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by Catherine MacPhail

Catherine MacPhail is a Scottish-born author. Although she has had other jobs, she always wanted to be a writer but she didn't think she would be suited to it.

Catherine MacPhail is a Scottish-born author. Her first published work was a sort of "twist-in-the-tale" story in Titbits, followed by a story in the Sunday Post.

Catherine MacPhail won the Kathleen Fidler Award for her first novel, Run Zan Run, and the Scottish Arts Council Award for her second novel . Her other books for Bloomsbury include Dark Waters, Another Me, and Missing.

Catherine MacPhail won the Kathleen Fidler Award for her first novel, Run Zan Run, and the Scottish Arts Council Award for her second novel, Fighting Back. Catherine MacPhail's work is enormously popular with teenagers, her trademarks being a mix of humor and pacy, topical storylines.

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Missing by Catherine MacPhail? Does anybody know everything about this book? (Missing) Because I have book reports due tomorrow. but I dont really know what to write down for this one!

Missing by Catherine MacPhail? Does anybody know everything about this book? (Missing) Because I have book reports due tomorrow. less than half of it) (its too long) PLEASE HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Catherine MacPhail’s most popular book is Missing. Showing 15 distinct works. Missing by. Cathy MacPhail, Catherine MacPhail.

Catherine MacPhail has written: 'Catch Us If You Can' 'Picking on Percy' 'Granny Nothing and the Secret Weapon (Granny Nothing)' 'Nemesis 3 Sinister Intent' 'Bad Company' 'Traitors' Gate' 'Run, Za. .

Catherine MacPhail has written: 'Catch Us If You Can' 'Picking on Percy' 'Granny Nothing and the Secret Weapon (Granny Nothing)' 'Nemesis 3 Sinister Intent' 'Bad Company' 'Traitors' Gate' 'Run, Zan, Run' 'Nemesis 1' 'Granny Nothing' 'Nemesis 2 The Beast Within' 'Granny Nothing and the Shrunken Head (Granny Nothing)' 'Missing' - subject(s): Brothers, Bullies, Family problems, Fiction, Missing persons, Runaways.

by. MacPhail, Catherine, 1946-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Tracey Gutierres on December 11, 2012.

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Missing (Catherine MacPhail novel) Missing (Catherine MacPhail novel). Please come back soon.

Missing (Catherine MacPhail novel). Missing (Catherine MacPhail novel).

Maxine's parents have had to do perhaps the worst possible thing: confirm the identity of her brother Derek's body by the clothes he was wearing when he disappeared. So the brother who was missing is now officially dead. But then the worst possible thing really happens: Maxine receives a telephone call from somebody saying he is her brother. She can hardly believe her ears. Has Derek come back from the dead? In this pacy thriller the author manages to confront many issues including: how different people deal with grief/the very under-rated effect of severe bullying at school/sibling rivalry - all in a fast-paced compelling narrative voice.
GREAT book for my middle schooler! He lost the copy he borrowed from the teacher and AMAZON allowed us to do the right thing :)
My 5th grader is not a reader by choice but he really is getting into this book so it must be good!
I read this book with my sixth grade students. They loved it! I would highly recommend it for middle school students.
Mysterious Wrench
Enjoyable and relatable story for my students to share. Enjoyed our discussion after we finished it as well.
We read it together and they did not want to put it down. I even ended up with two essays written on it.
Maxine feels like she’s going crazy. Her older brother, Derek, ran away from home and has been missing for 10 months. Sweeney, the school bully, had made his life, and others, into a living hell, never getting the punishment he deserved. Not knowing what happened to him has torn her family apart, and she feels guilty for wanting him to be dead so they would pay attention to her. When the police discover a body and her father identifies it as Derek, things seem to get worse. After the funeral, her parents seem to forget all about her and Maxie is left even more alone.

