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by Buck Schirner,Mark Gimenez

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Written by Mark Gimenez. Narrated by Buck Schirner. From international bestselling author Mark Gimenez comes a terrifying child-in-jeopardy thriller in which dark family secrets make the finding of 10-year-old Gracie Brice more uncertain with every passing minute. And so begins a furious race against time to save Gracie from unknown kidnappers.

I do wish people would get away from comparing his work with John Grisham who I also like

Ben Brice lives alone in the New Mexico wilderness where he battles. This is the second Mark Gimenez book I have read and I am very impressed. I do wish people would get away from comparing his work with John Grisham who I also like. You do not have to pick between them, enjoy them both as I certainly have.

Buck Schirner's voices parallel the personalities of Gracie's family members, all of whom have their demons. He lends an introspective persona to her grandfather, who must confront his past in Vietnam. He energetically portrays Gracie's independent mother, who explodes in rages at those around her, a pattern that masks a trauma in her past. And he gives a friendly tone to Gracie's successful father, who must break free from an unhappy childhood. In their own ways they each love Gracie. Through subtle and effective accents and emotional tones, Schirner captures that love.

THE ABDUCTION MARK GIMENEZ Navarchus Press Praise for THE ABDUCTION Best-seller lists No. 6, Australia . The Abduction was the best suspense/thriller book that I read in 2007. I repeatedly recommended it to friends. 6, Australia No. 8, Ireland No. 14, UK hardback A cracking read. It has a great plot, strong characters, and a story that never lacks for action. Carol Fitzgerald, Bookreporter.

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Mark Gimenez is an author who is also a lawyer and writes thrillers that involve the law. His debut novel, The Color of Law made New York Times bestseller list. Mark also runs his own law practice. He was born in La Marque, Texas and would go to college at Southwest Texas State University and got a . in Political Science with honors. Later on, he would study law at Notre Dame and after graduating, got a . degree also with honors in the early eighties.

Ben Brice lives alone in the New Mexico wilderness where he battles memories of Vietnam with oceans of Jim Beam. Miles away in Texas, his estranged son, John, an internet geek-turned-billionaire, half watches his daughter Gracie’s soccer game while conducting business on his cell phone. When her mother Elizabeth arrives, the coach reports that her uncle has already collected Gracie. But Gracie has no uncle - she was kidnapped. From international bestselling author Mark Gimenez comes a terrifying child-in-jeopardy thriller in which dark family secrets make the finding of 10-year-old Gracie Brice more uncertain with every passing minute. And so begins a furious race against time to save Gracie from unknown kidnappers. With the FBI camped out in the Brice mansion, the family offers a reward of $25 million. Somehow, Ben and John Brice must find Gracie before it is too late. As the story unfolds with riveting twists and turns, the listener discovers that behind the kidnapping is an extraordinary government plot that could change the course of American history.
Mark Gimenez, lawyer and novelist, knows how to strike terror in a parent’s heart: kidnap a beloved daughter. Abductions by strangers are said to lead to death of the victims almost always, within a day. With young girls, this is usually accompanied by molestation before murder.

Kidnapping this grandchild of the sixty-year-old Medal of Honor recipient Col. Ben Brice turns her family’s lives upside down, but brings the skill and fury of her newly sober grandfather in impassioned pursuit of the perpetrators. The victim is resourceful and resilient, but her dysfunctional family gets in the way of freeing her, until grandfather and father are reconciled and set out together for the wilds of northern Idaho, home of many of America’s radical groups.

Well-drawn characters, plausible conflicts, a complex but clearly presented plot, vivid descriptions, and a fast pace leavened with strong emotion and insightful commentary make for a terrific novel, by a novelist with several other successful novels to his credit.

