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by Steve Oualline

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Discover Linux book.

Steve Oualline's clear, easy-going writing style and hands-on approach .

If you concentrate on one best way, things are easy. He said, Steve, I have to admit I thought you were going overboard about that vs bug – until last week.

Discover Linux is a good book. Mr. Oualline has a breezy style that is easy to read and understand. Indeed, the format of the book is designed for easy readability. The print is large, the margins wide, and there is plenty of white space to keep the eye moving to the next line. Not just another book for the total novice, Discover Linux is written for the Linux newcomer who is an experienced UNIX user.

About Steve Oualline. About the Author Steve Oualline is the author of Discover Linux.

After a short time with this book/CD, I find Linux is easier to use than WinNT. I would recommend other, more in-depth books for advanced use, but with the extensive on-line Linux documentation, perhaps this is the only book you really need.

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This text is designed for users who know UNIX and want to learn and use the Linux operating system. The book includes step-by-step instructions, practical suggestions for implementing common procedures and tips showing shortcuts or the best use of Linux features. The CD-ROM accompanying this book contains the popular RedHat Linux 4.1 distribution.
This book is a joke. Some picks: 1) Files are not found where the author says they are. 2) If things don't go 100% according to plan - and believe me they won't- sorry, your on your own. The author doesn't give you any troubleshooting advice. 3) The book has no real audience. People familiar with Linux won't find anything useful here, & newbies will be saying "but wait..." after every page or two. This book is a good introduction to Linux if you don't actually plan on installing or using it.
Don't buy it. It seems like a bargain, but you will have to buy a better book in order to really configure your system. The book purports to exhaustively cover vital topics, which it does not. The section on mounting the CD-ROM, for example, simply was inadequate. I had to poke around on the web for days before I found what I needed to do it right. It advertises that it includes the JDK (Java) but does not give you any idea how to troubleshoot, or how to deal with the error messages you WILL get when you run 'javac' CLASSPATH not set! Library path not set! I am still trying to figure out how to make this work. It explains how to edit files which simply do not exist after you install. This is a terrible book. The bulk of it is screen shots of the applications. Gee, now that is a lot more useful than telling me how actually do things.
This books succeeds as an introduction to RedHat Linux, and makes it more accessible to a wider audience. After a short time with this book/CD, I find Linux is easier to use than WinNT. Special features like the Quick summaries section, reviews of included software, tips, and many tables and figures have helped me learn the non-unix side of Linux. I would recommend other, more in-depth books for advanced use, but with the extensive on-line Linux documentation, perhaps this is the only book you really need. The CD is a recent version of Red Hat 4.2, which lacks a few goodies included in Red Hat 5.0, like the disk druid formatting utility, and PCI autoprobing. In short, this is a fun and useful book, at a very reasonable price.
An excelllent book to start out with Linux. Easy to follow format walks you through setting up Linux, then starting out with some of the included goodies on the cd. The distribution is Red Hat 4.2, which has the best (and easiest) install program in this writers humble opinion. For the price, this is a best buy.
The problem I had with this book, is that it really didn't provide information how to solve common problems that you might encounter installing and configuring Linux. This book however, does serve as a good reference for different applications that come with RedHat and a basic understanding how to use them.
I am a computer professional just trying to learn LINUX and find this book a poor choice for a novice. It lacks basic instruction necessary to follow through on many setup tasks. Author directs reader to creat scripts for various applictions but never shows you HOW to create or save a script or what package to use for such purpose etc. Very confusing book.
This is an excellent book that covers most of the things you would commonly do in a RedHat 4.2 setup, in a manner both suitable for the beginning user. It also makes a good reference of what you can do with RH 4.2.
The sidebars are enjoyable to read, and, unlike many Linux books, this book is concise without drowning you with details, nor is it a commercial publication of the online documentation.
This book promises a lot an unfortunately does not deliver. If you run itno any difficulties in the installation (Like I did) the book is useless. I bought another book SlackWare Linux Unleashed that did work me through the problems to get Linux up and running. The book may be adequate if you are lucky and the install works for you. Otherwise it's $20 that should have been spent on another book.
Discover Linux ebook
Steve Oualline
Operating Systems
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John Wiley & Sons Inc; 1st Edition. edition (November 1, 1997)
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