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City of Fiends (Knights Templar) ebook

by Michael Jecks

As the friends dig deeper, they become embroiled in a bitter rivalry between the two island communities. Baldwin is travelling homewards after a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Knights Templar Series. 32 primary works, 33 total works. The Medieval West Country mysteries are set in 14th century Devon, England. They had all joined taking. The protagonists are Simon Puttock and Sir Baldwin Furnshill. Book 1. The Last Templar. They had all joined takin. ore. Shelve The Merchant's Partner.

With their military mission and extensive financial resources, the Knights Templar funded a large number of building projects around Europe and the Holy Land, many structures remain standing today. The Templar Tunnel in Acre, Israel. Château Pèlerin, Israel. Chastel Blanc, Syria. The port city and fortress of Tortosa, Syria. The Twin Church of the Templars and Hospitallers, Famagusta. Commandry of Coulommiers, France. Commandry of Avalleur, in Bar-sur-Seine.

The twenty-first novel in Michael Jecks’s medieval Knights Templar series. Simon Puttock A stannary bailiff, Puttock has been a friend of Baldwin’s for eight years, since 1316

The twenty-first novel in Michael Jecks’s medieval Knights Templar series. Autumn, 1324: when a man is found dead in the middle of a Dartmouth road, many assume his demise to be the result of a drunken accident. Simon Puttock A stannary bailiff, Puttock has been a friend of Baldwin’s for eight years, since 1316. Recently he was promoted to act as the Keeper of the Port of Dartmouth’s (see Glossary) representative in the town.

Book 26 of 32 in the Knights Templar Mysteries Series.

No such day had been so good in all his life. Good wasn’t the word. Walerand was on top of the world. He walked down the road to the harbour with a whistle on his lips. He walked down the road to the harbour with a whistle on his lips eeing a servant from the castle glance at him in surprise, Walerand sneered at him. The fool didn’t matter. Walerand was higher than him. He’d arrived. He was the new gather-reeve. Thomas had drawn him aside early this morning to let him know. He said that he needed a man he could trust, and that he’d like to have someone like Walerand take over after Robert.

But the culprit is a friend of Dispenser and the King, and in taking the matter further they could be accused of treason. So they decide to leave the affair to others

But the culprit is a friend of Dispenser and the King, and in taking the matter further they could be accused of treason. So they decide to leave the affair to others.

There was one knight, however, who escaped the stake, vowing justiceas he watched his innocent brothers die. A Dark Justice

It's 1327 and England is in turmoil. King Edward II has been removed from the throne and his son installed in his place. The old man's rule had proved a disaster for the realm and many hope that his removal may mean the return of peace to England's cities. Keeper of the King's Peace Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and his friend Bailiff Simon Puttock had been tasked with guarding Edward II, but they have failed in their task and now ride fast to Exeter to inform the sheriff of the old king's escape. In Exeter, the sheriff has problems of his own. Overnight the body of a young maid has been discovered, lying bloodied and abandoned in a dirty alleyway. The city's gates had been shut against the lawlessness outside, so the perpetrator must still lie within the sanctuary of the town. When Baldwin de Furnshill arrives, along with Sir Richard de Welles, a companion of old, he is tasked with uncovering the truth behind this gruesome murder. But, in a city where every man hides a secret, his task will be far from easy…
I'm a lover of Michael Jecks' mysteries from the beginning of the series. I've grown old with Sir Baldwin. Sometimes the politics of the times seemed to overshadow the mysteries, but always the characters shone through. City of Fiends brings us back to a time when political events move to the background, and the mysteries take precedence. As usual, the characters continue to grow, and the plot twists and turns keep you guessing until the last chapter. Just once I'd like to be able to say I figured out the murderer, motive and circumstances before they're revealed by the author... but not this time. Five Stars, well deserved.
Michael Jecks returns to form in CITY OF FIENDS, a blood-soaked English medieval murder mystery starring Sir Baldwin de Furnshill, Baliff Simon Puttock and Sir Richard de Welles. Wickedness and evil are afoot in the city of Exter and surrounding area and our faithful trio of honorable if crime-weary heroes are on hand to see justice done.

As always, Jecks' tale adroitly juggles several plotlines. Armed bands of cutthroats led by rogue knights are ravaging the countryside. Within the walls of nearby Exter, a young maid has been murdered but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Bitterness between two Exeter families is worsening and ugly secrets lie festering beneath the surface of city life.

Into this witches brew stride Furnshill & Company. In some ways, CITY OF FIENDS is a bit atypical KNIGHTS TEMPLAR fare. The usual Furnshill-Puttock dynamic is missing, Puttock playing a secondary role while the Welles character gets more verbage. Likewise, the book's climax seems atypically blood-drenched with axings and stabbings coming one after another after another.

Having said that, I greatly enjoyed CITY OF FIENDS. One of the blurb's on the back cover states Jecks "is a national treasure." I totally agree. After some 30-odd KNIGHTS TEMPLAR novels, he is still crafting entertaining page-turners. Recommended.

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King Edward II has been deposed and his good friend Mercanter is no longer greedily robbing the kingdom. Young Edward III is the new king though a regency is in place until he reaches his majority. The country is unsettled by the support of the old king' s sycophants. Exeter is also unsettled with brutal murders of two women. Injustice and cruelty seem to be running rampant. Can Baldwin and Simon find the key to unlocking the cause of Exeter becoming a city if fiends?
Michael Jecks weaves another fascinating story about 14th century England. A tale worth reading.
I have read the entire Templar series and though I have enjoyed all the mysteries that dealt directly with the ins and outs of Edward II court, those mysteries did not have the focus or the intimacy of his earlier mysteries which were driven by the discovery and apprehension of the murderer. With the City of Fiends, Jeck returns to a "simple murder" which keeps the reader guessing all the way to the end. The problems in court are a distant thunder, adding to the atmosphere of the murder but not getting in the way of solving it. If you liked his earlier mysteries then you will like this one.
Need I say more? I adore Baldwin and Simon and have read every book in the series, some twice and await the next book with longing. I share the same longing that Baldwin does for his home and yet, the settings and the mysteries are credible as well as the techniques that the friends use to solve the mysteries. Great historical fiction!!
City of Fiends is the latest in the Sir Baldwin and Bailiff Puttock series from Michael Jecks. It is one of my favorites, so much so, in fact, that I stayed up waaaay too late to finish it! Most of the "regulars" appear, including Sir Richard de Welles, but the reappearance of an old pal from earlier adventures puts additional tension into the story. No spoilers here, you will have to read this one yourself. I like these characters and am already looking forward to their next outing.
Michael Jecks guides us closer and closer to Edward III in this treacherous, plot twisting account. I like it. I'm anxious to see what Edward III is going to do. (the fact that we know, historically, what the various Edwards pursued does not diminish the tension at all)
Sir Baldwin and Simon may be ageing but as sharp as ever. England remains uncertain follwing the capture of the evil King, conflicing loyalties abound in an uncertain political environment. Another great midieval who-done-it.
City of Fiends (Knights Templar) ebook
Michael Jecks
Thrillers & Suspense
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Simon & Schuster UK (June 7, 2012)
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