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by John Levin,Frank M. Robinson

An investigation into America’s increasingly bitter, divided and toxic politics. Major funding for FRONTLINE is provided by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation

An investigation into America’s increasingly bitter, divided and toxic politics. MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation. Additional funding is provided by the Abrams Foundation, the Park Foundation, The John and Helen Glessner Family Trust, and the FRONTLINE Journalism Fund with major support from Jon and Jo Ann Hagler on behalf of the Jon L. Hagler Foundation.

Frank M. Robinson (1926-2014) is the author of the classic thrillers, The Power, filmed in 1968, and The Glass . John F. Levin is a screenwriter and freelance journalist whose work has appeared in New West,Oui, and McCalls. Robinson (1926-2014) is the author of the classic thrillers, The Power, filmed in 1968, and The Glass Tower, which was one of the sources for the Irwin Allen blockbuster film The Towering Inferno. Navy veteran of both WWII and the Korean War, he earned degrees in physics and journalism.

Three of his novels have been made into films. The Great Divide (1982, with John F. Levin). The Power (1956) was a supernatural science fiction and government conspiracy novel about people with superhuman skills, filmed in 1968 as The Power. The technothriller The Glass Inferno, co-written with Thomas N. Scortia, was combined with Richard Martin Stern's The Tower to produce the 1974 feature film The Towering Inferno. Blow-Out! (1987, with Thomas N. Scortia).

The Great Divide book. Frank M. Robinson and John F. Levin were the co-authors of The Great Divide in this political fiction thriller set in 1982

The Great Divide book. Levin were the co-authors of The Great Divide in this political fiction thriller set in 1982. They choose the memory of the civil war and the great depression to be similar to the events in this story. The plot is quite similar to what goes on in Washington . today with different politicians fighting it out to promote their ideas along with some members of the Arab community that are upset with the political climate in the United States.

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. The Great Divide - Frank M. Robinson. December 14. 11:45 . Levin.

The country has been split into two distinct factions over energy - "the haves" (those states that are fuel self-sufficient) and "the have nots".

by Frank M. Robinson, John F. Books related to The Great Divide. You are in the United States store.

Author The Donor, Forge Books 2004 The Great Divide (with John Levin), Forge Books 2004. Books into Films The Power, MGM 1968 (Producer, George Pal) The Towering Inferno, 20th, Warners 1974 (Producer, Irwin Allen) The Fifth Missile (aka The Gold Crew), NBC weekly movie 1986.

by. Robinson, Frank . 1926-; Levin, John. A Tom Doherty Associates book. and they are willing to kill to achieve their goals.

In the hallowed halls of the capital, some who have sworn to preserve our nation's union are secretly plotting its demise ... and they are willing to kill to achieve their goals.The country has been split into two distinct factions over energy - "the haves" (those states that are fuel self-sufficient) and "the have nots". The inept execution of a flawed foreign policy in the Middle East has resulted in an Arab-backed oil embargo of the United States.Now the country is in the grips of the most severe winter in years, and rationing has led to unrest and rioting in the streets ¿ and certain politicians and business power brokers are ready to make a move.As masses freeze in Chicago and the northeast, fuel-sufficient sunbelt conspirators seek to separate themselves from the rest of the nation, make their own foreign policy, and govern by their own rules¿and to do it they will resort to blackmail, bribery, and even murder.The Constitution is only a stumbling block, and it can be amended. The United States will be united no more.
Although the premise of this book is one of the best I have encountered in many years, the authors ultimately do not put enough into this book to have it live up to my initial expectations. I have to agree with the other reviewers that the characters should have been developed better to establish sympathy for both sides of the "divide". This is one of the few books I can honestly say would have been much better had it actually been longer. As a fan of Mr. Robinson's earlier works with the late Thomas N. Scortia I am used to his writing much more detailed and complex novels than this. (P.S.- these two writers were at the forefront in creating the techno-thriller genre.) I found this book to be shallow in comparison, the characters underdeveloped, and only the high-tension ending made it up to its three-star rating.
I generally liked this book. It was fast-paced and unpredictable. The idea of a new Constitutional Convention is interesting.

I agree with previous reviewers in that the book never gave any compelling reason why splitting the country was so bad. There were only two types of Western characters: evil schemers and the mindless masses who followed them. Surely there was at least one intelligent person west of the Mississippi who had logical reasons for seccesion.

On a side note, the editors review states this story is set in the late 80s, and even one or two other reviews here seem to think the story is 20 years old. There are references to the second president Bush and the second war in Iraq, so clearly it was set in 2005 or later.
This book held me in place for three and one-half days and I hated for the story to end although I loved the ending. This

is a believeable blow by blow story from the perspective of

the insiders trying to overthrow the United States government

and those defending it. The authors' use of dates and hours

for each step of the way holds the reader in a state of tension

and expectation for hours at a time. It is a story of power

lust, academic corruption, misuse of police power and unbridled

ambition versus a death defying sense of loyalty and high

intelligence on the part of the protagonists defending the

Union in the twentyfirst century. John Mason Hart

Houston, Texas
I picked this book up in an airport based solely on the book's own description of it, and my desperation to find something to read before my plane's departure time. The idea of a modern day secessionist movement seemed like an interesting plot line, especially in today's world of sharply divided "Red" and "Blue" states. While this book did bring up some interesting points, I found it ultimately did not give the underlying issues the development I was looking for. Primary in this was its obviously one-sided viewpoint, and unwillingness to address both sides of the issue. Granted, most Americans are not willing to support any attempt to divide the country, but the book would have been much more interesting if there had been a more sympathetic character on the Western Secessionist states side that would have allowed us to get into those characters heads and there reasons taking the political sides they did.

That being said, the book was still a stimulating, if somewhat shallow, read. The plot moves along nicely to its climax, and provides an adequately satisfying conclusion. The characters are, at least on the Eastern side, agreeable and interesting, even if the one romantic plot line seems somewhat plodding ("Look, there's the Milky Way!!"). A decent way to kill a four-hour flight.
This book is the window to the future of the United States, a blueprint of what are to come. Even though the book and characters are fiction, its circumstances and events are exactly being laid down the road and we're heading into that direction.

So consider this book a warning to our future. Read it before it may or could happen.
Small Black
I couldn't put this political thriller down until I had finished reading it. What I particularly liked about the book is that its both an exciting read and has really interesting policial maneuvering. Too many books are obvious where they are going. This one is not. It takes you in interesting directions that were not apparent. And, its a fun time in this election year. High recommendation.
The plot has so much promise, but it was all wasted on the antics of the protagonist, a journalist who single-handedly uncovers the plot, fights off death-squads and assassins, and still has time to get the girl. And the head villain is a one-dimensional stereotype.

Why the general population of the West should be on the edge of supporting secession before the book even starts is only given a cursory glance. And no good reason for not splitting the country is ever explored, other than it would inconvenience the big cities on the East coast.

Disappointing book in multiple ways.
I teach American Studies to undergraduates at a major state university. I'm going to recommend this book to all my students. Besides being thrilling and prescient, it educates the reader about the real threats to our democracy and about issues that permeate today's headlines:

*Campaigns that undermine the constitution

*Powerful cabals of government and business

*And an oil crisis

I loved this book!
The Great Divide ebook
John Levin,Frank M. Robinson
Thrillers & Suspense
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