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Cold Paradise (Stone Barrington Series) ebook

by Dick Hill,Stuart Woods

Book 7 of 44 in the Stone Barrington Series.

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New York Dead (Stone Barrington, Dirt (Stone Barrington, Dead in the Water (Stone . Stone Barrington Series. 53 primary works, 60 total works. Book 7-8. Cold Paradise, The Short Forever.

New York Dead (Stone Barrington, Dirt (Stone Barrington, Dead in the Water (Stone Barrington . Stone Barrington is an attorney in New York City. Book 1. New York Dead. Everyone is always telling Stone Barrington tha. ore. Cold Paradise: Allison Manning, the beautiful an. Shelve Cold Paradise, The Short Forever.

Stuart Woods Cold Paradise The seventh book in the Stone Barrington series 1 Elaine’s late. Читать онлайн Cold Paradise. Stone Barrington finished his osso buco as Elaine wandered over from another table and sat down. So?' What kind of question is that? It means, 'tell me everything. The seventh book in the Stone Barrington series.

On the Gold Coast of Florida, Stone Barrington hunts a master of disguise and deceit in this latest thriller in his . Stuart Woods is a no-nonsense, slam-bang storyteller.

On the Gold Coast of Florida, Stone Barrington hunts a master of disguise and deceit in this latest thriller in his compulsively readable, bestselling series. Chicago Tribune tor Stone Barrington has the street-smarts, dry wit, and debonair charm his fans love, and Palm Beach-the setting of his new adventure-is his most glamorous scene-of-the-crime yet.

A series by Stuart Woods. 1. New York Dead (1991) 2. Dirt (1996) 3. Dead in the Water (1997) 4. Swimming to Catalina (1998) 5. Worst Fears Realized (1999) 6. . Choppy Water (2020) Dead Paradise (2006) New York Dead, Dead in the Water (2007) Stuart Woods 6 Stone Barrington Novels (2011) Stuart Woods The Stone Barrington Collection Volume 2 (2011) Three Stone Barrington Adventures (2012). ‘So?' What kind of question is that? It means, 'tell me everything. Stone looked up to see Dino struggling to shut the front door behind him. Dino was his former partner, now a lieutenant, head of the detective squad at the 19th Precinct.

Stuart Woods is the author of more than eighty novels, including the New York Times bestselling Stone Barrington series

Stone Barrington gets reacquainted with a long-buried case and an ex-lover in this electrifying thriller in the New York Times bestselling series. Luxuriating in Palm Beach’s winter warmth, Stone is stunned to recognize someone he thought was dead. Former client Allison Manning is alive and well-and suddenly very rich. Stuart Woods is the author of more than eighty novels, including the New York Times bestselling Stone Barrington series. He is a native of Georgia and began his writing career in the advertising industry. Chiefs, his debut in 1981, won the Edga. ore about Stuart Woods.

Woods' most prolific series of novels focus on Stone Barrington, a former NYPD detective turned lawyer who is of.In addition to Stone, Woods has written several other character-focused series. Cold Paradise (2001).

Woods' most prolific series of novels focus on Stone Barrington, a former NYPD detective turned lawyer who is of counsel to a prestigious law firm and handles sensitive cases for the firm's prominent clients, but cases with which the firm nonetheless does not wish to be publicly associated. As such, Barrington commands exorbitant fees, and a strong cast of recurring characters such as his ex-partner Dino Bacchetti, frequent use of the New York restaurant Elaine's as a setting and Stone's frequent exploits with women, travel and fine dining.

You can read book Cold Paradise by Stuart Woods in our library for absolutely free. Brie omelettes! Stone picked up a plate and dug in. Fantastic! He sipped some orange juice. We’ve got the yacht to ourselves this morning, she said. Thad has already made a lot of phone calls and had a business breakfast aboard and has taken a party into town for some shopping. I can’t believe he’s putting that house together in a day, Stone said. Oh, he’s had the designers shopping for a year.

