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by Susan Parry

About Susan Parry: I am the author of a series of crime novels set in the Yorkshire Dales, featuring Mills Sanderson a young woman trained as a forensic. See if your friends have read any of Susan Parry's books.

About Susan Parry: I am the author of a series of crime novels set in the Yorkshire Dales, featuring Mills Sanderson a young woman trained as a forensic. Susan Parry’s Followers (14).

Death Cart (Yorkshire Dales Mystery by. Susan Parry (Goodreads Author). Grave Hand (Yorkshire Dales Mystery by.

A quiet summer holiday in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales was just what. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Corpse Way. (Yorkshire Dales Mystery by.

I came across this author in the way I do with most these days, by luck on Twitter. I am a big fan of "home grown" crime books with Stewart Pawson being one of my favourites

I came across this author in the way I do with most these days, by luck on Twitter. I am a big fan of "home grown" crime books with Stewart Pawson being one of my favourites. His books are also set in Yorkshire, a county I am very familiar with, but not the Yorkshire Dales.

Corpse Way. (Book in the Yorkshire Dales Mystery Series). Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9780954489144.

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Corpse Way by Susan Parry. What others are saying. Corpse Way (The Yorkshire Dales Mystery Series) by Susan Parry. Corpse Way by Susan Parry ~ Kittling: Books. Mystery Novels Mystery Series Mystery Thriller Yorkshire Dales Crime Fiction Book 1 Mystery Books. A blog about books, mysteries, crime fiction, authors, and reading.

She will also be signing copies of Deadly Embers, her latest book.

Author of The Yorkshire Dales Mystery series, crime novels featuring forensic archeologist Mills Sanderson. She will also be signing copies of Deadly Embers, her latest book.

I am familiar with the Swaledale area of the Yorkshire Dales, and author Susan Parry uses the setting wisely and well. From the weather, to the hiking, to area history and mining, the landscape came to life. It helps that young Millie is the sort of person who loves to go out walking for miles in all sorts of weather.

I don't know why, but I expected Millie's grandmother Helen to be a bit clingy and to demand most of Millie's time. (Too much personal experience, I suppose.) Helen was almost the polar opposite, and although she enjoyed spending time with her granddaughter, she also had a life and interests of her own and didn't monopolize Millie. I quite liked Helen.

I wish I could say the same of Millie and her newfound friend, Naomi. We're never given much of Millie's background. She's young and unhappy with her father's new wife, and she has yet to decide on any sort of career-- although she does make some headway on this while on holiday. She's naive and unwittingly causes a death. Millie is a (mostly) sensible girl, but she's not self-confident enough to put her foot down when someone is leading her astray. This leads me to the character that practically ruined the entire book for me.

Naomi. Naomi is young, pretty, studying medicine, and comes from a privileged background. It's the later that must have given her the belief that she and everyone else around her is seven feet tall and bullet-proof. Naomi is a loose cannon because-- as Millie later realizes-- "it's all a game to her." Her thoughtlessness causes a death, and she's extremely fortunate that the death toll didn't rise much higher.

Although the setting is everything I could have wished for and more, with two young, thoughtless characters and a mystery whose solution was too easily pieced together, unfortunately I doubt that I'll be visiting the Dales with Millie again.
I found this book extremely tedious and filled with adolescent sleuthing. The characters were poorly developed and many aspects were simply too abrupt to feel real. The main character, Millie, turns out to be a teenager with an unfathomable interest in lead mining and old smelters. Her "clueless" personality got old fast. Minor Spoiler Alert: The rest of the characters seemed wooden and subsisted primarily by their occupations: Neil was a policeman who basically did nothing. Andy and Matt should have been principal characters since their raison d'être was ostensibly to test the local water and vegetation for lead and arsenic. While much was spoken about it, insofar as the reader was concerned, all the "testing" came to naught. Was there or was there not a problem?

The excess of verbiage about mining and descriptions of every hill and valley made this a l-o-n-g slog at times. The "mystery" seemed contrived and, frankly, uninteresting. The deaths appeared almost as an afterthought. The "Nancy Drew" character of Naomi who was supposedly training to be a doctor turned out to be a hotheaded nitwit who jumped to outlandish conclusions at every turn and and left much wanting in the personality department.

On a positive note, the three older characters were the hit of the show despite the unsatisfactory demise of two of them. I did appreciate the lack of significant typos (only saw "arm" for farm and "There's been people at his cottage").

Tons of paragraphs could have been eliminated if the author quit focusing on pubs/meals/teas and doggy antics at every opportunity and pared down the travelogue focus. In a rare technique for me, I started skimming the last 30% of the book and simply was relieved when it was done.
This was a very long book, and the author's descriptions of the Yorkshire Dales were very good - you were right there with the characters. However, that also is the reason I'm giving this only 3 stars. The book was simply TOO descriptive. It was filled with an incredible amount of superfluous information which did not set the scene (the scene was already adequately set) nor did it advance the story at all. If the superfluous descriptions of the scenery, the weather, the actions of the characters, etc. were cut this book would practically be a novella. Simply too much of a good thing.

They mystery itself ended up taking a back seat to the character interactions (I'm not going to use the word 'development' because there wasn't a lot of developing). Some people might like this emphasis on the characters and their lives. Again, I thought it was just a bit too much, given that this book is marketed as a mystery. The characters were well-drawn and believeable, although Millie struck me as being a bit shallow, but she did seem to grow up a bit over the course of the story. The other characters were a bit more well-rounded. Since this is the first in a series, hopefully Millie will continue to grow and mature as a character.

I would recommend this book, but only with reservations, as noted above. This is a totally character- and place-driven story with the action taking a back burner to the character interactions.

Note on Kindle formatting: Very good. I did not note any issues worthy of comment.
I like history. I like mysteries. I like books set in the British Isles. This book had it all, but not in the right portions and not with characters that could really speak to me. The story had way too much history that had no relevance to the story and characters that had no depth or clear motivation, nor could they keep my interest. Ultimately, I didn't care who killed the victim or why, and I certainly didn't care about any of the history that was discussed in too much detail. I guess I should have given fewer stars, but I think some people might like this book.
Corpse Way ebook
Susan Parry
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