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by Eun-young Lee

Saver, Volume 1 book.

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About Eun-Young Lee: 이은영 (Lee Eun-Young) is a Korean comic artist. Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Eun-Young Lee's books. Debuted in 1999 in the Sunjung prepublication magazine WHITE with 'My wife's name. Eun-Young Lee’s Followers (14). Korea, Democratic People's Republic of.

Book 2. Saver, Volume . Shelve Saver, Volume 2. Want to Read.

Lena wakes up in a stange, distant world, where . ore.

Saver Volume 2. Eun-young, Lee.

ISBN 10: 1598165100 ISBN 13: 9781598165104. Publisher: TokyoPop, 2006.

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Saver (세이버) is a manhwa written by Lee Eun-young (이은영). It is a historical fantasy based around an emotionally scarred woman who is transported magically to the Scottish Middle Ages. Serialized in the magazine Issue, the publication has accumulated seventeen volumes since 2002 and is completed. Its English translation under Tokyopop was discontinued after six volumes.

Saver: Saver Vol. 2 by Eun-Young Lee (2006, Paperback, Revised). ARCANA Volume 1. Lee So Young. Customs services and international tracking provided. ARCANA Volume 4. Lee's Young Artillerist (Ppb): William . Pegram by Peter S. Carmichael (Engli.

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When Lena Ha discovers that she has fallen in love with her long-lost half-brother, Hye-Min, she runs away and has a near-death experience that takes her to a strange kingdom, where her destiny is changed forever.
In another review for another book, I said you should never base a series off the first book, in mangas and comic books and graphic novels, but rather always read the second book and make your decision. When I brought this book, I didn't have to read the second book to make a decision, I loved it and was hooked immediately!
not a good choice for a 12 year old in my opinion. After reading it, we decided this would not be given to our niece for a couple of years. theme and character relationships were a bit more grown up than expected.
Lena is the captain of the school's Kumdo (similar to Kendo) team. She has been fencing for over ten years. A young man named Hyun-Min Kang transfers to her school and joins the Kumdo team, but he immediately mistakes Lena for a boy at first, because of how stoic and strong she is. When he realizes she is, in fact, a girl he finds himself attracted to her.

There are many complications, of course. First thing, Lena's dorm mate, Hee-Soo Kwon, is in love with her. Secondly, Lena's mother keeps getting harassed by another woman, the wife of Lena's father. Lena's father seduced her mother and then ran off to marry another woman, having a whole other family in the process, including a son. Lena also has a rival in the Kumdo club, Seung- Wook Park, who continually challenges her authority.

Things increasingly become weird as the real world slips into another world. Beyond that Lena and Hyun-Min's relationship grows stronger. They start to fall in love when fate interferes... Hyun-Min is actually her half brother, and naturally the family cannot approve of the two of them having a love affair.

This is complicated. It is also compelling. I have to read the rest of the series now. It's just up my alley. And the art is nice too. Ah, shojo plots. Virtual crack it is.
I adore this series and am so glad i can finally purchase it in the states, I've read it online but it's just not the same as owning it and keeping it on the shelves next to my other books. The story line is great and the flow of character development is good, it leaves some things unresolved but hints at the answers with out saying it out right. The main character is one of those reluctant heros until she gets angry then it speeds up and you have her becoming a little more human. READ IT
This new book instantly caught my attention at the store, and when I flipped through it I liked the art. So I got home, read it and fell in love. The attitude and deeper drama in the book is really intruiging. Can't wait for the 2nd one to come out. Believe me, the book is worth anyone's attention.
Saver Volume 1 ebook
Eun-young Lee
Literature & Fiction
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TokyoPop (August 8, 2006)
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