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by Ian Sommerville

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. Boston Columbus India. Practical Software Development using UML and Java.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. 46 MB·50,975 Downloads·New! engineering students to measurement principles and the range of sensors and instruments used for measuring. Object-Oriented Software Engineering: Practical Software. 61 MB·18,471 Downloads. Sommerville, Ian Software engineering, Ian Sommerville. 9th ed. p. cm. Includes index. As I was writing the final chapters in this book in the summer of 2009, I realized that software engineering was 40 years old. The name ‘software engineering’ was proposed in 1969 at a NATO conference to discuss software development problems- large software systems were late, did not deliver the functionality needed by their users, cost more than expected, and were unreliable.

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IAN SOMMERVILLE is Professor of Software Engineering at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. This is a good high-level book for a first software engineering course. Hardcover: 864 pages. It mentions things like critical systems, object oriented programming, and real -time systems, but at a very high level; so it should not be used for a specialized course. It provides many helpful examples and diagrams.

These are the need for more agile development, the need to manage system complexity and the need to build systems that are secure and resilient. The most important changes are: A completely revised chapter on agile methods. Self-contained, extensively revised chapters on reliability, safety and security engineering. A new chapter on resilience engineering (including cybersecurity).

Ian Sommerville, University of St Andrews, Scotland. Ian Sommerville, drawing on experience in system dependability and systems engineering, guides the reader through the most widely used agile methods and plan-based approaches. The text strives to teach the engineers of tomorrow how to create software that will make our world a more convenient, safer, and enjoyable place to live.

The book is now structured into four parts: 1: Introduction to Software Engineering 2: Dependability and Security 3: Advanced Software Engineering 4: Software Engineering Management.

Software Engineering Book. The premier textbook on Software Engineering. The general advice on backups is to maintain at least three backups but what’s the best way to do this? This is my strategy that’s designed to get me back up and running after any loss of data.

Exactly the book I needed for class (although we really didn't use it).
The author did a terrible job with this one. The book doesn't have any good examples so I could barely understand the concepts and diagrams from this book. I would have to rely on the internet to make me understand the diagrams better. The author doesn't fully goes into depth with the concepts explained in this book. It's pretty one sided and vague. Just like the other reviewer had mentioned, the author repetitively refers to himself as "I" or say things like "I won't discuss this further in the chapter". Most of the books I have studied for my other classes, there are usually more than one authors in the book. This one was only written by one person and the author just seems a bit biased. My other complaint is that the author is all over the place with his book. He doesn't explain a few concepts in one chapter, he would rather have separate chapters for them that have me going through the index. For example, I wish the authors would explained more in detail about the non-functional requirements such as portability and ease of use. Because the author's limited description on the requirements, I wasn't able to grasp or provide examples on those on the test. This book has me wondering if is it really for beginners. It feels more like intermediate and for people that understand the basics of software engineering or already has the exposure to its key concepts. I do NOT recommend this book for beginners. Unfortunately, I had no choice because the teacher I currently have who is just as confusing and bad as the author chose this book for our class. I find it interesting how the author advises readers not to use jargon/technical language in writing requirements for users, yet he is doing the same thing for his readers with this book. Pretty contradicting if you ask me....
This book is one of the best textbooks I have ever read. Sommerville is conversational, clear and relevant. Throughout the book there are links to the webpage for the text with extra materials and lectures. After watching the videos, I found that I could "hear" Sommerville's voice in my head as I read. The case study concerning the Ariane 5 launch was an excellent example and encouraged me to learn more about the topic.
I purchased this book for my Introduction to Software Engineer course, the book itself is not bad , but is mostly term and definition kind of book , it gets really boring after reading a few chapters.
I have used this book in teaching software engineering from the first edition. Sommerville is the clearest and most balanced and practical writer in this realm, bar none. There are other good SE sources that home in on this or that fad or sub-speciality, but Sommerville is the master of presenting the whole field in an accessible and clear manner. Start here -- it will be a touchstone for your whole career.
Excellent book. Just like the original copy
Great book! I always try and buy international books because of the competitive price. The two things you definitely compromise on are paper quality, and binding quality, but this book was the best international edition that I've bought, so far, in terms of those issues. For $20, it's a steal tbh.
I am able to read through it quickly and get a good overview of software engineering. I am self-teaching myself software engineering, so this book is ideal for me.
Software Engineering (German Edition) ebook
Ian Sommerville
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