China Card ebook

by Thomas Blood

Thomas Blood has lived the political life for more than two decades and now he writes about it as only an insider can.

China uses nuclear terror and espionage to control the outcome of the . Thomas Blood has lived the political life for more than two decades and now he writes about it as only an insider can. And what a wonderful writer he is!-Dennis Wholey, host of PBS's This Is America.

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Colonel Thomas Blood (1618 – 24 August 1680) was an Anglo-Irish officer and self-styled colonel best known for his attempt to steal the Crown Jewels of England from the Tower of London in 1671. Described in an American source as a "noted bravo and desperado," he was known for his attempt to kidnap and, later, to kill, his enemy, the Duke of Ormonde.

Thomas Blood was a notorious rogue known for his audacious attempt to steal the Crown Jewels of England from the Tower of London. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, life, crimes & timeline. Thomas Blood was an adventurous 17th century rogue who rose to the heights of notoriety with his daring attempt to steal the Crown Jewels of England from the Tower of London. He had also made attempts to kidnap and kill his enemies over his outrageous criminal career. The field of crime seemed to be an unlikely choice for this son of a respectable blacksmith who had a comfortable upbringing.

Thomas Harding has spent the past two years investigating the case, interviewing key witnesses, investigating . Blood on the Page is similarly diligent and thorough in its approach

Thomas Harding has spent the past two years investigating the case, interviewing key witnesses, investigating officers, forensic experts and the journalists who broke the story, and has unearthed shocking and revelatory new material on the killing, the victim and the supposed perpetrator. Blood on the Page is similarly diligent and thorough in its approach. Ian Thomson, The Financial Times

With the Russian economy in shambles, and hard-line leaders in power, renegade KGB operatives steal the classified dossier on the Kremlin's most carefully guarded operation, known as the Red Locust file. This ultra-secret document details the exact locations of over one hundred tactical nuclear weapons, or suitcase bombs, secretly placed in the U.S. during the height of the cold war. Thousands of miles away, in Washington D.C., in the final weeks of the presidential election, a young prostitute is found brutally murdered in a luxury hotel. The only clue-a single cufflink bearing the seal of the President of the United States. These seemingly unrelated events will soon reveal not only a sinister connection but a twisting trail of conspiracy and espionage, power brokers and assassins. It's a trail that leads from mainland China to the seamy underbelly of the Washington the Oval Office itself.
This book should be titled loose ends... not worth the money... Too bad because the premise was pretty good, however the execution of this premise is very poor...
Michael Hanson is a political bagman for the Democratic party
in the 2000 election. He has been in Washington since he was a young man and
developed both friends and enemies. He is being, yet again, called to a Congressional hearing.
The result is that he meets Oliver Devon and his ex-wife Danielle
who is a lawyer for the Republican chairman of the committee.
The infighting here is dirty and the dead bodies pile up:
one of them is Hanson's daughter Ariel who he never really knew was his daughter until she died
and left a note that he was her next of kin.
A lot of the connections that build up in the back room
cigar smoker of a novel are pretty fantastic like the
Russian suitcase bomb connections?
They throw around millions of dollars from off shore accounts
like it was water here.
Washington is set as an influence town where
money speaks loudest when liberally applied.
Mostly I just disliked the attitudes of both the hero
and the villains in this novel
and the Epilogue.
This book proved to be a page turner.You get a good insight into Washington D.C. You are able to get a good scenario into the running of a Presidential campaign.You are shown various methods of fundraising. Our hero Mike Hanson is a political
operative who is in the middle of the fray. You have a young prostitute murdered who has ties to Hanson.You also have some
very vivious and deadly villains in the persons of Devon and
the Chief.The plots and subplots provide many surprises and
shocks throughout the book.You are also introduced to Danielle
Harris,Tom Griffin,and the "Bundlemeister" as well.This is a very
good book that makes for very good reading.You will not be dissapointed.
As a first time novelist, Blood has, right out of the gate, blown way past Clancy in a head to head between China Card and Clancy's latest. I just can't get through the latter and could not put down the former.
Every chapter in China Card has a great punch in it. For commuters, it leaves you satisfied that you have gotten off the train with a great finish to your literary as well as literal journey. At least the book give you something to look forward to on the return trip. For those like me who just sit an read for relaxation, the writting keeps you moving through chapter after chapter as quickly as possible.
In a blind review of the two manuscripts, any editor worth his salt would be sending the rejection slip to Clancy. Blood has written one of the most engaging political-espionage books of all time, in my view. It is extremely well written and I really enjoyed the tart-tongued protaganist who actually clearly was a loyal friend with the right priorities.
Wicked good suprise ending as well.
The book also is a quick tutorial on the realities of Washington DC and its money men and politics. Beats a political science text -- and actually living in DC -- for those who want to experience vicariously one-the-ground political realities.
It's hard to believe that China Card is only Mr. Blood's first novel. The intricately-woven plot, and the development of the main character, are every bit as good as in a Clancy or Follett thriller. Yes, there are a few minor editing problems, but they really don't detract from the flow of action as the reader becomes engrossed in the story via Mr. Blood's punchy writing and strong imagery. As a former Washington political junkie, I can see in Mr. Blood's work the factual realities that underlie all great fiction. And, most interestingly, the book holds up well in the post 9/11 world, and would translate easily to the screen. In the meantime, there's no reason the main character in this story can't find himself on another adventure. Mr. Blood, let's see a sequel!
I almost ran to the computer to warn others to save their money. I could go on and on about how poorly this is written and how unrealistic the plot and the characters are but suffice it to say it is a mess. I can't understand how anyone rated this higher than 1 star and I wouldn't have given it that if there was a zero rating. I only rate books that are outstanding or outstandingly bad and this is certainly the latter.
This book would work great as a movie. I love the politics. Wow! I hope them types of things really don't go on in D.C.. The ending caught me off guard, and I usually figure these novels out early on.
Blood is an obvious insider on the Washington circuit. This is an explosive read from start to finish.
China Card ebook
Thomas Blood
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