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by Melody Carlson

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Melody Carlson not only is a gifted writer but she has an amazing insight on the ways of today's teenagers. -The Discerning Reader.

The series that explores edgy, poignant topics that you deal with every day-issues such as drug abuse, sexuality, body image, and more. Each book includes discussion questions that are perfect for sharing at your next lock-in or youth retreat-even your next slumber party. Melody Carlson not only is a gifted writer but she has an amazing insight on the ways of today's teenagers. bright purple: color me confused.

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Melody Carlson (born March 2, 1956) is an accomplished American Christian author for young adults, with sales totaling more than two million. Some of her most popular works are the Diary of a Teenage Girl and the True Colors series

Melody Carlson (born March 2, 1956) is an accomplished American Christian author for young adults, with sales totaling more than two million. Some of her most popular works are the Diary of a Teenage Girl and the True Colors series. Melody Carlson was born March 2, 1956 in San Francisco, California. She grew up in Springfield, Oregon and went to Springfield High School and later Lane Community College. She currently resides in Sisters, Oregon. Counting Baby's Blessings.

4. Pitch Black: Color Me Lost. 5. Burnt Orange: Color Me Wasted. 6. Fool's Gold: Color Me Consumed. 7. Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred. 8. Bitter Rose: Color Me Crushed. 9. Faded Denim: Color Me Trapped. 10.

Gold Color Me Consumed is an excellent novel by Melody Carlson and the sixth book in her TrueColors series.

Fool's Gold Color Me Consumed is an excellent novel by Melody Carlson and the sixth book in her TrueColors series. She created the life of a Hannah Johnson, a MK (missionary kid) who spends her first summer since she was eleven here in the States with her rich relatives. She soon has to pick between a rich, easy life or a hard working, but rewarding life. When I was reading the book I was personally having the same problem, I was getting caught up in earthly things and to read a book about the issue I was going through helped me. I realized that the same thing probably happened to a lot of other girls and I didn't feel so bad going back to the Lord.

The True Colors Series by Melody Carlson. 78 people like this topic.

I know the first three books are Dark Blue, Deep Green, Torch red, and Pitch Black. TrueColors Series Fool's Gold: Color me Consumed. TrueColors Series Burnt Orange: Color Me Wasted. TrueColors Series Pitch Black: Color Me Lost. TrueColors Series Torch Red: Color Me Torn. TrueColors Series Deep Green: Color Me Jealous. TrueColors Series Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely.

Hannah Johnson is pretty happy as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea. But when she visits her cousin Vanessa for a summer in America, everything changes.Vanessa and her friends try to catch Hannah up on all the latest fashions, but in the end, Hannah feels hopeless. She doesn't think she'll ever be able to keep up with the rich girls--but that doesn't stop her from trying.In the process, Hannah is forced to come to grips with what she values most: beauty on the inside or beauty on the outside.The sixth book in the teen fiction series TrueColors, Fool's Gold deals with identity, materialism, values, and money. Includes discussion questions.
Fool's Gold is a great book. I really enjoy reading it, and it is hard to put down. I like the message that it gives about materialism, and not fitting in with the crowd. It has definitely changed how I view things like clothes, credit cards, friends, etc...
One thing that I disliked about this book, however, was when the main character (Hannah) tells her uncle an urban legend, that has jokes about a "gay guy." I didn't think that the legend had anything to do with the story line, and it was not very appropriate.
Overall, I recommend this book to any teenager who is struggling with debt, or materialism.
Very good book. Carlson does a great job of writing for young adult gals. I bought the whole series and can't keep it on the shelf.
I couldn't put this book down. It was a good eye opener about getting into popularity and credit card debt and things that don't really matter. Fools Gold, you would be surprised how easily you can be fooled. It showed me that you shouldn't let other people change you. True "gold" isn't found in material objects.
I have a lot of the True Colors series,and this one was one of my very favorites! It's a must read!
Hannah Anderson is a MK (missionary kid) from Papua New Guinea. While on furlough from the missionary field, she visits her extremely fashion-forward and materialistic cousin and family. Vanessa's life is vastly different from Hannah's; she lives in a huge house and shops places Hannah has never even heard of, like Prada, Gucci, and Armani. Wanting to connect with her cousin again, Hannah joins Vanessa on these shopping trips. What starts out as innocent teen girl bonding turns into a major stumbling block for her. Whatever she purchases seems to need some other accessory in order complete the "look."

Although Hannah is spending more money than she ever thought was possible ($300 for a pair of jeans?) it never seems to be good enough for her new (so-called) friends. As she sinks more and more into debt (eek!) she finally comes to realize that everything she's purchased are not her identity, nor is her value based on the clothes she wears. It's only Fool's Gold after all.

Materialism, sadly, is a part of everyday life for most teen girls. It's easy to get caught up in what the latest issue of Teen Vogue says is in style, and forget that your value is so much greater than the price tag of your clothing. In Fool's Gold, Hannah discovers that no matter how beautiful your clothes make you appear on the outside, it means nothing if you do not value your inner beauty.

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This is a topic that almost any high school girl can totally relate to. Clothes are almost the biggest factor of what makes you part of the in crowd and what leave you on the outskirts. These days especially, labels are the ticket to popularity. Having lots of money almost guarantees being in the in crowd. Why are we so fascinated with having lots of money? Melody Carlson perfectly translates the feelings of a teen girl struggling with not having the money to buy everything and having to face those who do.

I was a bit worried at first that Hannah would be a total goody two shoe because of her background. She is a bit naive about somethings because she hasn't been in the country that long and isn't up to the pop culture. However she acts pretty normal which is good because it's more relatable to reader. Ikept getting really annoyed with Vanessa throughout the book. The same with her mother as well. I cannot stand being around those type of people and it just made me want to scream throughout the entire book. I can accept this type of behavior if you earned the money you were spending. However, teens who spend credit cards using their parents money "just cause" really annoys me. I wish all parents realized that giving your kids everything they want does not make them love you more or make you a better parent. That being said, I rather enjoyed the ending and what happened to Vanessa and her mom. Almost like justice was finally served.

Something I found a bit weird and annoying after awhile was the continued calling of Ross Dress for Less. Let me say, I love the store. I get stuff there all the time. They have great deals and a really good selection. I just have never heard anyone keep calling it by it's full name. I could understand the first time it was mentioned but repeatedly calling it that way? At that point, it seemed like an ad for them, and that Ross Dress for Less had paid for product placement.

Other than this, I really enjoyed this book. The subject matter is one that many teen girls will be able to relate to and even women in their 20s and 30s can get advice out of this book. Sadly we live in a material world and when you don't share that lifestyle it can be incredibly hard. Again another great YA book from Melody Carlson.
Fool's Gold: Color Me Consumed (TrueColors Series #6) ebook
Melody Carlson
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