However, she’s not really on her own because Maxie feels like someone is watching her and starts to get strange phone calls from someone who says it’s Derek. Maxie has to keep telling herself that Derek is buried. Derek is dead. The voice insists he’s really alive, but won’t show himself to her. Maxie wonders if ghosts can come from beyond the grave. As if worrying about Derek and the strange phone calls wasn’t bad enough, Sweeney has decided she is going to become his next victim. Maxie doesn’t know where to turn or who she can confide in to get advice.

This is a quick and easy read for middle schoolers. The mystery of what happened to Derek, and what keeps happening to Maxie, will keep reluctant readers eager to find out what happens next.
Missing by Catherine Macphail is a suspense novel about a girl, Maxine, who feels left alone in her world. Her brother Derek disappeared one day, and he was found dead a few months later. The father approved that the body was his son's, and that was what it was left to. The body was buried, and everybody just kind of went on with things, except her mom, dad, and a boy named Sweeney who had been bullying Derek before his death. Maxine's parents were always lingering over Derek, Derek, Derek. Her mother was very emotional about it, and her dad tried to accept the death and move on. Maxine was angry that her mom was always talking about him, and never taking the time to ask Maxine how her day was or even just how she was.
Then, it started to become weird, Maxine started to get phone calls from someone who claimed to be Derek. She was always frightened because she did not want her mom to receive the call and become even more worried about his death. Maxine thought that it was either a stupid prank, or Derek had never really died. One time, the caller told Maxine to meet him in the cemetery of his grave, or Derek's grave. Maxine followed the directions at the exact time, but invited one of her close guy friends, Cam, to join her. When she arrived at the cemetery, she found Cam being beaten by Sweeney and laughed at. Maxine approached and told them to back up. She attempted to stand up for herself and Cam, but then Sweeney took her by the hair and threw her to the ground. Derek finally showed up! It wasn't a ghost or a prank, it was her brother. He scared them off just with his presence there, when they thought he was still dead. Everybody thought he was dead. He conversed with Maxine about how it will be for him back home with his parents. She explained everything, and they became a normal family again. Derek owed a lot to Maxine for accepting him back into the household and following his directions to go to the cemetery. I enjoyed this book very much, and I request it to anybody who is anticipating a novel that will make you want to read from cover to cover in no time.
MISSING is about a girl named Maxine and her family. Maxine's brother Derek supposedly died and keeps coming back to burden them from the dead. In the beginning, Derek has already been dead for 2 years. Maxine's parents can't move on. The four main characters, MAxine, Derek, mom, and dad,all feel the same way about Derek's death, except that Maxine wan'ts her parents to move on. Maxine is sick of her family mourning over the death. She starts going to church hoping that this will convince Derek to stop haunting them. Mom is struggling the most. She ignores Maxine and talks about Derek contstantly. Dad on the other hand, doesn't dwell on his only son's death. He just wants the family back to normal. Derek turns out to be the prodigal son and he is not the one who dies in the end. Missing was very disappointing. I would rate this book a two. In some parts, the author didn't set the scene well enough.The author made the book clear as mud.
written by McKenna S.
This book is an awsome book, Its about this girl Maxine, who is 13 years old, her brother Derik runs away and know she feels like that all her mom and dad care about. When Maxine finds out that her brother is dead, she thinks that maybe her parents will finally forget about it, but they don't. What happens is for some reason Maxine's mom thinks Derik is still there but he isn't, and her father thinks Maxine mom is going crazy. Well Maxine starts getting these werid phone call, she can't deside if its a bully out to get her,or if it is acually her brother. When Maxine and her friend Cam go to his grave she noitices that there is a phone booth not even 5 feet away, now Maxine is kinda wondering if it actually is her brother. But Maxine can't trust her family anough to tell them. But when Maxine trys to talk to her dad about the phone calls her fathers dose not beleive her. Will Maxine ever be able to figure out who is one the other line of the phone calls or will her family ever love her as much before Derik left. Read this book and find out!
Missing ebook
Catherine MacPhail
Literature & Fiction
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