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by Angela Zeman

Angela Zeman's debut book, The Witch and the Borscht Pearl: A Mrs. Risk Mystery Novel, offers an engaging twist on the Watson and Holmes-style sleuthing duo: Mrs. Risk, who seemingly wields magic, and her young, recently widowed florist sidekick, Rachel, attend a down-and-out.

Angela Zeman's debut book, The Witch and the Borscht Pearl: A Mrs. Risk, who seemingly wields magic, and her young, recently widowed florist sidekick, Rachel, attend a down-and-out Borscht Belt comedienne's comeback party. When their hostess's sole valuable, a pearl necklace, goes missing, and soon thereafter her manager dies mysteriously, Rachel tries to help as the inscrutable Mrs. Risk attempts to clear Pearl's name.

Then Pearl's famous Borscht Pearl necklace is stolen. Angela Zeman is an author of mystery stories featuring her well known character Mrs. Risk, a suspected witch first introduced in a story for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. But she has more to deal with than financial disaster, theft, and opening-night jitters when Solly's attentions stray to her black-sheep sister. Along with her faithful companion Rachel, Mrs. Risk solves local intrigues and supernatural mysteries.

She glanced piercingly at my garden, then up at me. I tensed, but the witch only continued her poised stroll down the exact center of the boardwalk and faded like the shadows before the morning sun. Later that same day, when business was hectic, Mrs. Risk appeared again, but this time inside the market. She slipped through the door and stood leaning against the wall, watching silently.

To entertain myself I blew at the scattered ashes on the table and watched them float gently to the carpet. At this moment in through the swinging door from the kitchen burst Mrs. Harmon. Smoking, she muttered

Their first adventure together concerns Pearl Schrafft, a Borscht Belt comic whose career, as well as her ancient style of comedy, is on the skids.

Their first adventure together concerns Pearl Schrafft, a Borscht Belt comic whose career, as well as her ancient style of comedy, is on the skids. When her priceless pearl necklace vanishes and her manager drops dead, Rachel and Mrs. Risk step in. If they can't learn who has it in for the punch line queen, Pearl's Borscht Belt shtick won't be the only thing that's DOA. Thriller & Crime.

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Angela Zeman, a former director of MWA, is the author of The Witch and the Borscht Pearl (Pendulum Press). Mary Higgins Clark chose a Mrs. Risk story for her anthology, The Night Awakens. The second Mrs. Risk novel is expected to appear soon.

When Mrs. Risk's widowed friend, Pearl, a former Borscht Belt comedienne, finds herself broke, her long-time manager, whom she plans to marry, arranges a comeback--a live Thanksgiving Day national TV special from a renown Catskills resort. Then Pearl's famous Borscht Pear necklace is stolen and Solly is murdered. When the police think Pearl did it, Mrs. Risk rejects the idea that her friend murdering in a fit of jealous rage. But can she prove it, before the killer strikes again?
A really wonderful, poignant, at times funny, and always engrossing gem of a mystery. The characters, especially glow, and it's wonderful to see a woman with the same detection skills normally attributed to male detectives.
This book has a story-line that's intriguing and logical, but amusing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. You should also if you're a fan of a good story.
Knights from Bernin
Mrs. Risk is considered a witch. I am not sure why. What she is an amateur detective who, with her sidekick, Rachel, our recently widowed narrator, investigates murder and theft in a small village on Eastern Long Island. Mrs. Risk is well known from short stories in the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and mystery anthologies. This is her first foray into the realm of the novel form.
The case involves a famous comedian from the Catskills by the name of Pearl Schrafft. Pearl was given a famously expensive necklace by her late husband. It was nicknamed "The Borscht Pearl". At a party in which Mrs. Risk and Rachel are in attendance, the necklace is stolen. The culprit is felt to be Pearl's long lost sister, Bella, who is back from Paris and engaged to Pearl's manager, Solly. When Solly is poisoned at a dinner, all eyes look toward Bella, as well as, Pearl, as the culprits. It is up to Mrs. Risk to solve the crime.
THE WITCH AND THE BORSCHT PEARL is a traditional mystery with an ethnic flair. The strength of the work lies in the superior characterizations-especially that of the indomitable Mrs. Risk and her sidekick, Rachel. The supporting cast are a wacky bunch and some are quite stereotypic. Dialogue is realistic and well done for a first novel. The first chapter introducing Mrs. Risk and Rachel could be contained as a highly skilled and effective short story. The problem arises when the story is stretched to novel length. Pacing and plot progression is quite problematic. The plot sometimes went off into aimless forays thereby slowing the pacing down excessively, at times. Personally, I wanted Pearl to take the troop to the Catskill Mountains, which is where the title almost promises us to go. However, we didn't go there until near the conclusion of the book. Once there, the action accelerates progressively to the satisfying conclusion. Overall, THE WITCH AND THE BORSCHT PEARL is an enjoyable cozy with an engaging amateur sleuth. With an eye on tightening the plot and accelerating the pacing, I would look forward to future works by Angela Zeman.
Angela Zeman writes a witty and oftentimes-humorous mystery that has enough twists and turns to baffle a maze builder.
The story begins when Mrs. Risk, also known as the witch, takes Rachel Elias under her wing after her husband dies and subtly teaches her amateur detective work.
Rachel and Mrs. Risk are invited to Pearl Borscht's birthday party. Pearl is a comedian who's been off the circuit since her beloved husband, Bernie, died two years ago. She plans a big comeback the weekend after Thanksgiving.
But then her sister, Bella, shows up after a thirty-year absence. She'd stolen Peal's fiancé all those years ago, and he'd died under mysterious circumstances.
Bella repeats history and steals Pearl's now fiancé, Solly, along with the famous Borscht's Pearls it seems. Solly ends up dead. And Bella and Pearl both have a motive.
So the lies began and Mrs. Risk, with the help of Rachel and a milkman named Charlie, try to untangle the mess and figure out who is a true friend and who isn't.
Just when you think you've gotten it figured out, another kink appears in the chain of events. This is a wonderful mystery with lovable characters that'll keep you guessing right up to Pearl's comeback weekend.
I read this mystery novel in one sitting -- not necessarily because I had planned to spend my evening hidden away from my family, but because the almost lyrical nature of the writing demanded and sustained my attention. In this compelling debut novel, Angela Zeman writes with power, authority, and most significantly, the confidence of a master. A consummate story-teller, she breathes life and spirit into her unique characters, weaves an intricate, suspenseful plot, creates a colorful, realistic setting, and conjures evocative, origianl imagery. Like the rich, intoxicating wines of her protagonist, Mrs. Rusk, Zeman's prose pleases -- and teases -- the intellectual palates of the readers, appealing to both the emotional and rational components of their psyches. As a university-level writing instructor, I am frequently asked, "What criteria do you use for determining excellent writing?" That's easy. If after completing a work, I would eagerly reread it, then it is superior quality. This is one of very few novels that I have willingly read a second time!
An old-fashioned mystery with a feminist twist and an affectionate tribute to the vanishing art of Borscht Belt comedy.
The Witch and The Borscht Pearl ebook
Angela Zeman
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Pendulum Pr (November 1, 2001)
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