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by Debbie Viguie,Cassandra Morris,Nancy Holder

Nancy Holder (Author), Debbie Viguie (Author), Cassandra Morris (Reader) & 0 more. Curse is the sequel to Witch in the Wicked series and the only reason I read it was because the two books were combined in one. Eh. They're cheaper that way, actually.

Nancy Holder (Author), Debbie Viguie (Author), Cassandra Morris (Reader) & 0 more. Book 2 of 5 in the Wicked Series. Book 1 of 5 in the Wicked Series. But despite it all, I can definitely see the appeal. Book 5 of 5 in the Wicked Series. Witch & Curse (Wicked). Book 3 of 5 in the Wicked Series. CASSANDRA MORRIS has done voiceover work for Disney, appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, and can be seen in the future film Double Parked.

Wicked is a series of young adult novels written by American authors Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié. The first book, Witch was released in 2002 through Simon Pulse. In 2009 the series was optioned by DreamWorks' Mark Sourian, with the intent to combine the first two books in the series into a single screenplay. The five novels depict a family feud between a coven of witches called the Cahors and a coven of warlocks called the Deveraux.

Title: Wicked Book One And Two: Witch and Curse Authors: Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie

Title: Wicked Book One And Two: Witch and Curse Authors: Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie. Summary: Holly Cather's world shatters when her parents are killed in a terrible accident. Wrenched from her home in San Francisco, she is sent to Seattle to live with her relatives, Aunt Marie-Claire and her twin cousins, Amanda and Nicole.

5 primary works, 7 total works. Book 1-2. Wicked: Witch & Curse. Complete text of Witch and Curse in a singl. ore. Shelve Wicked: Witch & Curse.

Nancy Holder, Debbie Viguié. The Deveraux had nothing to do with her school-neither brother went there-and she felt a little safer here than at home. After she’d gone to bed, her heart about to burst from her chest, she managed. to calm down and convince herself that everything that had happened could be explained in a natural way. People’s cars did have mechanical problems, after all. And this was Seattle, not Amityville. And I have the broken arm to prove it, she thought sarcastically as she and Amanda moved through the halls of the high school

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Authors Holder and Viguie reveal the next steps for their WICKED series and the fantasy genre. Автовоспроизведение Если функция включена, то следующий ролик начнет воспроизводиться автоматически.

Holly Cathers and her twin cousins have just graduated from high school, and they’re moving on toward their first semester of college. But no matter where they go, they will never be entirely free of their past. The three are descendants of a powerful coven of witches—in constant danger from a rival clan.

Holly learns from a vision that Jer is still alive. As leader of the coven, she resolves to rescue him despite the fact that he is a member of the Deveraux clan and therefore her enemy. But her efforts are thwarted when her aunt reveals the nature of an ancient curse visited upon all Cathers witches. It becomes clear to Holly that the death of her parents was no accident, and a similar plague is sure to fall on anyone she grows close to. As her power strengthens, can Holly escape her destiny? And if her destiny includes Jer, does she want to?

holly and amanda are continuing their feud with the devereaux warlocks. nicole on the other hand has fled to parts unknown to escape the magic that nearly cost them their lives. holly is now the lead of the coven and her powers are growing past anything she ever expected. this book is not quite as good as the first one, but it will keep you enthralled with evil plots and schemes, lots of history lessons and life and death situations. i read it in 24 hours so it was not all bad.
Curse is the sequel to Witch in the Wicked series and the only reason I read it was because the two books were combined in one. Eh. They're cheaper that way, actually. And to be honest, I didn't have a choice. It was either two or none.

Really, Curse was just more of the same of Wicked. There was magic, struggles with magic, angst and running. Not much happened in this story except we find that Nicole's run off to Europe because she freaked out (the more interesting plot line, in my opinion) and there was a final Hollywood battle a la The Craft towards the end. And Holly drowns a cat for the sake of her powers. I guess she's getting back to her roots.

I'll reiterate again, this type of book isn't my cup of tea. I'm much more inclined to read about real witchcraft than the CGI version.

