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by Susann Novalis

For books of this type, the style is actually relatively brisk. Whatever leads the reader to this book, he will find in it VBA6 development up to the intermediate level presented in a style that stimulates the imagination and curiosity.

Database front ends are the bread and butter of most Visual Basic programmers, so it pays to know how to build them well (and as efficiently as possible). Included is coverage of VBA functions such as error handling and remote control of other applications. The companion CD contains code from the book and sample databases.

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If you're a developer, you'll master the high-end techniques introduced in the latest release-so you can stay on top of your job.

Find nearly any book by Susann Novalis. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. by Susann Novalis, Dana Jones. ISBN 9780782140132 (978-0-7821-4013-2) Softcover, Sybex, 2001.

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See how Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) makes it easier than ever t. More). Microsoft FrontPage 97, with CD-ROM (Mastering).

Want to get the most out of Access? Then you need to know VBA. Access 2000 is here, and never has the power of Access depended so much on VBA programming. This makes the Access 2000 VBA Handbook essential reading if you want to use Microsoft's popular database product to its full advantage. If you're an Access user, you'll benefit from step-by-step coverage of VBA basics that will simplify your work. If you're a developer, you'll master the high-end techniques introduced in the latest release-so you can stay on top of your job. You'll learn how to: * Create databases and projects * View and print reports * Run queries to find specific records * Automate complex and time-consuming procedures * Synchronize forms and tables * Understand the ADO and DAO models * Customize the user interface * Access data using OLE DB and ODBC * Create VBA procedures for navigating a database or project * Use object properties and methods to write VBA procedures * Create relationships between forms * Execute commands using SQL statements in VBA code * Use ActiveX controls in your VBA procedures
Application development tools become obsolescent when released and today's entry level developers raised on Visual Studio 2008 or similar may cross their eyes when someone mentions Access 2000. After all, they may have just entered high school when Office Professional 2000 was released. Actually, Office 2000 software and the VBA that came with it were a high water mark for the era and became the virtual end of the line and therefore the highest form of development for the Microsoft strategy of the day. Access 2000 VBA is VBA6, the Office version of Visual Basic 6, which some still consider to be a worthwhile development environment if not still the premier VB development environment. If there is any doubt about the current popularity of VB6 one only need visit eBay to check on the selling prices for the various versions of VB6 that change hands on the site.

On the job, it may still be necessary for application developers to be able to get their heads inside of VB6 and VBA6 and depending on their needs, they may find "old" references useful. "Access 2000 VBA Handbook" is aimed at the relatively unsophisticated developer and could be used by one who wishes to get his head inside of Access as a stepping stone to the current versions (2007 and 2010 beta 2). It also can be used as a reference for those who have forgotten or never knew what DAO was. I am certain that many can and may still find a book like this one useful.

Looking back over earlier reviews, I have sympathy both with those who found this to be the best book of its kind or found it to be a terrible book. While it is true that the author seems sometimes to jump around among topics, a less superficial reading usually reveals that the author expects only that the reader will engage his brain and his wits to "fill in the gaps." The apparent gaps are never large and if one treats them as minor brain teasers, he will quickly find that he learns more and more quickly than if everything were spoon fed in agonizingly detailed baby steps. Besides stimulating more rapid learning, the author's presentation style does not bog down as many other's do. For books of this type, the style is actually relatively brisk.

As evident from my five star rating, I cast my lot with those who found this to be an excellent text. Whatever leads the reader to this book, he will find in it VBA6 development up to the intermediate level presented in a style that stimulates the imagination and curiosity. What more can we ask for?
Keep up the good work it's vendors like you that keep me comming back to amazon for all my shopping needs. Thanks!
This book is intended for VBA beginners, not Access beginners. Make sure you are comfortable using Access (User level suggested Intermediate/Advanced) before thinking about this book. When you want to take your Access databases to the next level with some programming (for example, automating the process of running 4 update queries with all alerts turned off), then it's time to grab this book. Readers with some programming background will find this book much easier than those without, but if you have patience and time anyone can learn from this book. If you have VB/VBA knowledge already, including some ADO/DAO basics, you might find this book too boring or easy. Jump up to Access 2000 Developer's Handbook Set, ISBN 0782123716.
This book has frustrated me to no end. It jumps from subject to subject with no warning. For example the book explains a little bit of the architecture, then says that an "Access Project" has a different architecture. I thought I was working on an Access Project, oops, much later that I discovered that, an Access Application is not the same thing as an Access Project. Thanks for telling me. And for a good portion of the book, there is no sample code. You learn things by chance, and heaven help you if you try to find something in the index (for example, "subform" is not in the index). Did I learn? Yes. But only because I was taking over a project that had already been written, so the book supplemented the code I was deciphering. Admittedly, part of the problem is in Access itself - too much behind the scenes processing which requires no code. Access also has a number of different interfaces ... I had hoped this book would explain when to use which one and why. No such luck.
Rocky Basilisk
This book really stands out from the crowd. Most VBA texts are written by great programmers who are terrible teachers. Not in this case - Using VBA to unlock the power of MS Access is thoroughly and clearly explained - from concepts such as database design and objects to JET, DAO/ADO and beyond. The author shows how to do everything that you can do with Macros, how to do many things that you can't do without VB and then how to most efficiently do all of them! Most useful is the clear way in which the book shows how to perform tasks efficiently in interactive (Forms) and automated (DAO/ADO Recordset manipulation) ways and when to choose each- this book will remain an invaluable tool in my library and be referenced often.
For a some time I've been looking for a book which will be simple enough to help me start programing with VBA for Aplication. When I found this un my local bookstore, I hoped it will be the one. Well it's a pretty good book. It cover most of the topic's needed for programing in VBA. But it does'nt have one thing which is most inportant (in my opinion). Like a most of other books on this subjects, this one explain items from VBA for aplication in randomly select order. So it does'nt show you how to start building an aplication from very begining, and it does'nt help you if somethings go wrong in your leyerning from your book. I hope in future this writer will give more space to explanations about possible mistake that one can make in programming.
If you have already spent time zipping around in Access, trying to make it do stuff, this book is a Godsend. Excellent drill-down into the guts of Access, including high-level overview of how Access is put together and how it "thinks". This is a top-notch, practical guide to mastering Access (at least mastering it to the point where you can crack open the Access 2000 Developer's Handbook (Getz/Litwin) and get it. Easily 5 stars *****. b.
Access 2000 VBA Handbook ebook
Susann Novalis
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