You will likely be pleased when the heroes fight the kidnappers without worrying about the legalisms that would otherwise restrain those who would rather be scrupulous than effective. Even so, you are left to decide where you would draw the moral lines, as the hero‘s earlier decision not to “bend the rules“ led to the loss of life of his best friend and of some possibly innocent bystanders.
At almost 70 years old & being a voracious reader from a young age, you can be assured that I have read a ton of books. Mark Gimenez's ranks with my favorite author John Sandford. (and that's saying a lot!) This one starts out at a girls soccer game that turns into an abduction, then the tension never lets up. The story is tight as you follow along with a young girl's never wavering belief that her grandfather is coming for her and her grandfather's equal determination to find her. Along the way they both run into unexpected twists & surprises but their faith in each other never wavers. Add to the story the secrets of a high powered attorney for a mother & a genius father who started his own company but has a difficult time fitting in with regular people & the suspense keeps building until the very end, this story is a winner. And if you like this one, read the other 8 books, none will disappoint.
At the very least it was entertaining. This was not one of my favorite books by this author but it was ok. The jumping back and forth between the present and the war was a little disruptive to the overall story. I think it could have just been a chapter or two instead of just popping up in the middle of the story. I found myself skipping over paragraphs because I wanted to get back to the current story to find out what happened to this litle girl.

Also like the other reviews, there were just way TOOOO many connections. It was almost possible. However I did enjoy the little twist at the end of the story. I don't think I would recommend purchasing this book but if you see if for free or someone wants to loan it to you, then I say read it.
This novel, The Abduction, is not the best book I've ever read, because I've read many wonderful books. However, this book is surely tied with many others for first place. My kid brother served in Vietnam and I worried every day about his safety, and the inclusion of Ben's Green Beret's SOG history was crucial to the novel. I relived so much of that truly terrible war while reading about Col. Brice's experiences.

Mark Gimenez is a terrific writer. His characters are well-developed and it is easy for the reader to become captivated by each one. I can't say enough good about this book. Once I started reading, I put the book down only when I slept or showered. His other novels are equally as good as this one. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes well-written, complex mysteries or thrillers.
I thought it would be hard for Mark Gimenez to match his debut novel "Color of Law" but IMHO he has done that with his second novel "The Abduction". I expected that this would follow the pattern of Gimenez's other books which are mainly legal thrillers, but this is a no holds barred complex thriller which puts him at the top of my favourite author list.

Gracie Brice is an active, highly intelligent and mature ten year old daughter of an IT genius, John Brice, who is about to float his company and become an instant billionaire. Her mother, Elizabeth, is a top tough defense lawyer who will stop at nothing to win her cases but is haunted by nightmares of evil that prevent her fully connecting with her husband and family.

Gracie is tops at soccer and has just won the match for her school, watched occasionally by her father who spends most of his time on his cell phone managing the float. When he goes to collect Gracie after the match the Coach tells him she has been collected by her uncle to take her to hospital because her grandmother has had a stroke. But Gracie doesn't have an Uncle and her grandmother lives in New York, not Texas!!

Colonel Ben Brice is a Vietnam hero who conducted bloody cross-border operations in Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam and was a POW. He is now a drunk living in isolation suffering from post traumatic stress from his experiences. Despite this Gracie visits her Grandfather and they have a very close and loving relationship. As soon as Ben hears that Gracie is missing he springs into action and revisits the family he has not seen for years.

Most cases of child abduction normally involve a sex offender and the chances of survival are slim. In this case because the family are mega-rich the police and the FBI believe that ransom may be involved. But then Ben sees something that turns his blood cold and sets him off on the trail of the kidnappers.

This is a thriller that has everything with an adventurous fast moving plot involving complex and troubled characters, kidnapping, the Police and FBI searching for child molesters, and conspiracies going back to the days of the Vietnam war. While some may think the final plot line is a little far fetched Gimenez has used his author's licence to to write an unforgettable, page-turning, adrenaline-packed, edge of your seat thriller that you won't want to put down.
The Abduction ebook
Buck Schirner,Mark Gimenez
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