful girl almost hits him while falling off a 12-story building. She has held a spread skydiving position to her impact with a fresh pile of dirt from construction nest to the sidewalk. Stone sees that her body does not show the normal effects of such an impact. He goes up to the top apartment and finds some one running down the stairs and wrecks his knees some more. At first Stone and Dino are assigned to the case. It gets complicated. It appears to be a murder without a body because the body of the fallen girl disappears while Stone is upstairs. Stone ends up off the force but he and Dino end up solving the case and trying to keep the murderer from falling off the roof of another building. It's a good story with a lot of action. It forms the basis for all subsequent episodes. Stone keeps busy by working on restoring his house. After leaving the force, he passes the bar and gets a job as a lawyer, a job he keeps for the next 20 years or more.
Have read some of the other Stone Barrington books but out of order , liked the others and wanted to go back to the beginning to find out how he got where he is in the other books. I can't say exactly why I like them but I really do like them, they are fun and fast to read, sometimes goofy but I never, so far, can put them down.
Kept wanting something to happen that you didn't see in advance. Probably one of worse police/detective/lawyer books ever. Want a real detective book? Read John Sandford.
Stuart Woods is a great writer. My only criticism is that the sexual encounters in his books are pretty graphic, and I don't think it is necessary.

The story line is good. He has several stories going in one book, and eventually they all come to fruition near the end of the book. Keeps you interested through all the ups, downs, ins and outs. Lot of fun to read.
New York Dead ebook
Stuart Woods
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