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by Christopher Negus

Red Hat Linux . Bible. by Christopher Negus (Author). The inclusion of Red Hat Linux . on three companion CD-ROMs adds to the book's value

Red Hat Linux . ISBN-13: 978-0764548208. on three companion CD-ROMs adds to the book's value. Topics covered: Red Hat Linux . for use as a personal workstation or a server with uncomplicated configuration requirements.

Written by a Red Hat expert, this book provides the clear explanations and step-by-step instructions that demystify Linux and bring the new features seamlessly into your workflow. This useful guide assumes a base of little or no Linux knowledge, and takes you step by step through what you need to know to get the job done.

by Christopher Negus. From customizing a desktop system to troubleshooting a network or setting up a Web server, it's the only reference you'll ever need to become a Red Hat Linux pro.

Red Hat Linux . Bible book.

setting up users, automating system tasks, backing up and restoring files, and understanding the latest security issues and threats.

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Home Christopher Negus Red Hat Linux . Red Hat Linux . Christopher Negus has been working with UNIX systems, the Internet, and (more recently) Linux systems for more than two decades. During the past few years, Chris has written several book on UNIX and the Internet, including Caldera OpenLinux Bible, Internet Explorer 4 Bible, and Netscape Plug-ins For Dummies for Wiley Publishing.

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Whether you're a Linux newbie looking for goof-proof installation tips or a Red Hat veteran who wants the scoop on the latest networking, desktop, and server enhancements, this authoritative guide delivers all the information you need to make the most of Red Hat Linux 7.1. From customizing a desktop system to troubleshooting a network or setting up a Web server, it's the only reference you'll ever need to become a Red Hat Linux pro. Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Red Hat Linux * Take advantage of expert tips for fast, painless installation * Learn your way around the Linux shell, file system, and X Window system * Master Linux administration, from automating system tasks to locking in security * Discover how easy it is to set up a LAN and connect to the Internet * Find expert help on tracking down and fixing typical network problems * Get the scoop on configuring servers, from Web and print servers to e-mail and FTP servers Red Hat Linux 7.1 on three CD-ROMs * GNOME and KDE * Apache Web Server * New Linux 2.4 kernel * Plus networking tools, Internet applications, text editors, graphics software, UNIX utilities, and much more Unlimited Edition * Read or download all-new chapters and articles * Access a searchable online version of the book Site content available only to owners of this book. See the last page for details. System Requirements: Intel 486-compatible or higher PC with CD-ROM drive. A minimum of 800MB free hard drive space (2.4GB recommended). At least 16MB RAM (32MB recommended).
Nicely organized by topic, this book is great for Linux newbies.
Includes the full RH7.1 installation CDs, book + CDs are half the price of the RH Deluxe Workstation (and with more printed docs).
However, you won't get RH installation support or the "Powertools" with this book (you can get Staroffice, etc. free over the net if you have a fast connection.)
If you're not a Linux beginner, look for a sysadmin book instead.
I found this book to be pretty much a rerun of previous editions. The primary reason I bought this "Linux 7.1 Bible" is that by the name I thought it would cover this Linux release including all new additions. The main thing I was looking for was a good explantion of iptables and how to correctly use them since this is supposed to replace ipchains and be much more powerful. What I found was the author mentions that iptables is the newest firewall configuration tool and is to replace ipchains and here's the website for the How To (which I had already visited) and in this book we'll explain once again how to setup ipchains (which he just said was being replaced). If you don't have other books on installing and setting up previous versions of Linux this book might do, but if you want information on the new additions to the 7.x versions don't waste your money like I did.
I will admit, I am pretty new to the whole Linux world, but I have read a lot of books on this OS and have been running Red Hat 7.1 for about 2 months now. In my oppinion, most books on Red Hat pretty much suck. They are for the beginner or the advanced user. I have bought this book, and I must admit that so far it is the best book on Red Hat that I have read (This is now my 5th book on Linux). It is set up for the beginner, in so much as how to install the OS (And I have to say goes into a lot more detail than most) all the way through useing, maintaining, networking, upgrading and (most important) useing the OS. Another thing about this book that I liked is that it is one of the only books out at this time that talks about the 7.1 release. All of my other books have been based on the 7.0 release. It can be a little dry reading at times but this is generally due to a lack of intrest on my part to the subject being discussed at that moment in the book. My opinion... If you only get one book on Red Hat Linux, get this one, it's all you will need to get you up and running and keep you there.
Good book specially if you are totally new to Linux, like me. It doesn't have a lot of command line examples though -- then again this is not a reference book -- I'd also like to see more screenshots. In many instances, the author refers to Redhat Linux 7.1 as "OpenLinux", which is another comapany's (Caldera) Linux distribution. Many of the procedures on the book don't work at all when you run them on RH 7.1.
I have several books on linux and this is the one I pick up the most to help with linux. I has a good explanation of squid, tripwire, and tiger. Keep in mind that if you can not spell like one of the other reviewers, this book will not help you.
I have gone through many Linux books I like this by far the best. Has lots of helpful sections. A good book for newbies
I have Redhat Linux 7.2 Bible
I have buy 5 Copies of this Book.The Book is perfect
But the 3 rd CD containing the Help is not working at all of all 5 CDs
so anybody Help me
Red Hat Linux 7.1 Bible ebook
Christopher Negus
Computer Science
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Wiley (May 29, 2001)
960 pages
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