Cop-turned-lawyer Stone Barrington, he of street smarts, dry wit, and debonair charm, becomes reacquainted with a case he thought was buried years ago, and must settle romantic entanglements that haunt him still. Allison Manning, the beautiful and enigmatic woman Stone defended against a murder charge in Dead in the Water, mysteriously reappears to request his help with a set of problems she has never resolved, which involve millions of dollars. She fears, too, that somebody might be stalking her, but she's not sure who - or why. She knows of no one better than Stone, who has both the legal experience and the investigative instincts to guarantee her safety. Stone is happy to enjoy a few days in Palm Beach - and to have left frigid New York and the tempestuous Dolce Bianchi behind - but before he can dig into this latest case, he comes face to face again with Arrington Calder, the one woman who still holds a key to his affections. Stone and his partner, Dino, comb the glittering streets of Palm Beach and begin to suspect that more than one person might be after Allison: one so clever he manages never to show his face, but even more frightening, another man everybody has long forgotten. In a search that ranges from the boardrooms of Manhattan to the sumptuous villas that line the Gold Coast, Stone uncovers the sly and greedy plan to steal millions of dollars - and reveals the crafty killer behind it - in this electrifying thriller.
Isn't Stone lucky? Whenever it's miserable weather in New York, he seems to get a case in warmer climates, this time in Florida. Private planes, fabulous food and drink, always a new beautiful woman, BUT, I still love reading this series. Yes, predictable but always fun. And I love how past characters who you thought were "finished" pop up again, in this case Allison and Paul Manning. Loved it.
Usually, Stone goes where there is some kind of problem and begins solving it while meeting and seducing a cute girl or or two. That's the standard format. In this story, he meets one new girl and she seduces him. But he gets into nearly fatal situations caused by his old girl friends who gang up on him! His assigned task is to locate a girl met once in passing by a rich software genius (who knows nothing about women. Stone heads for Palm Beach where the rich Thad Shames lives on a yacht tied up behind his house. Then he finds
1: Callie Hodges who works for Shames as a chef is very sexy;
2: The mystery woman he is supposed to find for Shames is the same woman, Allison Manning, Stone just tried to defend from Murder on the island of St Marks a few years before and she still seems to be tied up with Paul Manning, the husband she "murdered" before and who may have helped her murder her most recent rich husband,
3. Meanwhile Mrs Dolce Barrington has escaped from the mental institution and wants to murder Stone and any women he has any social contacts with.

He's lucky his buddy Dino comes down from New York to help him get out of jams.

Yes, it is a good story and well-worth your effort.
A lot of unbelievable happenings for a New York lawyer hopping from woman to woman and always in bed with someone new. I guess it's a lifestyle of a class of people I know nothing about and sometimes like to read about. Have read many Stone Barrington books but finally figured out the order of the series and started reading from the beginning. Stone and Dinos friendship is quite interesting and always involves good food, lots of drinking and lots of adventures.
Stuart Woods serves up so many "ex-dishes" for Stone Barrington to handle it is difficult to remember "who was who" or why they were important. Somehow, the story, which has a good premise gets lost in all of the previous encounters and Stone becomes a celluloid copy of his former self without the time to build the suspense necessary for a satisfying thriller.

The image of Stone running around Palm Beach in Vance Calder's castoff clothes doesn't fit the suave Stone, whose taste and means gives him access to the finest of New York's haberdasheries. One kept hoping he'd find a charity outlet for their disposal.

If like me, you enjoy the Barrington character, you'll keep reading to the end. A parody is good for relaxation, but we all await the next installment of Stone's adventures.

Nash Black, author of "Qualifying Laps" and "Taxes, Stumbling Blocks & Pitfalls for Authors 2007."
Cold Paradise by Stuart Woods is another chapter in the life of Stone Barrington, ex-cop, lawyer, and super hunk. He is a swoon worthy guy. Stone hired by Thad Shames, who is a techie with tons of money. Thad needs to find the love of his life and only knows her as Liz. How can you find someone with such a generic name? Well you aint going to unless Stone helps.

Loaded with drama, fights, chases and a little insurance fraud. I like Stone and this was yet just another fast and easy read for me. Liked the plot and characters.
All of the Stuart Woods books have provided me with a great deal of entertainment. Each is different but weaves in many of the same characters as they age and go through their lives. Some of the lesser characters recur here and there, making each book more interesting. Read them in order to keep up with the movement. Thoroughly enjoyable with many plots about places and matters that I otherwise might not have been overly interested in until reading them in these books. I keep tied for more from Mr. Woods.
Mr Woods always keeps a good story line going strong, although Stone Barrington experiences to many sexual experiences in each book? I would back off of those events a little more!
I've read almost all Stuart Woods' books over the last 13 years and enjoy them all. They're not rocket science but they get you into the story quicker than any other writer I know. Ok, maybe he doesn't finish as strong and it does start to get predictable a little over half way through, but I still find his books very entertaining. I like to describe his books as the perfect read at the beach, you can't put it down and it will pass your hours quickly.
This book has Stone Barrington back to solve mysteries as the former policeman, lawyer, private eye, ladies man. Stuart really wanted to get Stone in hot water so he brought back most of his former loves for at least cameo appearances. Stuart seems to enjoy setting his books in different environments and this time it's Palm Beach with a look out how wealthy people live. Really, wealthy people and the people who want to be around them. Some people say the ending is predictable and maybe it is but there are always enough surprises to keep me entertained. I look forward to his next book whatever it may be.
Cold Paradise (Stone Barrington Series) ebook
Dick Hill,Stuart Woods
Thrillers & Suspense
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