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by Princeton Review

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Лучшие серии подряд: Света пропала.

Changes mostly reflect a new exam format and a newly reformatted course outline that reflects the College Board’s shift towards standardized course outline formats based on clearly defined learning objectives.

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College Test Preparation.

We don't have to tell you how tough AP Spanish is-or how much of a difference a stellar score on the AP exam can make in getting into a top college of your choice.

If it’s on the AP Spanish Exam, It’s in this BookIf you need to prepare forthe AP Spanish test, then Cracking the AP Spanish Exam, 2011 Edition includes practical information on the what, when, where, and how of the test, as well as an Audio CD to perfect your practice. This essential test-prep guide also brings you:•2 full-length practice tests with detailed explanations •An audio CD so that you can practice for the listening section of the AP test•Targeted AP-level Spanish grammar review with drills for each topic•Simple strategies for writing great AP essays•Comprehensive AP Spanish scoring guidelines for free-response sections•Planning and organization tips to get you all the way to test day!
I usually prefer Princeton Review for my AP preparation, but this book is a clear exception.

I used this book to prepare for the AP Spanish Language Exam, and I found that this book has a few key flaws, which I've detailed below:

-This book is way too short. The book is only 288 pages. About a third of that seems to be an extensive grammar review. That leaves about 200 pages. Then, because the book covers both the AP Spanish Language Exam and the AP Spanish Literature Exam, divide those 200 pages by 2, leaving only about 100 pages dedicated to each exam. With only one or two sample exercises for each type of activity, and only one practice test for each AP exam, this isn't nearly enough to do anything more than gauge your level of preparation.
-The test in this book was noticeably easier than the AP exam. While this is true of all parts of the book, it was particularly evident in the listening sections. The audio selections on the actual exam contain people with far more difficult accents speaking far more quickly than the people on the CD provided with this book.
-All listening questions are printed in the book. On the actual AP exam, the questions for the shorter audio selections are spoken, not written on the exam. This book writes out the questions in italics to indicate that they are spoken on the CD (and not printed on the actual exam), but that makes it nearly impossible to practice answering those questions without seeing the printed question.

All in all, the main issue with this book is size. It's simply far too short to be useful. If you plan to spend more than just a couple hours preparing for the Spanish AP exam, you'll need a bigger book. It's worth mentioning that the Barron's book has at least three times the content of this one (probably more), and the difficulty's a bit closer to that of the actual test (though still too easy).
I bought this book for the Spanish 5, AP Language class that I teach at a Prep School in Pittsburgh, PA. We don't have many opportunities to practice Spanish in this area, and I don't have a language lab, so the only opportunity that students have to practice their language skills is in the classroom. This book allows me to drill the communicative skills the students need for the exam, especially in the context of the exam. What we don't do in class students do in their free time at home. It is relatively easy to build several units (grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking) using this book. The practice exams are useful and the explanations quite good. Finally, I have found less mistakes in thsi book than in other AP Spanish Language Exam preparation books.
This book crams both the AP spanish language and literature test. This product is a review, with very little teaching material. They go straight to the point though, and the AP spanish dont care about grammar as much as understanding anyways. I wish they have more practice tests though (1 for each, lang & lit). The audio CD is also short and only contains the test for ap lang, so i hope they have more listening passages practices.

It's okay, but not worth the price, compare to the amount of info. Again, it's good to refresh/review the day before test (in fact, i read it in one day, in just a few hours). Nice little book, but that's about it.
Must of worked, she passed.
The book has a few tips on passing each section, but not enough. The book does not contain enough exercises, only one simple exercise for each section. It also has an entire section that was cut from the exam. (I know because my Spanish teacher told me) It only has one practice exam for each test, I found grammatical errors, and instead of giving explanations of the listening exercises, reading exercises, and sample answers, they give a translation which is not good when you are preparing for a SPANISH exam. I know that it's difficult for non-native speakers like myself to understand everything word for word, but that's not the most important part of the exam, you only need to show a level of competence. Also, when I was practicing the reading section, I had to ignore the last two questions because the answers are inconsistant. I would recommend other books or just going to class or tutoring. Not really this book though unless you are just beginning to study for the exam.
I bought this book because there are no good exam prep books for the Spanish teacher certification exam in my state. I'm finding it to be very useful. It covers listening, reading, writing, speaking, and grammar. It has translations for everything, and explanations for answers. It comes with an audio CD that is done professionally. The content seems to be error-free. I'm very satisfied with my purchase! I can imagine the test-taking tips and practice exams would be very helpful for AP spanish students.
This book is worthless, especially for those taking AP Spanish Literature. I was frustrated with the lack of advice (and poor advice it was) to do well on the test - you will not get a 5 if you work with this book- this book does not have a "Hit Parade," it only has one practice AP test, and has no variety of practice problems to hone your skills. All advice is repetitive and worthless to any student who is experienced with good Princeton Review books- this is not one of them. I am currently searching for another review book in hopes that I will find something better than this frustratingly sub-par book that Princeton Review has put out.
Yes this may be a short book but you aren't trying to learn it all from the book, it should be an overview which this was. My daughter studied from this (not much out there for AP Spanish guides) and got a 4 out of 5 for the AP test grade, much higher than her peers. I credit this book for that. A cheap price to pay for getting college credit!!!!
Cracking the AP Spanish Exam with Audio CD, 2011 Edition (College Test Preparation) ebook
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