I actually ended up pretty bored with the plot, mainly because of the amount of angst around everyone. Keri's pissy with Holly because she got Jeraud killed/undead/whatever he is now. Amanda's pissed at Holly because she wants to find this guy and doesn't want her leaving. Tommy will do whatever Amanda does. Tante Cecile and her daughter and pretty much filling in gaps in magic and really don't serve any other purpose, as were Dan, Kialish and Eddie and Michael is hell-bent on world domination, from beginning to end. Strong on angst, short on action.

What I would like to know is with these witches and warlocks, are the only things they can conjure against each other fireballs? There had to be, like, three times as many fireballs in this book than in the last. Is that the defense du jour because it got redundant pretty quickly. Again, more of the same.

What really irked me, when Holly was commanding the dead army, she spoke in French and the third person proceeded to say she'd never spoken French in her life. Funny considering she explained away the odd, out of body French speaking in the first book by saying she took it in high school. Inconsistencies like this bother me. So did she or didn't she ever speak French before?

Still, I found the historical subplot much more interesting than the current time plot line. There was change, deviation. Yes, more of the same but the methods were different. The scene changed. The characters changed. There was more promise. Not just stagnant characters that just stood around taking up space while the more prominent protagonists tried to figure out what the hell to do. Now it seems like the secondary characters are being picked off, in one form or another, as the story carries on. Am I right in guessing that Holly will have to face the final battle on her own because she's the supreme witch that's sharing a body with someone else?

I'll never know because I'm not going to keep reading the series. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad. It's written quite well but it just wasn't something I could get into. Fireball magic doesn't really hold my attention to begin with and when the story gets to a point where that's all that there seems to be, I'm going to get bored quickly.
O my gosh!!!
I read this book in about 3 hours!
It was amazingggggggggg!!!!!!!
It draws you in from the begginning !!!!!!!
the whole series was really good :]
In this second installment of the Wicked series, young Holly Cathers finds herself the head of a coven and spending her time learning spells and practicing magic. The battle between her family and the evil Devereaux family is not over. She also knows that Michael Devereaux’s youngest son Jer, who supposedly died in a fire, is alive. Convinced that they can stop Jer’s father from destroying them all if the two work together, Holly is compelled to find him. Her cousin Nicole fled to Europe to avoid the trouble, must also be found if the coven is to fight the powerful Devereauxs.

Even for a young adult novel, the plot is on the thin side. Yes, there is a mission and the Cathers family’s survival is at stake. Despite a couple of dramatic scenes and battles, Curse isn’t a strong novel. In other words, it would fall flat as a standalone. When one is writing a series, shouldn’t each book be as strong as the next? The added information about the family history and the introduction of a couple of new key characters didn’t give the sufficient layers and texture. Having said that, Holly is on a dangerous, life-changing quest, a truly heroic journey that still draws me in enough to see where this story leads.
energy breath
I bought this because I had the first one to listen to in my car. It's not a bad book.
This sequel to Witch begins around a year after the death of Holly's parents. Holly's coven has joined with the Rebel Coven *Jer's Coven* in order to protect themselves from Michael Deveraux.
Nicole has run away because she can't deal with the powers and dangers associated with being a witch. Traveling around Europe, she senses that she's being chased by the Deveraux's. She travels to Spain and meets up with a coven there, who takes her in and promises to protect her. She is later kidnapped by a warlock, James.
Meanwhile, Jer is severely burned and on the island of Avalon. Sir William's son James sets the healing process in motion, but Jer fears Holly's reaction if/when they ever meet again. They meet in each other's dreams, but he warns her away because he fears for her safety.
The war between Holly's clan and Michael comes to a free-for-all at the ocean, because of a curse on the Cahors that curses all of their loved ones to die by water. Michael tries to use this to his advantage, and calls up all his dead ancesters to fight Holly. Isabeau, the spirit of Holly's ancestor in turn, helps Holly to call on thier ancestors as well.
Holly and her friends manage to escape and are taken to the Mother Coven in Paris. They want her to go and rescue Nicole, who was forced to marry James, but she *and Isabeau* want to go to Jer *and Jean*. Reluctantly, Holly agrees to rescue Nicole first.
The story ends with Holly and Jer dreaming of being together.
Curse (Wicked Series) ebook
Debbie Viguie,Cassandra Morris,Nancy Holder
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